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Below you'll find a number of personal, self-care products I use and recommend. I hope they help you just the same.


Below, you'll find the one-and-only go-to dental care product, which I've been using for 20+ YEARS, to brush my teeth and gums with. Seriously, they say a lot of our health problems originate in the mouth. Well, wouldn't it be wise to use the best dental care product you could find? Well, like I said, for 20+ years, I've been brushing my teeth with ToothSoap® ...


Listen up, for 20+ years, I've been brushing my teeth with ToothSoap®. What's more, I've seen the dentist twice in 20+ years and have not had cavities, gum issues, enamel issues, etc. On top of that, I've eaten more chocolate chip cookies (and chocolate chips as a side treat) and more ice cream and berry pies and other sugary products than anyone you know combined! I indulge like such because I have an incurable sweet tooth (HAHA) and I have a metabolism that burns all those calories. Well, what does not benefit from those two traits of mine are my teeth and gums. To protect them, I need an amazing dental care product that works magic!

While I do have a rule for brushing my teeth (within 20 minutes) after every meal, there is no other dental, tooth-brushing product I would rather use on this planet than ToothSoap®. I will boldly say, I have never used tooth paste in the past 20+ years as regular tooth paste SUCKS! While ToothSoap® (for me) ROCKS!!!

I've introduced many of my friends and clients to ToothSoap® and they love how it makes their teeth feel CLEANER, THICKER, STRONGER and their gums HEALTHIER. So, despite what some naysayers say about it tasting like soap and not the sweet peppermint, spearmint or citrus (among many other) flavors ToothSoap® comes in, I'll brush my teeth with soap any day (and for the rest of my life) if I can avoid brushing with A.D.A.'s recommended fluoride crap caulk yuck tooth paste products they promote over-the-counter. They're bull in my personal experience and cannot touch the benefits ToothSoap® gives you. 

ToothSoap comes in several flavors: Peppermint (my favorite), spearmint, citrus (another favorite), fennel-mint, citrus, cinnamon, ginger, plain, jane (no essential oils), dragon's blood, plain jane, dragon's blood with cinnamon, salty-mint, everything (super concentrated 1 ounce), and clove bud.


When it comes to hair care, hair growth and helping to prevent hair loss, first, check out my FREE REPORT ON HAIR CARE & HAIR LOSS and then check out the following recommended hair care products below, which I've been using anywhere from 10-20+ years!

 NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake - 1 lb, Hair Protein Shake - French Vanilla Flavor - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement With Vitamins & Minerals  NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake - 1 lb, Hair Protein Shake - French Vanilla Flavor - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement With Vitamins & Minerals

I also use this product in conjunction with some other hair care / hair growth products (mentioned below) so that I don't over use the product, which lets me stretch the powder out over a month or two; you know, make it last because I don't use it every day. Anyhow, check out this product if you'd like to help grow healthy hair like I do. Again, I stand by this product immensely as I've been using it since the mid 90's.

NaturesPlus® Ultra Hair Thick Shake (French Vanilla Flavor)

Folks, I swear by this product. First of all, I've been using it since the 90's. Yes, 25+ years I've been using this product. If first found it at Mother's Market in Costa Mesa, CA on 17th street when that store was there. Now, they moved to 19th street and their original location is now a Sprouts store. Nonetheless, folks, if there's one product to get to help grow healthier, thicker hair, it's this product.

Ultra Hair is packed with all essential vitamins and nutrients that provide stronger and faster hair growth for men and women. Their formula offers a mega B-Complex with Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid, L-Cysteine, and Vitamins A and C. This Hair Growth Shake also includes enzymes, amino acids, and essential oils.

 NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake - 1 lb, Hair Protein Shake - French Vanilla Flavor - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement With Vitamins & Minerals

By the way, that photo above is a picture of all the latest empty cans I've kept to be able to take such a picture. I wanted to show you just how much I actually do love and use this product. Let's see, 12 canisters lasted me probably one year's worth or more of the powder. So, yeah, ROCK ON!!! I use this stuff! Imagine if I'd kept my first canister and every canister to date? That equal some approximately 300+ canisters I've purchased over 25+ years.

What I do is I'll have this shake 2-3 times per week. In fact, check out the actual recipe for that shake on this page of my cookbook here. Then, wait a day and the next day, your hair just looks healthier a bit fuller and well ... you're on your way to some healthy hair growth!

 NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake - 1 lb, Hair Protein Shake - French Vanilla Flavor - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement With Vitamins & Minerals
Hair Vitamins (Supports Hair Growth) Gummies (Biotin 5000mcg, Vitamin E & C)

Probably THE BEST TASTING hair care / growth gummy product on the market. I am not kidding you. If I could eat a handful of these or two or three in one sitting I would! Whoa! Like candy! But, reality hits in and this is a vitamin supplement and you can't do dat! 

So, here it is folks, my favorite Hair vitamin gummy that helps support healthy hair care and growth. You know, when I chew one of these gummies, I can feel it working on my hair already! So, give it a try. They're so inexpensive too. 

 NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake - 1 lb, Hair Protein Shake - French Vanilla Flavor - Healthy Hair Growth Supplement With Vitamins & Minerals

Just like the photo above of all those hair shake canisters, the above photo shows some of the empty bottles I've kept around to take a picture of this product, which I absolutely love. I want you to know I didn't get some endorsement from this company to promote this product. No. I actually do use this product A LOT and all on my own. So, rock on wit dat!

What's more, I like to alternate taking this hair gummy product every other day all while having a hair shake on alternative days to help mix up the hair products I consume. Make sense? Plus, it stretches out the product quantity over 45-60 days, which is cool.

Natrol Biotin Beauty (10,000mcg For Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails & Energy / 60 Strawberry-Flavored Fast Dissolve Tablets)

Another candy-like popping Biotin tablet, and I'm not kidding. Still, use restraint because these particular Biotin tablets taste like those sweet tart candies. (HAHA)

Anyhow, yes, I've taken these on and off for a very long time too. You can see, with the variety of hair care supplements and shake powders I take, I can make all of these products last me 60-90 days or more.

With these tablets, it's best to take them on an empty stomach and chew them completely and let them absorb completely orally. I've tried other Biotin tablets and this company makes the best.

KONIC 3-in-1 Vibrating Hair Growth Brush Scalp Massager Hair Regrowth & Detangling Brush

In addition to what you ingest into your body when it comes to hair care supplements, nutrients and vitamins, it's also vital that your scalp get stimulation and blood flow circulation with the help of a vibrating or massaging hair brush. I've used these for decades and they certainly do help stimulate blood flow to the scalp which carries all those nutrients, vitamins and minerals you just took.

Hot New Electric Vibrating Hair Brush Comb Massager

This brush takes two (2) AA batteries. Once your massaging hair brush is ready to go, massage your scalp with it for a few minutes each day. Massage the top, sides and front of your scalp. Then, repeat this for weeks, months, years on end and watch your scalp condition improve so your hair can grow, grow back, stay healthy, you name it. I've been using these massaging hair brushes for 25+ years. 

PURCHASING TIP: Buy a few of these at a time, if you can afford to do so. Over time, let's say a year or so, like all brushes, they get worn out and need replacing. So, because you'll already have a few on hand, you won't need to order them again and be without one. Make sense?

Extra Strength Biotin Shampoo (For Men and Women)

This is a great biotin shampoo to add in conjunction with your regular shampoo and conditioner you might also use. Use this one first, then proceed to your other shampoo and conditioner. I'll also only use this shampoo 2-5 times per week. This helps make it last awhile. About this item:

  • Hair regrowth tip → one of the easiest ways to avoid hair loss is to ditch that artificial hair growth shampoo with damaging sulfates and choose a biotin shampoo with gentler more natural ingredients.

  • Shampoo for thinning hair care → say hello to better volume with our moisturizing hair thinning shampoo made with rosemary and biotin hair vitamins for the appearance of thicker fuller and softer hair.

  • Biotin for men and women → go the extra mile for hair care with our volume shampoo brimming with B complex vitamins plus essential oils for hair in our ultimate extra strength hair enhancing formula.

  • Dry scalp care shampoo → enrich your scalp for gorgeous-looking locks with our biotin zinc shampoo for dry scalp for a visibly less flaky scalp thanks to ultra hydrating and nourishing jojoba oil.

  • Premium quality → extra strength biotin shampoo can help transform the way your hair looks thanks to a rich panel of natural ingredients and essential oils that cleanse and nourish from root to tip.

  • Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & Conditioner

    So, after YEARS of using another holistic brand shampoo (last ordered in 2013 on Amazon), and conditioner (last ordered in 2014 on Amazon), and seeing them be discontinued to date, at the time, I went on the hunt for their replacements. For me, what I found was at your local Trader Joe's store. It's their:

  • TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

  • TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

  • I know everyone's hair is different, but for me, these were the best shampoo and conditioner when it came to replacing what I had been using for 10+ years. Don't you hate it when your favorite product(s) stops getting distributed? That's what happened to the original shampoo and conditioner I was using. Joking aside, people used to tell me my hair looked so healthy and those who got close to touch it (HAHA) never felt hair so soft. So, go figure!

    Well, if you have a Trader Joe's in your area, head on over and pick up one of each and try them. No matter what you decide, just be sure your shampoo and conditioner is laureth sulphate free. Typically, those chemicals are found in all shampoos and conditioners sold over-the-counter at grocery stores, drug stores and salons. Stay away from those types of shampoos. They'll do more damage to your hair than anything else.


    Now, while my skin care is quite simple, being a guy, I would like to mention these two facial skin-care products I use that are super inexpensive, and yet ultra amazing when it comes to what they do for your skin. Check this out ...

    Tree of Life POWER TRIO for Brightening, Firming & Hydrating - Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serum & Hyaluronic Acid (Smoothes & Hydrates Skin - Reduces Dark Spots, Fine Lines, & Wrinkles)

    Another amazing facial skin care product that leaves your face smoother than smooth! I'll use each of these serums alternatively every other day. I really do make this bundle last 2-3 months sometimes. 

