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Create & Sell Online Courses Like I Do For Extra $$$$$

What a great way to make extra money (while you sleep). Create an online course out of what you know, and sell it to people all around the world who want to learnnnn what you know! Pretty simple, right? Well, what do you know? What's your expertise? What's your profession? Whatever it is, there's a course inside you; I just know it! The trick is to get it out of you, create that course and start selling it for extra money like I do.


Course Description

This course (on how to create an online course) will put you on the fast track to creating your own course which you can start selling online once it's ready! I'm going to walk you through how I put my courses together, which will save you a ton of time and get you started pronto. You're about to benefit from my course creation experience, my short cuts, valuable lessons learnnnned and my specific ONLINE COURSE ROADMAP to help you create and sell your own online course for extra $$$$$. C'mon, let's get into it!

What you will learnnnn ...

I've seen other courses on how to create a course and I have to tell you something, I get right to it. No fluff, no B.S. Just easy-to-follow steps and my expert course guidance. Here' what you'll learnnnn so you can create and start selling courses right away:

  • How to come up with ideas and content for a course which you can sell online ...

  • How to deliver your course online, protect your content and get paid for your knowledge ...

  • How to create content for your course (i.e., video, audio, text, downloadables, etc.)

  • How to promote your course so people see it, enroll and you make money ...

  • Why you should encourage others to create their own course and make money off their knowledge like I do ...

  • ... and so much more!

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is great for:

  • Anyone with knowledge, expertise, learnnnn, experience or know-how to teach others ...

  • Authors can turn books into courses ...

  • Speakers can create courses and upsell them to their audience members ...

  • Coaches can create courses for extra money and help clients reach their goals faster ...

  • Requirements

    To maximize this course:

  • Be ready to learnnnn and take action!

  • Don't waste time! Get on this and create your course A.S.A.P.

  • A computer, smart phone, certain software which I'll tell you about, etc.

  • Thinkific.com account, like I have to build out your course(s) like I do mine ...

  • Sample lessons

    Check out these sample lessons from this course. If you like what you see, then enroll today and start learnnnning how to create and sell online courses like I do.


    When it comes to creating a course quickly, here's the exact formula I follow. Once you go through my course, you too should be able to quickly and easily come up with a course to sell for extra money. The only real work involved is coming up with the content, which you might already have, and marketing the course. Other than that, I'm so glad I started selling courses and so will you. Here's what's included in this course on creating online courses ...

      Welcome To This Course
  • Video message from Bart Smith, your instructor ...

  • How to use and maximize this course ... 

  • The equipment needed to record audio …

  •   PART 1: Getting Started
  • 1.1 - Let's start with my quick online course roadmap questionnaire to get you going:

  • WHAT can you teach with confidence?

  • WHAT will be the title of your course?

  • WHAT content will go in your course?

  • WHO will benefit from your course?

  • Are there any course REQUIREMENTS?

  • HOW will you deliver your course?

  • HOW MUCH will your course sell for?

  • HOW will you accept payments?

  • HOW will you promote your course?

  • ... among other great questions!

  • 1.2 - Why and how I use Thinkific to create and sell my courses and you should too!

  • 1.3 - How to sign up for Thinkific through Bart's affiliate link and get a tour of his account and your new Thinkific account.

  • 1.4 - Set up a custom domain for your Thinkific account, such as, Learn.YourDomain.com.

  • 1.5 - Set up your payment gateway to accept payments via your PayPal account.

  •   PART 2: Create Your Course
  • 2.1 - Create an outline of chapters and lessons for your course ...

  • 2.2 - Add chapters and lessons to a newly created Thinkific course.

  • 2.3 - Start adding content to your lessons (i.e., text, audio, video, downloadables, etc.)

  • 2.4 - Customize your course settings, pricing, video playback, etc.

  •   PART 3: Create Your Course Sales Page(s)
  • 3.1 - Create a custom sales page for your course on Thinkific.

  • 3.2 - Create a custom sales page for your course on your website.

  • 3.3 - Set a price for your course, copy the Thinkific buy link to your course and link it to a BUY THIS COURSE button on your website's sales page so folks can buy your course.

  • 3.4 - Link your website to your Thinkific Sign In page so folks can login and access the course(s) they bought from you.

  •   PART 4: Go Live & Start Marketing Your Course
  • 4.1 - Set/confirm the price for your course and publish it.

  • 4.2 - Create a 100% off coupon and test the sign-up/pay procedures to buy your course.

  • 4.3 - 10 Ways to start promoting your course.

  •   PART 5: Future Course Developments
  • 5.1 - Update / add new content to current courses from time to time.

  • 5.2 - Create new courses.

  •   PART 6: Extra Extra (Ideas For You!)
  • 6.1 - Teach others how to create courses. (Make money doing this.)

  • 6.2 - Give folks your Thinkific affiliate link and earn 30% residual commission.

  • 6.3 - Upgrade your Thinkific account when you have the money and you want the extra perks that go along with a higher plan.

  •   Next Steps, Resources & Exit Survey
  • Congrats! Here's what's next ...

  • Recommended resource links and other helpful suggestions and materials ... 

  • Exit survey and an opportunity to rate this course ... 

  • • Video message from the instructor ... 

    • How to use this course ...

    Meet Your Instructor

    Bart Smith


    Hey, I love helping people, especially through teaching and learnnnn. What's more, I love teaching and learnnnn online via courses where folks can learnnnn what I know at their own pace.

    Teaching online allows you to reach thousands of people and impact thousands of lives with what you know and without you ever really having to lift a finger. 

    The truth is, you don't really need to be great at teaching or learnnnn, per se. All you have to do is know how to take what you know, put it up online in course format like I do and let folks consume your course in exchange for payments they make to you.

    If that sounds like a winner to you, then enroll in this course, learnnnn how I put my courses together and start creating your first course A.S.A.P.

    Bart Smith


    $27 Sale Price


    SAVE $70 TODAY!

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