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Bart's Deliciously "World Famous" Omelette


Omelette Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    When it comes to my Omelettes, I can tell you this, they're a real crowd-pleaser! They're fluffy, flavorful, loaded with ingredients, and ultra satisfying!

    So, if you’re hungry for something semi-quick, try making my "world famous" Omelette! Wail 'til you see how I make my Omelettes. C'mon, let's check it out ...


    Equipment To Make Bart Smith's

    ❑  1 MEDIUM or LARGE FRYING PAN to make your Omelette in.

    1 MEDIUM or SMALL FRYING PAN to sauté your mushrooms and spinach (optional).

    ❑ 1 SMALL FRYING PAN to warm up your black beans and/or rice  (optional).

     SPATULA to manage your Omelette and to flip it!

    ❑ MIXING BOWL to whip your eggs up to make your Omelette!


    Customize to your liking!

    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    2-4 Eggs (How hungry are you? I like to add egg whites, available in the dairy section, not so much for the nutritional value, but to add a little more volume versus cracking open another egg.)

    1 tablespoon of butter (never margarine; for use in coating the pan you'll make your Omelette in)

    ❑ DASH ® Southwest Chipotle (or other) seasonings ... I like to add Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning to my Omelette, specifically to the eggs I'm scrambling before dropping them into the frying pan.

    ❑ Shredded Cheese  (Optional; added inside and on top of the Omelette)

    ❑ Spinach (Optional; a small handful; sautéed before adding to Omelette)

    ❑ Mushrooms (Optional; sautéed before adding to Omelette)

    ❑ Bell Peppers (Optional; sautéed before adding to Omelette)

    ❑ Tomato Slices (Optional; thinly sliced)

    ❑ Broccoli (Optional; sautéed before adding to Omelette)

    ❑ Black Beans (Optional; can be warmed up separately)

    ❑ Spanish Rice (Optional; can be warmed up separately)

    ❑ What else? (Add whatever you like!)

    ❑ Grapeseed Oil — Love this oil. Helps sauté my veggies to perfection.

    ❑ Arizona Peppers Jalapeño Pepper Sauce — I like to add a little "kick" in spice to my Omelette and I do it with this. Sprinkle just a few drops inside and outside of your Omelette and you'll love how it adds just that extra little spicy, but without it being too hot. Try it!


    Here's how you will cook your Omelette and other ingredients:

    BURNER #1
    Start here. OPTIONAL: Warm 1/2 cup of black beans (and Spanish rice) in a pan per Omelette on LOW heat. Stir often then turn off in 7-10 minutes.

    BURNER #2
    Next, sauté 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms, spinach and other veggies in a pan with 2-3 TBSP of cooking oil on LOW heat for 7-10 minutes. Stir often.

    BURNER #3
    Slowly melt 1 TBSP of butter to coat bottom of the frying pan on medium heat. Pour mixed eggs slowly into frying pan after butter has melted. Allow omelette bottom to cook slowly on medium heat.


    Follow these simple steps to make my "world famous" Omelette:

    STEP #1

    For small Omelettes use 2 eggs. Medium size Omelettes, use 3-4 eggs. For hungry eaters, use 4-5 eggs for a super large Omelette.

    STEP #2

    Crack your eggs in a small bowl
    so you can mix them well
    to make your Omelette like I do.

    STEP #3

    I like to add Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning to my eggs when mixing them like this:

    STEP #4

    When you're done mixing the eggs and adding your seasoning, here's what it looks like. 

    STEP #5

    Optional, but if you like black beans and Spanish rice, add them to your Omelette. Warm 'em up in a separate pan with 3-5 tablespoons of water.

    STEP #6

    Optional, if you have (or like) mushrooms, peppers and spinach, add 'em to your Omelette. Sauté 'em in a separate pan with 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil.


    Let's work on the Omelette now.

    STEP #7

    Add 1 tablespoon of butter (never margarine) to the pan you'll make your Omelette in. 

    STEP #8

    On LOW low heat, melt your 1 TBSP of butter and move it around across the pan evenly.

    STEP #9

    We're about to pour the Omelette egg mix into the pan with melted butter. When we do, the Omelette will start cooking on one side.

    STEP #10

    Slowly and evenly pour egg mix into the pan. Tilt the bowl just a little so the egg mix pours into the pan nicely and evenly.

    STEP #11

    Excellent! Now the Omelette egg mix can start cooking in your pan on MEDIUM heat. We don't want to cook it too fast. No, a slow cook is best.

    STEP #12

    This is a beautiful picture, isn't it? Your Omelette is cooking nicely on one side. Soon, we'll cook the other side by flipping it over. That's a neat trick. I'll show ya!



    STEP #13

    Check on your veggies. You should poke them often and flip them from time to time so they're nicely sautéed on LOW heat. Drain excess oil if needed.

    STEP #14

    How are the beans and rice? Toss 'em often to avoid burning, but they should be warm by now. Turn the heat on LOW until we add 'em to the Omelette.

    STEP #15

    Allow the Omelette to cook slowly on MEDIUM to LOW heat. At this temperature, the Omelette will cook nicely and evenly throughout.

    STEP #16

    While the bottom cooks slowly, use a spatula to lift the sides to allow uncooked egg to flow under the Omelette so uncooked parts cook faster.



    STEP #17

    When the Omelette looks (90%) nicely cooked, it's time to flip it with a spatula so the top part can face down and finish cooking on LOW heat while you add the other ingredients on half of the Omelette's cooked side.

    STEP #18

    After you flip your Omelette over to finish cooking the top/uncooked side, place shredded cheese on half of the Omelette along with (optional) dots of hot sauce. You'll follow with your other ingredients soon thereafter.

    STEP #19

    Quickly, add the black beans and rice you warmed up (if you wanted them) to half of your Omelette and on top of the shredded cheese. 

    STEP #20

    Quickly, add the veggies you sautéed (if you wanted them) to half of your Omelette and on top of beans and rice and shredded cheese. So far so good, eh?

    STEP #21

    With all your ingredients inside the Omelette, add a little more shredded cheese (if desired), then flip half the Omelette over so you cover up your ingredients.

    STEP #22

    Once your Omelette is folded in half, turn off the burner, and add shredded cheese on top and put the pan lid on to melt the cheese while you clean up.

    STEP #23

    Optional, but as mentioned, I like to add shredded cheese on top of my flipped over Omelette. When you cover the pan with its lid, it will slowly melt.

    STEP #24

    With stove burner OFF, cover up your Omelette so the heat gently melts that shredded cheese on top of your Omelette. Now, clean up your mess, any pans and dishes and prepare to eat!


    Time to serve that Omelette on a plate and prepare to dine!

    I like to add a few squirts of Jalapeno Pepper Sauce from Whole Foods on top of my Omelette to add a little bit of spice and flavor to it!


    Serve with sliced fruit on the side if you like and ENJOY! Do let me know if you think my Omelette really is the best Omelette you've ever had. I hope it is so you have the same experience I do every time I make one for myself and others.

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