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Below, you'll find links to services I use in my business and in my everyday life. I hope you find them helpful.

Domain Names, Web Design, Hosting & More

Here are the services I use to register my domain names, host and build my websites and get a free SSL for all my websites for a secure connection every time.


I register all my domain names here for $12.99 per year per domain. ReallyCheapNames.com makes it super easy to register one or more domains (bulk registration), transfer domains, redirect (or forward) domains to another website, create eMails for your domains too.

What's nice about ReallyCheapNames.com is that it's connected to GoDaddy's 24/7 customer service. Got a question? Call them and ask away! 

Also, I've been inside a lot of different interfaces for domain names and I really have grown to like how my domains are organized within ReallyCheapNames.com. Don't take this matter lightly. In some systems, it's hard to find your domains and make the kinds of changes you need in seconds ... like I like to do!


For those people with either 1 or 3+ websites who need an affordable website building solution that also has all the online marketing bells 'n' whistles you could ever need, Systeme.io is the company to consider. I refer all my clients there now.

Systeme.io also has a FREE version for one website, which gets you 3 funnels, up to 2,000 contacts, 1 blog (a.k.a. website), 1 course, unlimited students, unlimited email sending, your own affiliate program, 0% transaction fees, 24/7 email support, etc.

For some folks, they have 2-5 websites they need to build and host separately. Well, again, Systeme.io should be a solid consideration for sure. With a very user-friendly interface, you can be up and operating within a single day of setting up your website.

CloudFlare.com (Free SSL + eMail Aliases For Your Website)

What a great FREE service to secure a FREE SSL for your website no matter where it's hosted. Also, they give you free eMail aliases for your domain name / website (i.e., [email protected]). This service is free if you choose the FREE version.

HOW THIS WORKS: (1) Register your domain name. (2) Create a free account with Cloudflare. (3) Add your domain name to your Cloudflare account. (4) Point your domain's name servers to Cloudflare's name servers provided to you. (5) Add DNS records (CNAME, TXT, etc.) to your Cloudflare account with the information your website hosting company gives you. (i.e., host10.groovepages.com). (6) Check your connection, does your website come up? (7) Add a few eMail aliases and you're set!


If you must have a WordPress website, then I can only recommend HostGator. I say this because your account will come with a free SSL (i.e., $90+ savings per year). Other hosting companies will charge you. Find out before you go with them. HostGator also has cPanel for us web design folk who know what they're doing and want that when working with a client. Rates are great too and super affordable. See website for current rates.

Business Cards, Color Copies & More

If you ever need business cards, color copies, posters or postcards made, here are some great resources for you.


Fast, cheap and high-quality; isn't that what you want when you order business cards?

I created my business cards on my computer, uploaded them into my OvernightPrints.com account, chose my card features (i.e., double-sided gloss, rounded corners, etc.), then my cards were printed and mailed to me within a week. 


Online printing at BestValueCopy.com offers the amazing quality, delivery, and prices to meet your needs for color copies, black and white copies, and other printing needs. Best Value Copy is one of the largest short run printing firms in the U.S. producing over one million copies online every day. 

eMail List-Building, Forms & eMail Broadcasting 

Here's where and how I self-publishing (and print) my paperback books, my Kindle eBooks and any hardcover books. Also, I provided a resource link for you to be able to download a paperback book cover template (front/back/spine) as well as an online Amazon profit calculator. 


Sender is really easy to use and is free for up to 2,500 contacts. You can also import names/eMails without double opt-in or verification.

I set up all my clients with Sender.net. It was easy, simple and fast. One client, in particular, gave me his eMail list of 1,500 names and eMails. Within 10-15 minutes of setting up the entire account, I imported his list, and he was off to eMailing his list with offers and other communications.


If you need an outstanding online web form creation tool that's FREE, you have to try JotForm.com. I use JotForm's web forms all over my BartSmith.com. I also find their form builder tool to be one of the most user-friendly and creative I've ever seen and used.

