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Bart's "World Famous" Bacon Cheese Burger With Sautéed Mushrooms & Layers Of Dripping BBQ Sauce


A Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    If you love BBQ sauce as much as I do, then you’ll love the BBQ burgers I make. While I love a good beef burger, I’ve found that salmon, turkey and even soy burgers easily satisfy my cravings for a good BBQ burger every time!

    What's more, I discovered the perfect burger (meat) to complete my ultimate BBQ burger, which is??? TRI-TIP beef burger meat sold at Walmart. SADLY, they don't stock it anymore. But, yeah, I found it at Walmart and it was priced nicely for four (4) patties per package. I've tried other brands and types of burger meat and nothing came close to this tri-tip burger choice.

    So, with it SADLY out of stock, I recommend any burger that's 90/10 lean to fat ratio should do fine in lieu. If you're okay with 80 / 20, that's fine too. Nevertheless, my BBQ bacon cheese burger with sautéed mushrooms, melted cheese and BBQ sauce topped on every layer is out of this world! I love this every so often and I know you will too. C'mon, let's check it out ...

    Bart Smith's



    FOREMAN GRILL — I'll use the Foreman Grill to grill my burger meat, whether it’s beef, turkey, salmon or soy. I’ll use it to melt any cheese slices I place on my burgers. I do this carefully so the top lid doesn’t touch the cheese slice.

    ❑ TOASTER OVEN — I'll use the toaster oven to toast my burger buns. While the burgers cook, I’ll warm the buns in the toaster oven.

     MEDIUM OR LARGE FRYING PAN — I'll use a medium, to large, pan size to cook my bacon in.

    SMALL FRYING PAN — I'll use a small frying pan to sauté the mushrooms in some grapeseed oil for about 5-7 minutes.


    (Here's what goes into my burgers!)

    ❑ Tri-Tip Beef Burger meat or turkey burger patties, salmon patties, soy burger patties, chicken thighs sliced thinly, etc. If you can't find this particular brand, look for burger meat that's around 90/10 (lean meat to fat ratio).

    ❑ Dash® Southwest Chipotle seasoning. (You can substitute pepper, etc.)

    ❑ 1 Cheese Slice per burger (i.e., American, Cheddar, Spicy Jack, etc.)

    ❑ 1 Bacon Strip per burger; slice in half (creating 2 pieces) and fry in a frying pan

    1-2 large mushrooms per burger (sliced in 4 or 5 thick slices) 

     KC Masterpiece Kansas City Classic Barbecue Sauce or your favorite BBQ sauce.

    ❑ Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Hamburger Buns or Butter Hambuer Buns


    Here's how to make my BBQ cheese burgers with bacon, mushrooms on a toasted bun with loads of BBQ sauce at home just like I do:

    STEP #1

    Slice 1-2 mushrooms in 4-5 thin slices per burger and then set aside.

    STEP #2

    Slice 1 long bacon strip into 2 pieces per burger.

    STEP #3

    Put your burgers on the Foreman grill and start cookin' them up! Sprinkle some Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning on them as well. Let them cook for about 7-8 minutes (+/-). Keep an eye on them and flip them from time to time as desired.

    STEP #4

    In a large frying pan, sauté your bacon until golden brown, but not overcooked. I add 1/4 cup grapeseed oil to the pan to help them cook slower. Without the oil, they might cook faster and I don't want that. If you cook your bacon any other way, hey, go for it.

    STEP #5

    In a small frying pan, add 2-5 tablespoons of   grapeseed oil and sauté your mushrooms on LOW heat for 5-10 minutes. Flip them often to cook evenly. Do not burn or overcook. When done, turn burner on LOW heat and set aside until needed at serving time.

    STEP #6

    Check on your burgers; are they done? They should be done around the time your bacon is done. When they're done, turn off the Foreman grill and add 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce to each burger. 

    STEP #7

    Take a spoon and smooth out the BBQ sauce around the burger patty before putting your cheese slices on top. I love layers of BBQ sauce throughout my burgers, as you can tell quite well.

    STEP #8

    Add 1 cheese slice on top of each burger, but fold the corners inward so they don't melt on to the grill faster than the rest of the cheese. Helps prevent a melted cheese cleanup later. 

    STEP #9

    Place a seasoning bottle under the lip of the top part of the Foreman grill. This elevates the top lid so it doesn't touch the cheese. It just helps it melt. Optionally, you can turn the Foreman grill off at this time or keep it on. Up to you. Watch so your cheese doesn't melt too much over the edge.

    STEP #10

    Once you place the seasoning bottle under the lid, you can let the cheese melt safely while you tend to other aspects of preparing the burger. Just check on it every 1-2 minutes to see when the cheese is actually melted perfectly. You can then start serving your burgers.

    STEP #11

    You can see the cheese is untouched by the top lid of the Foreman grill. This allows the cheese to melt nicely and not create a mess with melted cheese on your grill's top lid. Remember, you learned this trick from me! HAHA

    STEP #12

    It's time to place your hamburger buns in the toaster oven for 4-5 MINUTES or so. I toast my buns on Level 3 with my toaster oven. You can toast them until slightly toasted. Your buns won't take long to toast. Maybe 4-5 minutes. Watch them so they don't toast too much and burn.

    STEP #13

    See how nicely the cheese melted on your burgers with my technique propping up the top lid of the Foreman grill? Now, your burgers are ready to be built and served. 

    STEP #14

    Now, remove toasted buns from the toaster oven,  place them on a plate, and add BBQ sauce on top of each hamburger bun (top/bottom). Remember, this is going to be a BBQ sauce laden burger. Yummm!

    STEP #15

    Now, your burgers are ready to serve. Start by putting one patty on the bottom (toasted) bun.  We'll start building your burger from here.

    STEP #16

    Add another 1-2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce on top of the cheese burger patty. UGH! WAIT 'til you dine on this heavenly BBQ sauce delight!

    STEP #17

    Add mushrooms on top of the BBQ sauce you just added on top of your cheese burger patty.

    STEP #18

    Add bacon on top of the mushrooms you just put on your cheese burger patty.

    STEP #19

    Optionally, add more BBQ sauce on top of the bacon you just added to your cheese burger patty. I know, you're getting anxious to bite into this ever most decadent delight!

    STEP #20

    Now your burger is ready to eat. Just look at all that BBQ sauce, knowing there's bacon, mushrooms, cheese and a tri-tip patty underneath it all. UGH!



    Seriously, how does your BBQ cheese burger with bacon, mushrooms, melted cheese on a toasted bun look now? Have you ever seen anything so heavenly in all your life? I've had this burger multiple days in a row, it is that good! 

    Another little side note, I remember ordering this exact burger to be made at a 50's diner for several months in a row way back in the 90's (some 25+ years ago). Well, it wasn't long before the restaurant told me, "Bart, we tried your burger ourselves and decided to put your burger on our menu just the way you order it. Our customers can't thank you enough for sharing this amazing burger combination!" How's that for acknowledging how good this burger truly is, eh?



    For me, I like to slice my burger in half. This is actually a good idea if someone only wants half of a burger so you can have their other half or vice versa. Either way, it's time to dine!  →  "BART APPÉTIT!"


    I could literally have these burgers every day for a meal if I could, they're so good. I hope you feel the same when you try them too. Let me know what you think about them. I'd love to hear what you experience when you dine on these heavenly burgers from another dimension!!!

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