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Bart's "Heavenly" Udon (Japanese Noodle Soup) With Sautéed Salmon (or Chicken Thighs)


A Recipe From Bart's Cookbook 🕮 Who's Hungry? © 2024 by Bart Smith


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    I don’t make it often, but when I do, I really enjoy this dish. Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. So, if you like noodle soup, then you, too, will love this recipe.

    The only difference between my udon and what you get at a restaurant is that mine’s made at HOME!!! You'll want to keep the ingredients on hand for that cold, rainy day or when you have guests or when you're in the mood for uuuuudon!

    Here’s how you make it. It’s easier than you think and it doesn't take much time at all to prepare. You'll be amazed at how simple, easy and fast you can whip up udon soup in no time. C'mon, let's get at it ...

    Bart Smith's


    Equipment To Make Bart Smith's

    LARGE SOUP POT — How many people are you serving? Just you? Two people? A whole family? Lean towards using a large pot. Leftovers save well in the fridge, so feel free to make a little more than you need.

    ❑ MEDIUM POT — This pot will be used to boil your chicken thighs (or breast meat) if you choose to serve such with your udon. After the chicken's done boiling and cooked, I'll chop them up in bite-sized pieces and boil them for 5 more minutes to be sure they're cooked thoroughly on the inside. Then, I'll add the precooked chicken to the large pot and let them simmer with the soup for 10-15 minutes. IF you choose to sauté your chicken or salmon, then use a frying pan, naturally, and do so in grapeseed oil.

    ❑ SMALL POT — This pot is used to boil your eggs, if you choose to have hard boiled eggs in your udon.

    ❑ PLATE -or- CUTTING BOARD — You’ll need either to cut some of your ingredients on.

    ❑ SOUP LADLE -and- PASTA SERVING SPOON — When everything's done, you'll use the pasta serving spoon to spoon out the noodles and other ingredients (when you run out and you only have soup based left in your bowl), and the soup ladle to spoon out some of the soup base if you want more.

    ❑ LARGE SOUP BOWLS — I'm sure you have these, maybe, but you won't be serving udon on a plate. So, I have some really nice, large soup bowls just for serving udon and other dishes that go well in a large serving bowl.

    CHOPSTICKS, ASIAN SOUP SPOONS, TABLESPOONS - and/or - FORKS — Depending on how you like to eat your soup, you might find any of these helpful when dining on udon. I like to use a combination of chopsticks and Asian soup spoons.


    Ingredients To Make Bart Smith's

    ❑ Udon noodles, which I find mostly at Asian grocery stores in the frozen food section. Note, 2 individually wrapped packages of noodles makes A LOT for 3-4 people almost. So, 1 package for 1 person and 2 packages for 2-3 people. You can store leftovers in the fridge and heat them up in a frying pan with just a little bit of water and you’re ready to dine again!

    Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu Soup Base, which I find mostly in Japanese grocery stores or on Amazon.com. Also, if you're in the store, ask the clerk to find "MSG-FREE" soup base for you. I do, as I often have a negative reaction to MSG, like many people do.

    ❑ Green onions (3 stalks will do)

    ❑ Mushrooms, either fresh or dried mushrooms

    ❑ Chicken thighs or breasts, salmon or tofu cubes.

    ❑ 3-4 baby bok choy, sliced

    ❑ 1/2 cup dried seaweed

     2-4 hard boiled eggs

    Green Tea ice cream (For dessert; optional!)


    Generally speaking, here are the steps to make udon. Below these steps, you'll find pictures that also help teach you how to make udon like I do.

    STEP #1 — (OPTIONAL)  Boil eggs ahead of time. Slice in half, keep refrigerated until needed, then add to soup AFTER you've added all other ingredients. Allow to marinate in soup pot for 5-10 minutes. Then, serve.

    STEP #2  Slice green onions and bok choy and set aside. 

    STEP #3 — Precook any meat separately. For example, I like to boil my chicken thighs, then when they’re done cooking, I'll remove them, slice them into bite-sized pieces and add them to the soup pot to further cook and simmer in the soup base flavoring. If you prefer to serve salmon on the side, do so! I wouldn't add salmon to the soup though.

    STEP #4 — Heat 6 cups of water and 3 cups of udon soup base in pot on MEDIUM to LOW heat. Do NOT boil soup on high heat! NOTE: I prefer use bottled water and not tap water for use to make my udon soup.

    STEP #5 — Add udon noodles to soup, and allow to thaw in soup if frozen. Add meat (or tofu cubes), and vegetables to udon soup pot and let everything simmer.

    STEP #6 — Allow soup to simmer for 10-15 minutes on LOW HEAT. Stir often and slowly.

    STEP #7  Serve and enjoy with chopsticks and soup spoons. Side note, udon goes GREAT with BEER! My favorite? 805 or a Japanese brand. 

    STEP #8 — Optionally, I like serving Green Tea ice cream at the end for dessert!


    Below you'll find the same steps above, but with photographs to help illustrate how to make udon at home like I do.

    Boil 3-6 eggs ahead of time and set aside.

    Slice 3-4 green onion stalks and set aside.

    Slice 4-5 bok choy stalks and set aside.

    Boil 2-3 chicken thighs separately for 10 minutes.

    Boil your udon noodles in bottled water in a large pot on MEDIUM heat. Roughly, one individual udon package requires 1.5 bottles of water. So, adjust accordingly.

    Add your soup base to your pot of water. You could add roughly one cup or two. All depends on how thick-tasting you want your soup to be. 

    Add precooked chicken to soup to simmer.

    Add boiled eggs to soup to simmer.

    Add green onions to your udon soup to simmer.

    Add dried mushrooms to your udon soup to simmer.

    Add baby bok choy to your udon soup to simmer.

    Add dry seaweed to your udon soup to simmer.


    Slowly stir your udon soup for another 5-10 more minutes on LOW HEAT and soon you can serve this amazing Japanese soup! Once ready, serve it up in your favorite soup bowls with chopsticks, soup spoons, etc. Keep leftover soup warm in the large pot on LOW HEAT.

    When full and satisfied, store leftover soup in a container in the fridge. Later, you can heat it up in a medium size pot on the STOVE on medium to low heat ... For now, ENJOY!!!

    SERVE IT UP!!!

    Time to eat! Serve it up in your favorite soup bowls with chopsticks, soup spoons, etc. Again, this soup goes GREAT with BEER, such as 805 or any Japanese or other Asian beer. Enjoy!!!


    Wait 'til you try this amazingly delicious thick Japanese udon noodle soup. You're gonna love it!

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