I used to build my web forms with a WordPress plugin when I used to build my websites with WordPress. Since moving to iUseGroovePages.com, and dropping WordPress, I needed a really cool form builder that would allow me to create awesome forms, asking all kinds of questions and send that form's data submissions to my eMail for convenience.

Well, JotForm.com does all that and more. 

Online Course Creation

If you ever wanted to create and sell a course online, here's a great recommendation ...


If you're looking to create and sell online courses like I do, look no further than Thinkific. I looked at every other online course platform and decided to go with Thinkific for these specific reasons:

• You can get started with a FREE account with limited features and can only build one (1) course, or upgrade to their $49 or $99 package depending on what you need to build your online course empire.

• The best and easiest and most user-friendly course creation system.

• Great course features and bells 'n' whistles when creating courses.

• FAST systems for creating your course and delivering it online.

• Seamlessly connect to your website or build one on their system.

• You keep all the money when you sell your courses and at any price.

If this all sounds good to you so far, create and sell your courses using Thinkific.

Self-Publish Your Book, eBook & Hardback Book

Here's where and how I self-publishing (and print) my paperback books, my Kindle eBooks and any hardcover books. Also, I provided a resource link for you to be able to download a paperback book cover template (front/back/spine) as well as an online Amazon profit calculator. 

KDP.com (a.k.a., Amazon.com)

Here's where I print and distribute all my paperback books, Kindle eBooks and now hardback cover books. What I like about KDP is that I can upload an unlimited number of manuscript revisions (without any charges) and order proofs of my books for what it costs to print my book, which is based on page count. This usually runs about $2.25 to $5.25 per book proof. With other printers, they want to charge you $30 (on avg.) per book proof you order. OUCH! No thanks. 

What's more, you can also take advantage of their online digital proofer, which let's you see where you might have errors in your manuscript. Then, make those changes before you submit so you're approval is high. Also, you're linked right into Amazon.com for sale. That's a plus.

What's more, with Expanded Distribution, you can still sell your book through 20,000+ other online book retailers. That's nice too. So, there you have it. Why I like going through KDP.com for my self-publishing needs.

KDP Downloadable Paperback & Hardback "Cover Templates"

When you publish your books through KDP, you can take advantage of their cover template generator when it comes to designing your book covers.

These custom sized, downloadable templates help you create print-ready paperback covers with programs like Canva, Adobe Fireworks®, Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe InDesign®. You can use any software that will open a PNG or PDF file and save a PDF file.

You'll download these files and submit them to KDP with the exact dimensions, layout, and bleed measurements. 

KDP Printing Costs and Royalty Calculator

How much will your paperback book cost to print? How much profit will you make when you sell your book? Refer to KDP's online printing cost and royalty calculator for those answers. Just provide some basic details about your paperback book and click the Submit button to calculate those numbers.

Using this online KDP calculator helps you determine how much you might sell your book for (to determine your profits) and how much your book will cost you (to purchase author copies) so you know how much your book will cost (based a lot on page count, black/white or color interior, etc.).

Home/Office Wireless Internet Service Provider

Who do you have for your Internet service at your home/office? I use T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet and I couldn't be happier! Check this out ...

T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet Service

I don't know about you, but my previous TV cable/Internet provider had me locked into a 2 year contract with TV services I didn't want just so I could pay less for Internet. What a crock! Hence, I was paying roughly $170 a month when you include taxes and fees for two services (TV + Internet). When I broke away from the bundle and just paid for Internet, that bill came to $78 per month roughly. I was still not happy.

Well, one night in disgust, I did some research online for a more affordable Internet service provider. That's when I found T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet. Their call center had just opened (at 4:00 A.M. PST) and I was up to make the call and place my order immediately upon finding out what they offered and for how much.

