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Business Services Offered By Bart Smith


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Check out my YouTube consulting and setup services to help your business navigate the world of online video and YouTube. I’ll provide precision guidance on video content strategy, channel optimization, and audience engagement, ensuring a strong and successful YouTube presence. I'll help you create a "YouTube Business Plan," a list of videos to create, we'll discuss video recording/editing software and equipment and so much more.

See anything in the list above that I can help you with? Contact me and we'll talk on the phone, maybe have a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible.

“Not only did Bart rebuild my website, which I needed to have done so badly, when I found out Bart also consulted clients in regards to YouTube, I had to tell him my struggles. Let's just say, he taught me MORE than I could ever pay him for. I now know how to design better thumbnails for my videos, how to come up with more content for my channel, titles to use, video equipment to use, software to use and how to use it (thanks, Bart) ... I mean, the list goes on. Bart does not mess around and if you see what he's done with his YouTube channel and other clients he's helped? You just need to get in line and work with Bart if you want your YouTube channel to take off!!!!!" — Wanda Allen, FollowupSalesStrategies.com


Need a website presence? Whether you need a new website, landing page, or just get your current website revamped, I’ve got you covered. Explore my website design services. Perhaps you’re an author, speaker, coach or business owner and need a website. Well, let's talk.

I can also show you how to update your own website so you can feel you have control over it after I build it. I also wear many hats (i.e., skill sets), as you can see, when you work with me. You can look forward to working with a seasoned expert and professional like no other.

See anything in the list above that I can help you with? Contact me and we'll talk on the phone, maybe have a Zoom call, share screens (via Zoom) and see what's possible.

Bart built me the most amazing website I have ever seen. You need to see it to believe it. We added video, audio, order forms, photo gallery, a media room, sample interviews, my book(s) so I could sell them, my online class, ways to talk to me (for pay), he took all my pictures and helped me with video, ... folks, I could go on, but you need to see what's possible with your website. Be prepared, it's a BIG WEBSITE! Thank you, Bart!!!!!!!!” — ChefLele.com (Celebrity Cake Baker)


Need help with a book project? Is this your first book? Second book? Will this be a book you want to publish in print (paperback), eBook or both? I’ve helped many take their book project from “idea” to “fruition” within a couple of weeks, in most cases. I’ll design the covers (front/back/spine), design the interior page layout, add photos, among other aspects when it comes to designing books. Check out ReallyFastBooks.com for more info on how I produce books really fast and you can too.

Book Title & Table Of Contents Consult

I’m excellent at generating book ideas for you, including a title, cover artwork, table of contents and your first writing assignment.

Print Book Layout & Cover Design

I can design your book for you, both inside and out. That includes the interior layout and front/back cover designs of your book so you can send them to the printer.

eBook Layout & Cover Design

I can design your eBook for you, inserting images, linking table of content titles to their respective pages, and more. Your eBook can be published on Kindle and via SmashWords.com. I’ll even show you how you can sell and deliver your eBook from your website after the customer buys it.

Book Editing Services

Need someone to proof your book/eBook? Everyone, including myself, needs to have someone else look at our work to be sure we catch any errors, mistakes, bloopers, misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, you name it.

“Interview Me” Questions/Web Page

If you plan on promoting your book, and you plan to do so with interviews, you’ll need a list of 10-15 questions about you and your book. Can you do that? Need help? Then, you’ll need a web page on your site that showcases those questions and other information about you so people can interview you with ease! “Help them do their job!”, as I always say.

Author / Books On Website

Do you need a website to promote yourself as an author? Maybe you just need your books placed on your website so you can sell them.

Interview Training & Preparation

Once you have your interview questions done and your interview web page up on your website, you might feel you need practice being interviewed so you can nail it every time you give an interview. Interviewing is a learned skill with training.

“Hands down, you will never find anyone better to work with on your book/eBook than Bart. Bart helped me get my book done in ... ONE WEEKEND! Literally, I wrote a book in 2 days with Bart's help! He helped me come up with the table of contents, gave me his Google doc book template to dump all my content into and within 48 hours, my book was ready for him to design the interior pages, design the front/back covers and then submit those files to Amazon. Twenty-four (24) hours later, I was a published author. No one (that I know of) knows book writing like Bart does. Having written 27 books himself, can you just imagine the kind of book publishing experience you'll have if you work with Bart?” — Leisa Reid, GetSpeakingGigsNow.com


Recording, editing and mixing audio is something I’m very good at. Many people tell me I have that "radio voice," which is great for recording audio. I’ve recorded OVER 100 HOURS of audio, which includes 15+ books, video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials with my spoken voice in them, and from all that … I’ve learned a lot about recording, editing and mixing audio. How can I help you with your audio needs?

Audio Recording & Voice-Over Services

Would you like me to record your book or other written work with my voice? I’ll record it, edit and return professional MP3 files for your use in selling from your website or uploading to other websites that sell audio on several different platforms. I can record short messages, commercial scripts, eLearning/instructional scripts, full audiobooks, you name it. Listen to my voice-over samples here and my audio books on my YouTube channel.

