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Bart's Delicious & "World Famous" Fried Rice 


A Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    Here’s a dish I know you’ll love if you love fried rice. What’s interesting about this dish is that I have two friends, one’s Chinese and the other Vietnamese. Both say my fried rice is the best they’ve ever had, with their mom’s being the best. Now, that’s a compliment!

    Consider chicken thighs, tofu cubes, broiled salmon or any variety of seafood, such as squid, scallops, mussels, clams or shrimp to enhance the flavor of your fried rice. I know, huh? Yum yum! Well, let's not waste any more time. I can't wait for you to try out my fried rice and say to yourself, "Bart, this IS the best fried rice I've ever had. You can't get this in any restaurant. Well, except BART'S BISTRO!"

    Bart Smith's


    Equipment To Make Bart Smith's

    ❑ RICE COOKER — I use a rice cooker to cook my rice. I don't like cooking rice in a pot with just water that I have to watch. No. Rice cookers rock! Don’t have one? Get one and you’ll see the difference in speed and convenience instantly.

    ❑ FOREMAN GRILL — This is if you have chicken thighs or breasts to cook. 

    DEEP & LARGE FRYING PAN — Here's where you'll cook your fried rice and toss everything into when they're ready. (i.e., cooked salmon, chicken, shrimp, etc.)

    MEDIUM + LARGE FRYING PANS — A medium size frying pan to sauté your salmon if you want salmon in your fried rice. A large frying pan to sauté your shrimp. Once the two are cooked (separately), toss the salmon into the large frying pan and start mixing and further sautéing both shrimp and salmon together.

    ❑ SPATULA + SERVING SPOON — The spatula's for stirring your shrimp, salmon and fried rice around and the serving spoon is for just that ... serving up this amazing dish into bowls or onto plates. 


    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    ❑ LONG-GRAIN WHITE RICE (2 cups) — Personally, I found long-grain rice better to cook than short-grain after years of making my world famous fried rice.

    ❑ FRIED RICE SEASONINGS — These are typically found in your local Japanese market or you can find them online at Amazon. My favorite flavors are roasted garlic, shrimp, crab and the combination.

    SALMON FUMI FURIKAKE RICE SEASONING — Another great fried rice seasoning to have on hand.

    HIMALAYAN PINK SALT + PEPPER (IN GRINDER CONTAINERS) — Another pair of seasonings I found I like to add to my fried rice every time I make it.

    ❑ MEAT (OPTIONAL) — My personal favorite is to add baked salmon and sautéed shrimp to my fried rice. But, add what you like, such as, chicken thighs or breasts, or a mixed seafood medley, calamari rings, sautéed tofu cubes, pork strips or any combination of the above. It's all your call.

     VEGETABLES & OTHER OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS — Personally, I just like to add 1 cup of frozen peas and 1 cup of frozen corn to my fried rice. BUT, you might also like to add sliced green onions, 1/4 sliced onion (optional), 1/4 sliced pineapple. All optional, of course.

    COOKING OIL — Your choice, but you can fry your rice with sesame oil or my favorite grapeseed oil. I just wouldn't use olive oil.

    TWO (2) EGGS — Can be lightly scrambled before or cooked in with the fried rice during the final stir-fry session.

    ❑  PONZU (CITRUS-FLAVORED) SOY SAUCE — You can find this sauce at almost any grocery store, including Walmart, near their ethnic section and the price is usually under $10 per bottle.

    REGULAR SOY SAUCE — I like to add maybe a teaspoon or two to my fried rice mix while I'm cooking and the final serving in the bowl.

     SHIRAKIKU KIZAMI SHOGA (PICKLED GINGER) — I'll top my fried rice with this when serving bowls of my world famous fried rice. Try it! It adds a very nice flavor to the rice overall.


    Step by step directions to make your way to this elegant dish in minutes!

    STEP #1

    Wash & Cook Your Rice For Bart's

    ★ I make my fried rice with 2 cups of long grain rice.

    I wash my rice in the rice cooker bowl in the sink while running scorching hot water into the bowl as I stir the rice (in hot water) with a plastic rice spatula. I'll wash, empty and refill the rice cooker bowl with scorching hot water about 10-15 times or until the water is clear and my rice is nice and clean. 

