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Bart's Decadent Pecan Belgian Waffle


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    I remember playing football my freshman year in high school and after every Saturday morning game my parents would take me out for breakfast (e.g., I was HUNGRY).

    All I remember ordering was 1-2 pecan waffles with a bucket of syrup every time we'd go out for breakfast after a game.

    Well, those memories are now pouring their way into my cookbook and onto the page below for you to enjoy at home like me!

    Bart Smith's Decadent Pecan Belgium Waffles (With Hot Buttery syrup!)


    ❑ BELGIAN WAFFLE MAKER — To make your waffle in. I have and prefer the ones with the removeable plates. Makes them much easier to clean.

    ❑ MIXING BOWL — To mix up the batter for your waffle! The bowl you see in the picture is the exact one I have. I actually got them at the DOLLAR STORE. So, shop around for some inexpensive mixing bowls.

    ❑ PLASTIC TONGS — Optional, but nice to use to grab a hot waffle off of the griddle. Can use a fork if need be.

    ❑ STIRRING WHISK — To whip up your waffle batter. You can use a large spoon too. Your call.

    ❑ SMALL POT — To heat up your syrup in. Mmmm, yum!

     SERVING SPOON — That syrup's going to be quite hot when it's ready to serve. So, use a nice spoon like this to pour a nice amount of hot buttery syrup over your waffle like I do.


    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    Belgian Waffle Mix — I'm lazy and when I want to make Belgian waffles, I'll just reach for a box of Belgian waffle mix, which you can buy at almost any grocery store.

    1-3 Eggs — How many waffles do you want? One (1) egg yields 2-3 waffles. 

    Oil — The waffle mix calls for 2-3 tablespoons of oil. I use grapeseed oil. Use vegetable oil if you have it.

    ❑ 3 Teaspoons Vanilla — Optional, but a little bit of vanilla to the mix, which I think enhances the flavor of your waffle a lot!

    ❑ Pecan Halves or break them up into small pieces.

    Syrup — Yup! Gotta have LOTS of syrup for these waffles! Whichever might be your favorite syrup, make sure it's on hand. I've always been partial to Mrs. Butterworth's.

    ❑ What Else? — Alternatively, you might add a   banana, whip cream, berries or some other topping to your waffle. Hey, go for it!


    How I make my Pecan Belgian Waffles at home:

    STEP #1

    Warm up your syrup while you mix and make your waffles. Pour 1-3 cups of syrup into a small pot and warm up on medium to low heat. It doesn't take much or long to heat up syrup. DON'T LET IT BOIL. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to the syrup so it melts as the syrup warms up. Mmmm, yum!

    STEP #2

    Follow waffle mix instructions on the back of the waffle mix bag/box and mix in a large mixing bowl with stirring whisk or large spoon based upon how many waffles you need to make. (i.e., 2-3, 3-5, etc.) 

    STEP #3

    Add a 1/2 cup of pecan halves (not the whole pecan; gently crush them each once with your fingers) and add to your waffle batter. Mix until smooth.

    STEP #4

    Spray your waffle griddle with some kind of coating spray so the waffles don't stick to the griddle and they're easier to remove from the griddle when done.

    STEP #5

    Turn on the waffle griddle ONLY WHEN YOU'RE ready to pour the waffle batter. Don't warm up the griddle first. That will rush the cooking process and potentially burn your waffle.

    STEP #6

    Slowly pour waffle batter onto greased griddle iron. Pour slowly so you don't over pour too fast and not all the way to the edge either. Leave a little room around its edge for the waffle to spread to the edge on its own.

    STEP #7

    Don't fill the griddle 100% with your batter. Fill the griddle iron about 90-95% with your batter. Leave a little room around the edge of the griddle for the batter to level out as it cooks and expands. This prevents batter from spilling out from the sides of your griddle while cooking.

    STEP #8

    Cook each waffle for roughly 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Set your timer for each waffle you make. Also, when the steam goes away, that's another sign your waffle is ready. Don't open up the griddle to check on your waffle as that might destroy any progress it's making during the cooking process. Instead, TRUST your timer and the griddle to do its job.

    STEP #9

    When the timer goes off, and the steam goes away some, open the griddle and inspect your waffle. If it looks golden brown, it's ready to eat!!! 

    STEP #10

    Quickly, remove the waffle with a fork or tongs.  Your waffle WILL BE HOT!!! Clean the griddle some (i.e., remove the plates; they're hot too; use hot pads)

    STEP #11a

    Quickly toss that waffle on a plate, butter it up if you like with room temperature butter.

    STEP #11b

    After you've spread butter all over your waffle like I do, then it's time to pour some hot syrup all over it.

    STEP #12a

    Your warmed up syrup is waiting for you to pour some of it all over that waffle. 

    STEP #12b

    How much syrup do you like? I like to cover my waffles in syrup. Use as much as you like. 


    Pecan Belgian waffle making supplies to make the perfect pecan Belgian waffle every time ...

    The perfect pecan Belgian waffle made at home for breakfast, lunch or even dinner ...

    Quickly add a new waffle to the griddle so you can have another waffle ...

    Remove the waffle quickly and serve with hot syrup and melted butter ...


    YES, once you've had one of my pecan Belgian waffles, you will have gone to another world and back. They're so good. 

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