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Bart's "Yummy" Baked Salmon


A Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    In the spirit of eating healthy, you can never go wrong with a meal like this. We all know the benefits of salmon. Well, how about steamed vegetables to accompany that healthy program along with a side of black beans or other beans of your liking. I like to make this dish at least once a week to help maintain a healthy eating lifestyle (Omega-3, protein and fiber).

    Bart Smith's Grilled Salmon, Steamed Veggies & Black Beans


    Equipment To Make Bart Smith's

    ❑ TOASTER OVEN — For me, I like to bake my salmon in a toaster oven. I set the temperature at 375° and the timer for 21 minutes and then go do something else.

    TIN FOIL — Will use this to wrap the salmon up in tinfoil and place it in the toaster oven to bake.

    MEDIUM/LARGE FRYING PAN — This pan is used to steam your veggies. How many are you serving? Just you? Then, a small pan is all you need. Two or more? Then, a medium pan will serve you better as you can steam more veggies in it.

    SMALL / MEDIUM FRYING PAN OR POT — This pan (or pot) is used to warm up your black beans, if you choose to have them with your meal.

    PLATE OR CUTTING BOARD — Used to slice up your veggies in little pieces for steaming.


    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    SALMON — How many are dining? I'll sauté one (1) salmon per person dining with me. I also like the fresh type of salmon found in the meat deli. I do like the frozen kind as well. All depends on what's available in my fridge and what I've bought from the store.

    BROCCOLI — Per person, I'd cut about 4-5 stems and then slice those each in half (optional).

    CAULIFLOWER — So good for you.

    CARROTS — Lots of good reasons to eat carrots, especially, steamed ones. 

    BLACK BEANS — I love black beans and all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they supply us with.

    GRAPESEED OIL — Love this oil. Helps sauté my salmon to perfection.

    DASH SOUTHWEST CHIPOTLE SEASONING BLEND — My favorite, one-and-only, go-to seasoning for seasoning my salmon and black beans.

    ARIZONA PEPPER'S ORGANIC JALAPEÑO PEPPER SAUCE — If you'd like to add just a little bit of flavor and spice to this salmon dish like I do, try this sauce. It's really not that hot and adds a nice kick to the entire plate. Top it on your salmon and black beans. 

    STEP #1

    How do you normally cook your salmon? I like to bake my salmon in the toaster oven. That way I can set the timer for 21 minutes and go do something else while it bakes.

    IF you sauté your salmon, then do so (on MEDIUM to LOW heat for 10-12 minutes) in some grapeseed oil on the bottom of the pan, add some Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning and toss it often so it doesn't burn. If, by chance your salmon piece breaks up, not to worry. Turn your potential salmon dish into a salmon bowl of steamed veggies, black beans and pieces of salmon. Done. Dine away!

    Wrap salmon in tin foil and bake in the toaster oven or regular oven if that's all you have. Season it with what you like or my favorite Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning.

    Place salmon in the toaster oven and bake at 375° for 21 minutes. Set the timer and go do something else during that quick time. You could cut your veggies, open your can of beans, etc.

    At the 21 minute mark, open the top of your tin foil and further bake your salmon for 5 more minutes at 415°. This will nicely bake the top and ensure the rest of your salmon is cooked.

    STEP #2

    For me, I like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. They steam well. I just cut them up and toss 'em on a small frying pan with about 1/4 cup of water. The boiling water steams them and they're done in minutes. Drain the water, let them cool for 3-5 minutes and toss 'em on a plate.

    Sure, I used to use a steamer basket, but in the long run, I found this does the job just as good and it's one less item to have to wash in the sink.

    Slice your choice of veggies in bite-sized pieces, which you'll steam in a frying pan with just a little bit of water. No steaming basket needed.

    While your salmon bakes for that remaining 5 minutes, place veggies in a frying pan with just enough water to cover the bottom. Steam for 5-7 minutes on MEDIUM to LOW heat.

    Flip, toss 'n' turn your veggies over, up 'n' around in the water to ensure they steam evenly. Just keep an eye on this pan, as the water can evaporate fast. This will burn your veggies. Don't do dat! 

    STEP #3

    I love black beans with this salmon and steamed veggie dish. Because I don't need to eat the whole can, just half perhaps, I'll pour half the can into a container, set it in the fridge, and warm up the other half. I might even wash my beans before I warm them up and that's easy to do with a colander.

    Open a can of black beans and pour half into a container, stick it in the fridge for later use and use the other 1/2 in your dish.

    Drain the bean juice by washing them in a colander. That's if you want to wash your beans and warm them up in their most clean state.

    Warm beans in a small pan on LOW heat for 5-10 minutes.  Add  Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning! Stir often to avoid burning.

    STEP #4

    Yep, time to eat. The salmon's done, the veggies are steamed, and your black beans are warmed up. Serve it up and enjoy! Add all these ready-to-eat ingredients to a plate and dig in.

    Veggies look ddddone!!!

    Black beans look ddddone!!!

    Salmon looks ddddone!!!

    STEP #5

    I love to spice things up JUST A LITTLE BIT add a little extra flavor to this dish by adding a few drops of Arizona Pepper's ORGANIC Jalapeño Pepper Sauce. Really, it's not that hot and yet adds a nice flavor to everything. Try it! I found this bottle at Whole Foods market. Look for it at a store near you.




    Such a healthy meal to have 1-3 times per week to stay fit, trim and lookin' gooood!!!

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