NOW, I pay $50 per month for my Internet service and the best part? Unlike cable Internet service, my Internet is wireless (not hard wired). What's the difference? With land lines connecting to your house, those companies have problems and interruptions of service ALL THE TIME! ("There's an outage in your area. We should have it fixed in the next 6-9 HOURS!") YIKES! You've experienced that before, right?

Well, so far, I have nothing but good things to say about T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet. I even got my mom T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet for her house and her neighbor's house. Both ladies are now saving $300+ each per year having switched to T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet!

So, if you want, MAKE THE SWITCH LIKE I DID and DITCH your current TV/cable/Internet provider. Call your current TV/cable/Internet provider and ask if you're in a contract and/or how you can cancel your service. Don't do it, though, until you order, receive and test your T-Mobile Home Internet equipment. Keep in mind, with the Internet and YouTube and other TV apps, you can get all the TV shows and movies you want via Roku or a Fire TV stick through your Internet and YouTube. You don't need "cable TV" anymore. That's an old way to get your TV. So, do as I did and "cut the cord!" (i.e., your cable TV service)

Call T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet at 844-839-5057, place your order, and get your equipment mailed to you. When you receive it, set it up and test it for 5 days or so BEFORE canceling your current (soon-to-be former) Internet service provider.

Once you see how much you love T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet, then call up your current (soon-to-be former) Internet provider and cancel those overpriced services. I did just that and I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY I made the switch to T-Mobile Wireless Home Internet.

Cell Phone Carrier Savings, Phone Services

Who's your phone carrier? I use MintMobile and pay $15/month (when I pay annually). It's so nice to get one bill per year. Compare your cell phone service to what's below and start saving money like I did.

MintMobile (Mobile Phone Service Bart Uses = HUGE SAVINGS! "I pay $15/month!")

I pay $15 a month for my cell phone service. What do you pay? My mobile provider was robbing me of $100's of dollars EVERY MONTH. Now? I don't see a bill for a whole year because I pay a whopping $180-ish for the WHOLE YEAR. That comes out about about $15 a month.

MintMobile also offers a referral program where you  can refer others for a commission. This also minimizes your bill.

STOP PAYING $40-$80 a month per cell phone line. I even get better quality of service when I set my phone to WI-FI CALLS, no more dropped calls, etc.

Use my referral link and you'll get $15 added to your Mint account when you sign up, and I'll get $$$ too. It's a win-win deal for us both!

SmartLine by GoDaddy.com (I use it as a second phone number for my business!) SmartLine Mobile App (Install this on your phone to use SmartLine.)

I use GoDaddy's SmartLine as a second phone number, which I've assigned to my business. I like it because I can put this phone number on my website (for business/media inquiries) and not my personal cell phone. For just $9.95/month I've got a business-dedicated telephone number to give out to the public. With the app, I can text with SmartLine and take/make calls from that second phone number all from my personal cell phone. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. Here are a few more features:

• Choose a local U.S. phone number.
• Customize your voicemail greeting.
• Set business hours for when your phone rings.
• Caller ID shows your business number.
• Includes unlimited call minutes and texts per month.

Google Voice "Free" Phone Number (Links To Your Cell Phone)

If you're looking for a separate (and free) phone number you could use for your business and link it to your phone for calls, voicemail and texting, look no further than a Google Voice number.

Shipping Supplies & Buy Postage Online Services

From time to time, I ship books and other products to family, friends and clients. Well, I need shipping supplies and a way to print postage online so I don't have to wait in line at the post office. So, here's what I have and I've been using for years.

USPS Click 'n' Ship Pay/Print Online Postage

Because my time is valuable, and yours too, I prefer not to stand in line at the post office to buy postage for my Priority Mail boxes/envelopes. Instead, I use USPS' Click 'n' Ship, which allows me to pay and print postage online.

Once you create a free account, simply enter the address where the box is being shipped to, pay for postage, print the label, then tape it to the box. Then, run down to the post office, drop it in the big bin and you're done. No waiting in line, EVER!