    Simply use the Vitamin C Serum followed by the Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning to visibly brighten, reduce dark spots, smooth, and hydrate the skin. Use the Retinol Serum followed by the Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the evening to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade the look of age spots, support elasticity, and soothe the skin.

    With 69,200+ 4.4 ★ Amazon reviews, I think it's easy to see thousands of others have also found great success with this skin-care product. I hope you will too. 

    CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 | Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen (Amazon.com)

    So, I was using this one product from Johnson & Johnson called Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion for my face, but it appears to be out of stock everywhere. Too bad and very sad! My Mom actually recommended that lotion to me about 20+ years ago. I started using it every other day or so (on my face) and before you know it, to date, people would ask me why my face looks so smooth. Well, I owe a lot of it to drinking a lot of water, eating well (i.e., lots of fruits/veggies/salads/juicing), working out (i.e., sweating a lot around my face and neck), low/no consumption of alcohol, no smoking, staying out of the sun, etc.

    What was nice about Purpose was that it came with a built-in sunscreen (SPF 10), which helped protect your skin as well from the sun's harmful rays. Well, sadly, Purpose is no longer in stock (anywhere) it seems. Darn!

    NOT TO WORRY! → I found an alternative (facial) lotion, which I'm using now called CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF30. So far so good. I use it on my face and neck primarily. Give it a try. 80,000+ folks have shared great results with it as well. 

    IF and WHEN Purpose does come back in stock, I'll go back to it. Here's the link for it being sold at Walmart where even they state it's out of stock.

    Trader Joe's Honey Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (Amazon.com)

    My favorite go-to shaving cream. Not much needs to be said about this Trader Joe's brand of shaving cream (made for both men and women).

    I've been using Trader Joe's Honey Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for 20+ years. Tried other brands, but I keep returning to this one.

    Because Trader Joe's doesn't sell anything online from their website, TraderJoes.com, I just linked to Amazon so you can read about it. If you have a Trader Joe's store in your area, just drive there and buy it off the shelf. At the store, it costs about $4 (+/-) per container. Not bad at all. I usually buy two at a time when I'm there. 

    If you must know, when I condition my hair with their Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, that's when I'll shave (in the shower). Convenient and multi-tasking at its best. (HAHA) Hey, hope it helps.


    Here are some simple recommendations for you to help you with fitness and weight-loss goals.

    Titan Fitness 4ft Olympic Curl Bar (200 LB Capacity) Cast Iron 2" Olympic Grip Plate (Multiple Weights)

    Here's the exact curl bar and weights I've got at home to do simple curls and over the head lifts.


    Here are some great fitness products I've used to help enhance your pre-workout prep, workouts, increase metabolism, control your hunger and appetite all while increasing your levels of testosterone and overall fitness results.

    Old School Labs Ultimate 2 Stage Pre-Workout for Explosive Energy Old School Labs Ultimate 2 Stage Pre-Workout for Explosive Energy

    Elevate your overall workout intensity and consistency by experiencing the innovation of our two-stage caffeine-release pre-workout; promotes continuous energy while ensuring a crash-free come down.

    Old School Labs Fat Burner (Preserve Lean Muscle & Burn Stubborn Fat) Old School Labs Fat Burner (Preserve Lean Muscle & Burn Stubborn Fat)

    Vintage Burn focuses on preserving your hard-earned muscle while speeding up the body’s metabolism to burn fat and only fat. Helps with hunger and cravings control; which helps keep calorie intake in check.

    Vintage Boost – Testosterone Booster for Men Vintage Boost – Testosterone Booster for Men

    Vintage Boost is a testosterone booster for men of all ages that supports improved physical and mental performance. It works synergistically with your body to increase stamina and drive.


    Here are some great products to help you with weight-loss, health and other dietary goals.

    Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood (Powder Smoothie Mix)

    Check out all the perks to this product:

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY DIGESTION → Our Greens Blend are thoughtfully crafted with a nutritious blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidants, fiber and pre and probiotics to support your overall digestive health to help you feel amazing.

  • CLEAN AND GREEN → Made with ingredients you can trust, our Greens Blend are Certified Organic by CCOF, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Kosher and Non GMO.

  • SUPPORTS IMMUNITY AND GUT HEALTH → Packed with two (2) full servings of wholesome fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in every scoop, our Greens Blend ensures you are getting the right amount of nutrients to support overall health and immunity.

  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOST → Packed with superfoods, our Greens Blend provides that extra boost to your day. With added probiotics, our Greens Blend promote healthy gut bacteria so you can feel your best!

  • ONE SCOOP A DAY → Whether it is starting your day off on the right foot or for an afternoon pick me up, our Greens Blend are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse (45 Servings)

    Talk about "cleaning you out!" Well, this product sure will do just that! Super Colon Cleanse helps with the elimination of toxins in the colon. It's also a natural stimulant that encourages peristalsis. Super Colon Cleanse also supports optimal toxin elimination, helps reduce bloating, provides probiotics, and helps regulate bowel movements.

    Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse, 45 Servings