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Talk To Bart Smith

Would you like to talk to Bart Smith personally? Imagine being able to talk to Bart 1-on-1 about any topic you wish, ALMOST! (HAHA) If this sounds like something you'd like, then choose from the options below, purchase which method of communication you'd like and wait for Bart to respond with a confirmation in regards to the time/date you'll both connect, whether it's by phone, Zoom or a simple video message! It's all up to you!

DO NOTE: These calls take on a more personal aspect, and not so much business consulting or business advice. Rates for business consultations differ from just speaking to Bart on a personal level. If that makes sense.


Have a ONE (1) HOUR Call

Bart will call you or whoever you tell him to call (i.e., friend, relative, etc.) for a phone call (up to one hour). Just tell Bart who to call, what number to call, the best day/time to call, etc. after your payment is made. Then, your call will happen within 3-5 days according the date and time you book with Bart!

Pay $50 For This Now

Talk via ZOOM (Face-To-Face)

Bart will call you via Zoom and you can speak to him face-to-face for up to one hour. Just tell Bart the best day/time of day, etc. after payment, and your Zoom call will happen within 3-5 days of your request. An eMail will be sent to confirm your Zoom call! Once confirmed, you'll be Zooming soon!

Pay $50 For This Now


Get a short video message from Bart Smith! Perfect for birthdays, holiday greetings or just to make someone's day; perhaps even yours! Simply provide your video request details to Bart after payment, and Bart will have 3-5 days to complete your request. Once your video is done, you'll receive it!

Pay $25 For This Now


#1: Choose which option above that best suits your desire to talk to Bart Smith. Is it over the phone? Over a Zoom video call? Would you just like Bart to send you (or someone) a video message?

#2: Prepay for your time by clicking the "Pay $XX For This Now" button and prepay via PayPal or a credit card. Wanna pay by Venmo or Cashapp? Contact Bart about it here.

#3: Set the date and time, which will be provided to you after you fill in a simple web form after payment and Bart reaches out to you prior to your call.

From there, Bart will receive your payment and information and you'll speak one-on-one with the Bartman within 7 days and according to a time/date that's available to you both.

NOTE: Prices are subject to go up at any time. So, lock in these prices and get your request in soon! If for any reason Bart cannot complete your request, your payment will be refunded promptly.