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Bart's "Ultra Healthy" Sautéed Sweet Potatoes


A Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    Here’s a meal that will not only leave you absolutely satisfied, you’ll also begin to want it every day of the week. What’s more, it’s flavorful, filling, and good for you. You know that heavy/bloated feeling you get from eating certain foods? Not with this amazing platter. Like breathing in simple oxygen, you don’t feel like this plate will blow you up. 

    This meal will satisfy you feeling full (and satisfied) all while burning its way throughout your body, unlike other foods that linger in your stomach and give you that uncomfortable full feeling. Eating my sautéed sweet potatoes often will also help you stay trim and slim for sure! Who doesn't want that? It's probably why I make this dish so often myself. So, having said all that I've said, let's get at it ...

    Bart Smith's


    Equipment To Make Bart Smith's

    FOREMAN GRILL — IF you want chicken thighs or breast meat in your sautéed sweet potato dish, then I would use the Foreman Grill to grill those birds. I wouldn't use a frying pan.

    LARGE DEEP FRYING PAN — This will be the main, large, deep frying pan you'll use to sauté your sweet potatoes in.

    MEDIUM - OR - LARGE FRYING PAN — IF you want sautéed salmon in your sautéed sweet potato dish, which is what I usually have, then I would use a medium to large frying pan to sauté the fish depending on how many people I'm serving. 

    CUTTING BOARD — I'll use this to slice up my sweet potato and other veggies.

    ❑ LARGE CUTTING KNIFE — I use this type of knife to slice up my sweet potatoes because I can use the palm of my hand on top to add weight to slicing what I need to slice. YEAH! Anything similar or one you're used to using, hey, go for it!

    ❑ SMALL POT — This pot is used to heat up your black beans (optional).

    SPATULA(S) — You could probably get away with using one, but if you wanted two you could use one each to turn the sweet potatoes around in the pan and another to work the salmon in the other pan. Up to you.


    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    CHOICE OF MEAT — IF you want meat in this dish, which you don't have to, you can choose salmon, chicken thighs, chicken breast meat, tofu cubes, etc. However many people you're serving, select the quantity of either per person. So, two people, two pieces of salmon or two chicken thighs, etc.

    SWEET POTATO — Typically, one whole sweet potato can serve 2 people. If it's a large sweet potato, you only need half of it. Use half, save the other half for another day. Where I get my sweet potatoes, they're HUGE! Like football size, almost! So, experiment. 

    BROCCOLI — Per person, I'd cut about 4-5 pieces.

    CAULIFLOWER — Per person, I'd cut about 4-5 pieces.

    BLACK BEANS — Love black beans and all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they supply us with.

    ❑ PECANS — Crush, by hand, about 2/3 cup of crushed pecans to the sweet potato dish. I'll tell you when to add them below in the DIRECTIONS section.

    GRAPESEED OIL — Love this oil. Helps sauté my salmon and sweet potatoes to perfection.

    DASH SOUTHWEST CHIPOTLE SEASONING BLEND — May favorite, one-and-only, go-to seasoning for seasoning my salmon and black beans.

    ❑ ARIZONA PEPPERS JALAPEÑO PEPPER SAUCE — I like to add a little "kick" in spice to my sweet potato medley and I do it with this. I used to get a similar product at Trader Joe's until they discontinued it. Well, not to worry, it's the perfect replacement. Sprinkle just a few drops on your serving and you'll love how it adds just that extra little spicy bit without it being too hot. Try it!


    Step by step directions for making my world famous sautéed sweet potato dish!

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #1

    ★ 1.1 → So, here's the big secret method as to how I slice my sweet potato so I can sauté it just right for dining in heaven with it. Okay, that was a little too much, but the point here is I take a big knife, and with my palm on the top, I slice the sweet potato in half and then keep slicing it in half and then slices, etc. Take a look.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Half a sweet potato is plenty for 1-2 people. So, cut it in half.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Then, cut the ends off and then cut that half piece in half to dine on.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Then, cut each half into slices that look like this above.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Then, slice all those pieces, together, and you'll have smaller pieces.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    When you're done, here's what it all looks like. Good job!