    ★ Then, I'll fill the rice cooker, not with tap water, but with bottled water. Fill it according to how much rice you use. It's nice to pour clean water on clean rice and let it cook.

    Rice should cook for about 15-25 minutes depending on how much rice you use in your fried rice meal. That said, stir it while in the cooker towards the end. Then, let it remain on "Warm" after it's done cooking for another 10 minutes. Further cook the rice and get rid of all that remaining water/steam. 

    STEP #2

    Bart Smith's

    DO NOTE: I usually go do something for 20-30 minutes before I get my ingredients out and start making my fried rice. Cooking rice in the rice cooker affords that option. The reason for this is I don't want to use the rice exactly when the rice is done cooking. No. Instead, I'll let it cook, go do something else, then when it's done cooking for an EXTRA 10 minutes after the bell goes off and it's done cooking, I'll then start preparing to make my world famous fried rice dish.

    ★ So, yes, WHEN THE RICE IS DONE cooking, I'll then head back to the kitchen and proceed to get out all my ingredients out. 

    ★  Referencing the ingredients list above, get all your ingredients out on the counter so you can use them according to my directions below. 

    STEP #3

    ★ Did you decide what kind of protein you want in your fried rice? This is optional, you don't have to have any meat in your fried rice if you don't want to. Your fried rice can be all veggie-based. Hey, go for it!

    ★ For me, I love sautéed salmon and shrimp in my fried rice. Now, because they sauté pretty quickly (10 minutes each or so), I'll start cooking the meat right AFTER the rice is done cooking and not WHILE the rice cooks. Again, I like my rice to cook 10 minutes past the time the rice cooker bell rings. Keep in mind, rice can remain WARM for an hour or so. Meat cannot after cooking it. Meat should be cooked and eaten right after. 

    ★ So, after the rice is done cooking in the rice cooker, start cooking your chosen meat however you like. Again, you can choose shrimp, salmon, chicken thighs or I've sautéed tofu cubes (using a block of FIRM tofu). It's all up to you.

    ★ I'll use grapeseed oil in two separate frying pans to sauté my shrimp and salmon. Once they're both cooked, I'll combine them in the same pan as to mix them up before dumping them into the rice. Once done, I'll leave on a low/warm heat while I finish my rice cooking duties. Once I'm done with the rice, I'll toss the meat in last and mix it up and serrrrrve!!!!

    Sauté your salmon in a pan with grapeseed oil and Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning on MEDIUM heat for 7-10 minutes.

    Flip your salmon around, then break it up, while it cooks so you can toss it into the pan with your shrimp in a few minutes.

    Here's what your salmon looks like when it's cooked and ready to be added to fried rice or I'll toss it in with my shrimp that's done too.

    Sauté your shrimp in a pan with grapeseed oil and Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning on MEDIUM heat for 7-10 minutes.

    I combine my cooked shrimp and salmon into one frying pan so the salmon's oils can mix in with my cooked shrimp. This will add an amazing flavor to your fried rice.

    Here's what it looks like when you mix and combine shrimp and salmon in one pan, which will be added to your fried rice in just a couple minutes. Keep warm on LOW heat. Toss every so often.

    STEP #4

    Bart Smith's

    Cook rice on MEDIUM/HIGH HEAT for 10 minutes, then MEDIUM heat for 5-10 more minutes, then LOW heat to keep it warm while you serve you and your guests.

    ★ Add 1/4 cup oil (sesame or grapeseed, etc.) into the bottom of a very deep/large frying pan along with a few shakes of Salmon Fumi Furikake Rice Seasoning. The oil will heat up and start cooking your rice from the bottom up. NICE!

    ★  Choose your fried rice seasoning. For me, I like using two different (2) Nagatanien (Brand Name) fried rice seasoning packets (i.e., always GARLIC and either crab or shrimp, etc.). Add them to the rice and stir them in completely.

    ★ Add some dried seaweed pieces early on, which will soften in the hot rice as you mix in other ingredients and cook the rice.

    ★ Add your frozen peas and corn. The heat of the rice and from cooking on the stove will thaw out your frozen peas and corn in no time.

