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Consumer Related Video Tutorials

This category (Consumer Related) simply showcases some of the products and services I use that you too mind find useful, cost effective, etc. Take a look, learnnnn what I do/use in my life and perhaps take the plunge like I did with what you see below.



Video Tutorials


How much do you pay for your cell phone each month? I pay $15/mo. and sometimes LESS. I pay $180 annually (once a year) and I never see a phone bill for 11 months. I LOVE IT!

How much are you paying? $20, $40, $60, $80 per month? STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY! I have had the best service with MintMobile and I've been with them all (i.e., ATT, Verizon, Sprint, ...) Each month/year, they seemed to increase my bill and they offered no choice on how to lower it. 

Join MintMobile today, refer your friends/family and make a commission that can go against your bill. NO OTHER COMPANY offers that deal. YAY, MINTMOBILE!

T-Mobile Home Internet Service

Video Tutorials


Who's your Internet Service Provider? How much are you paying per month? I use T-Mobile home Internet service and pay $50 per month, month-to-month, no contract.

When I got sick of the company I was with charging me upwards of $170 a month for both TV (which I never watched) and the Internet, I started looking around. I didn't want contacts or to install any outside equipment and I wanted the lowest price I could find.

Well, T-Mobile Home Internet Service came through and won my business. I pay $50 a month and have great service. No hiccups or "there's an outage in your area!"

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