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #2

    TIME: 12-15 minutes
    TEMP: MEDIUM heat

    ★ 2.1 → If you sauté your salmon in a frying pan, I like to use grapeseed oil and Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning to season it. Try it! It's out of this world.

    ★ 2.2 → Cook your salmon slowly and feel free to break up the meat so you cook the salmon in bite sized pieces.

    ★ 2.3 → Yes, you could keep the salmon intact and serve along side your sweet potato dish, but what I like to do is break up the salmon, sauté it well, then dump it all into the sweet potato mix.

    ★ 2.4 → This creates an amazing combination in one bite when everything is finally mixed together.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #3

    ★ 3.1 → I love black beans with my sautéed sweet potatoes. I'll toss about 1/2 a can into a small pot or frying pan and heat them on medium heat for 8-10 minutes.

    ★ 3.2 → Toss some Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning on them and look out! DELISH!

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #4

    ★ 4.1 → Add 1/4 cup of grapeseed (or other) oil to a large, deep pan.

    ★ 4.2 → Sprinkle some Dash Southwest Chipotle seasonings in the pan on the oil.

    ★ 4.3 → Turn the burner on MEDIUM to cook sweet potatoes slowly. We don't want to rush/burn them with the heat on high. Watch them too. Keep turning them over and around or they will burn.

    ★ 4.4 → Cover the pan with its lid to allow to steam and soften the sweet potatoes. You might add 3-4 tablespoons of water to generate a little steam if needed.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Add Dash seasonings and either grapeseed or even sesame oil to the pan you'll sauté your sweet potatoes.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Here's what it looks like when you add oil and Dash to the pan before adding the sweet potatoes.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Now, add sweet potato slices and mix it in with all the oil and Dash. Add more Dash if you like too.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Add your sweet potato slices to the pan with oil and Dash seasonings.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Again, mix them up together so the oil and seasonings are spread around.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Now, cover the pan so as the sweet potatoes cook, the steam softens the sweet potato too.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    Every 2-3 minutes, check in your potatoes. Toss them around. Add oil or seasonings if needed.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    After cooking for 7-10 minutes, it's time to add the pecans to the pan. 

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #5

    ★ 5.1 → By hand, and 10 minutes after you started sautéing your sweet potatoes, add your crushed pecans, mix into the sweet potatoes and then cover the pan with lid.

    ★ 5.2 → Pecans don't need to be cooked. So, we add them in later, AFTER, the sweet potatoes have had time to cook and soften some. 

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #6


    ★ 6.1 Five (5) minutes later, and towards the end of sautéing your sweet potatoes, add the broccoli and cauliflower.

    ★ 6.2 → Allow the heat of your sweet potato medley to steam your veggies.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #7

    ★ 7.1 → In 5 more minutes, add salmon to the sweet potato / veggie medley mix.

    ★ 7.2 → Mix everything and put the lid back on, allow everything to steam and cook for another 5 minutes.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #8

    ★ 8.1 → Yes, for 5 more minutes, mix everything and allow everything to gel into one amazing creation.

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #9

    ★ 9.1 → AWESOME! Turn off the burner, get your plates (or bowls) out and serve this wild creation to you and those who happen to dine with you if you have company. Otherwise, it's all yours, baby!

    ★ 9.2 → I've been amazed how I can eat the whole pan of this sweet potato medley. See how much you eat. You might surprise yourself too. It's just soooo good!

    Directions To Make Bart Smith's

    STEP #10

    ★ 10.1 → Now comes one of my favorite parts. This is when I add a little hot sauce to my bowl of sautéed sweet potatoes. It gives it that little kick of spice without it being too hot. This "spice" actually gives it extra "flavor" as well.

    ★ 10.2 → I get this product at Whole Foods, but you can get it on Amazon too if you want to order a case of 12, which isn't bad (price-wise).

    "World Famous"
    Sautéed Sweet Potatoes

    An amazingly healthy meal you can have 1-3 times per week to stay fit, trim and lookin' gooooood!!!

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