    ★ Add 1-3 tablespoons  (each) of Himalayan pink salt and pepper  to the rice. This adds an amazing flavor to the rice. Seasonings will make this rice taste out of this world!

    STIR and MIX your RICE constantly mixing all your ingredients, seasonings and oil thus far. Feel free to taste-test any time.

    STEP #5
    YOUR 2-3 EGGS

    I love scrambled eggs in my fried rice, but I DO NOT LIKE MIXING UNCOOKED EGGS into my fried rice directly in order to cook those eggs. NO. I never liked that. So, instead, I came up with this ingenious method of scrambling my eggs in the same pan I'm making my fried rice in. Check this out ...

    ★ After 8-10 minutes of stirring your rice, push all the rice to 2/3 of the pan leaving 1/3 of the pan vacant to scramble 2 eggs.

    ★ After scrambling 2-3 eggs separately in a bowl, slowly pour them into the vacant spot in your frying pan. Move this part of the pan directly over the stove-top burner, while the other 2/3 of your pan can hang over where there is no heat.

    ★ Use this (temporary) available 1/3 space in the pan to scramble 2-3 eggs in 5 minutes or so. Add in some Dash Southwest Chipotle seasonings to your eggs as you scramble them if you like. No need to tend to your rice in 2/3 of the pan for right now.

    ★ ONCE SCRAMBLED, you can easily mix, stir and combine the now cooked eggs in with the rest of the fried rice combination. Simple. Clean. No mess. Gotta love it!

    ★ Now, doesn't that look more natural? Now, your rice isn't all gooey with uncooked egg throughout. No. Your eggs were scrambled completely and mixed in with the rest of the rice nicely.

    ★ After your eggs are now in your fried rice, add 1-2 tablespoons (of each) Ponzu sauce and regular soy sauce to your fried rice mixture. Mix your rice well after adding them. These seasonings are going to bring your fried rice to life for your taste buds in about 10 more minutes!

    STEP #6

    Time to add your cooked shrimp and salmon, that's been kept warm in a separate pan, to your larger pan of fried rice.

    ★ Now, add your shrimp and salmon to your fried rice mix and mix everything together.

    ★ Mix your salmon and shrimp together evenly throughout the pan.

    ★ Everything now looks evenly mixed throughout the pan, doesn't it? You bet!

    ★ Now, feel free to take sample bites now of your creation. This will get you ultra excited to feast on what you've just created in about 5 minutes. 

    ★ Turn the stove to low heat while you clean up anything and prepare the space where you'll eat along with any beverages, etc.

    STEP #7
     LET'S EAT!!!

    Yep, it's "time to dine!" Call everyone to the dining area, break out your bowls, napkins, chopsticks, spoons or forks and your beverages. It's time to eat!

    Doesn't that look good? You bet! Get the bowls out and serve it up!

    Serve everyone a bowl of this wonderful fried rice delight!

    Add some Shirakiku Kizami Shoga (pickled ginger) on top for flavoring. 

    ★ As you serve each person their bowl of the world's greatest fried rice, encourage them to add any of the following to their portion: regular soy sauce, ponzu (citrus flavored) soy sauce and/or Shirakiku Kizami Shoga (pickled ginger) to top things off nicely.

    ★ As you dine, listen carefully. Do you hear anything? Is anyone talking?

    ★ I once served my fried rice to a group of people at someone's house. While I sat there eating my portion, I asked everyone, "Why isn't anyone talking?"

    ★ One of them replied, "Bart, this is so good, we don't want to talk." That is true testament to the power and influence of this fried rice and how good it is. Seriously, that dining table was dead silent while everyone ate. AMAZING!



    ★ If you want to try something OUT OF THIS WORLD, then, add a tablespoon or two of Tsang's Stir-Fry Classic Sauce (or General Tso Stir-Fry Sauce) on top of your fried rice bowl and mix it up some. WAIT 'til you taste how good this topping is. "WHOA!" is all I can say! 


    So, be honest, after trying my recipe for the world's greatest fried rice, wouldn't you agree? My fried rice really is the best you've ever had? I know for me and all the guests I've ever served this dish to over the past 20+ years, they all say the same thing "Bart, I've never had fried rice this good!"

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