Duck EZ Start Packing Tape + Dispenser (1.88" x 55.5 Yds, Clear, 1 Roll) Duck EZ Start Packing Tape + Dispenser (1.88" x 55.5 Yard, Clear, 4 Rolls)

I love this mailing tape. Not only is it strong, but it's also QUIET! It doesn't make that loud screeching noise when you pull out a new bit of tape. Trust me, when you mail lots of boxes or envelopes (of anything) it's nice NOT TO HEAR that usual noise tape screeching in your ear. That said, I've got two links here. You can buy either a single roll or a pack of rolls. Save money and buy a lot if you want.

Amazon.com Search Results for "Padded Envelopes"

If you mail books to people via media mail like I do, then you might want to have some padded envelopes on hand. Since there's such a variety of colors and sizes, I thought you could take a look at the search results I found on Amazon.com. Take your pick, stock up and remember to use media mail when mailing books to your family, friends and customers.

Amazon.com Search Results for "Clear Envelopes"

If you mail books to people via media mail like I do, here's a cool way to promote your book while it's in route to your intended recipient. Use a clear envelope to show off your book via its front/back cover. You could affix postage and a mailing label on one side while leaving the (other) clear side to display your book's front (or back) cover nicely for the world to see! 

Amazon.com Search Results for "Packing Peanuts"

There are several different types of packing peanuts to choose from as well as quantity. Take a look among these search results and choose your preferred brand, type, quantity and price.

Bubble Wrap 175', Small 3/16 Cushioning, 175ft with Perforated Every 12" Amazon.com Search Results for "Bubble Wrap"

Depending on what you're mailing, you might need some bubble wrap. Well, here ya go! First is what I've bought before and then a list of other options via Amazon's search results for "bubble wrap." See what you can find, the type of bubble wrap you want, within your budget, etc.

USPS Priority Mail - Box - 4 (Ships Per Weight / Not Flat Rate)

SIZE: 7-1/4" (L) x 7-1/4" (W) x 6-1/2" (H)

This FREE box provided by the USPS is a great box to use when you're shipping small items to someone within the USA. The postage for this box is based on weight and distance from where you're shipping from to where you're shipping to.

This isn't a FLAT RATE box (rate). So, if you ship as far as 2-3 states away from where you live, the cost for postage can be cheap. If you ship cross country, it could be more expensive than using a flat rate box (below). Just keep that in mind when using this box.

You can order them in a pack of 10 or 25 boxes for FREE. Shipping this box comes with free tracking when you pay for postage online via Click 'n' Ship.

USPS Priority Mail - Small Flat Rate Box

SIZE: 8-11/16" (L) x 5-7/16" (W) x 1-3/4" (H)

FREE boxes from the USPS. Choose from 1-5, pack of 10 or pack of 25. These are nice to have on hand when shipping small items that won't fit in an envelope.

Shipping this box comes with free tracking when you pay for postage online via Click 'n' Ship.

USPS Priority Mail - Medium Box

SIZE: 11-1/4" (L) x 8-3/4" (W) x 6" (H)

FREE boxes from the USPS. Choose from 1-5, pack of 10 or pack of 25. These are nice to have on hand when shipping a lot of stuff to someone.

Shipping with this box comes with free tracking when you pay for postage online via Click 'n' Ship.

USPS Priority Mail - Large Flat Rate Box

SIZE: 12-1/4" (L) x 12" (W) x 6" (H)

FREE boxes from the USPS. Choose from 1-5, pack of 10 or pack of 25. These are nice to have on hand when shipping a lot of stuff to someone.

Shipping with this box comes with free tracking when you pay for postage online via Click 'n' Ship.

Digital Postal Scale (90 Lb. Weight Limit)

This is a great scale to have on hand when you ship a box or envelope that isn't flat rate. Simply weigh your box or envelope and use that exact weight when purchasing postage online via Click 'n' Ship. Anything to avoid standing in line at the post office, right? You bet.