Audio Recording Training

If you've never recorded audio before, I can train you to do so that you're audio recordings are professional sounding and you're confident in your voice. There's a lot that goes into audio recording, and I know just how to train you so that you come out a recording expert from start to finish.

“I thought recording audio was going to be easy. Was I wrong! Bart showed me how to record like a pro instead of sounding like an amateur. He also showed me how to edit my own recordings in audio recording software which I now have installed on my computer. No going into some pricey studio to record anything anymore for me. What's more, Bart is a great audio recording coach. He's patient, spot on with his audio recording sounding suggestions and ... well, I just can't say enough about BART'S AUDIO COACHING! In fact, just listen to his voice and you can tell he knows what he's talking about when he shows you how to record great audio every time.” — Todd Woods, Franchise Consultant

Todd Woods, Franchise Consultant


We all know video is a must-have in today’s world of video marketing and sharing your message and what you do. So? Are you on video? Have you video recorded anything yet? Is it time you … “Got On Video?” Let’s talk. Not only should you be in video, your products/services should be explained in video, your business should be in video … Here are a number of services I can perform for you that involve video.

“Get On Video” (Coaching & Filming)

Isn’t it time you GET ON VIDEO or maybe your product? I’ve got the equipment/software and can record/coach you so your video rocks!

“Rock Star On Video” Coaching

Are you shy when it comes to you getting on video? Do you need a little help and coaching when it comes to you getting on video? Perhaps I can help. I’ll see that your message about your product, services or offer comes across like a rock star professional!

Video Tours & Trailers

Do you have a book, website, product or service you’d like showcased on video? Look at some of my video tours/trailers and contact me.

Video Tutorials

Do you have software or something you’d like video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials to help train, teach or share with your customers, employees, or? Let me know.

Video Advertising & Marketing

Marketing and selling with video is a must today. Are you doing it? Why not? Talk to me about getting your product, service or other message out there in video format when it comes to marketing it across platforms like YouTube and other social media giants with video.

“When I told Bart I wanted more exposure for my coaching services, he asked me how I was using video to get the message out about my services. I told him, ‘I don’t have any video!’ Well, we went right to work video recording a number of video messages. Bart is so great to work with when it comes to video. From directing, crafting your pitch, setting up your home studio, what to say, what not to say, suggestions on your look/attire ... Bart really does cover it all. I've never met anyone with more video recording expertise than Bart.” — Noa Schecter, Personal & Business Coach, NoasCoaching.com


What do coaches do best? They help take you to new levels of achievement that you couldn't necessarily do on your own. Do we all need a coach? Absolutely! Should I be your coach? Absolutely! Well, I'll ay this, I know I can help you in so many ways when it comes to seeing the big picture; working on what's important; instructing you on what to do now, next and after that; technically / business-wise / marketing-wise and such, I will bring so much to your world I have been known to actually melt people's brains ... and so much more. Let's talk, shall we?


Can I assist you in the form of brainstorming or sound boarding, which might help discover steps to reach the finish line. Two heads work better than one, right? Let’s give it a try. In 15-30 minutes we can discover (for FREE, no charge) if I can be of assistance to you. Anytime I’ve worked with folks in the past, they never wanted to get off the phone with me, or couldn’t sleep that night with all the ideas and direction they got. Will that be you? Let’s find out, shall we? My coaching style is relaxed, confident, yet hard-hitting (where it counts) in regards to the subjects you want to cover for the maximum level of success and benefit to you. There is no coach like me. Some sessions last a few hours, some a few weeks, or more.

The Coaches’ Coach

Having written Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make, and designed 14 coaching client forms, agreements, logs and contracts, you can just imagine how much I have to share with you when it comes to honing your coaching business into a sharper model for finding more clients, streamlining coaching processes, and making more money as a coach. Let’s talk …

Coaching Forms

Would you like help customizing my coaching client forms for your coaching business? I can even help put them on your website and give you some training on how to use them.

“I’ve known Bart for almost 20+ years now. During that time, he’s been my website consultant, audio recording consultant, marketing consultant, business consultant, staff trainer, a good friend, and if there’s anyone I trust when it comes to my business, Bart’s the man to go to. Rich with knowledge and insight, there’s no one like Bart. Work with him at your own risk of exploding your mind with ideas, precision guidance and motivation.” — Dr. Andrea Purcell, NMD, PortalToHealing.com


Photography is a must if you want to come across as personable to the world from your website, social media platform accounts, etc. What do you need to have photographed? For many, they need headshots, actions shots, photographs with props in their hands (i.e., a book, clipboard, microphone, etc.). The problem is, most people can't take their own pictures, most photographers are too expensive and most photographers really don't tell you how to pose, how to smile, and what angles to photograph you posing in. PERIOD. Well, not to worry, that's where I come in.

Photography Services

Do you need pictures of yourself for your website, a book, poster, business card, or … ? Do you need updated photos? Let’s do a photo shoot of you, where I’ll capture head shots of you, action shots and other photographs, perhaps of you holding your book or other products/props to showcase what you do. Maybe your place of business, employees, products or the services you provide need to be photographed? Let’s check it out. Those same photos can be used on your website and in high-resolution print products, such as, brochures, catalogs, postcards, business cards, menus, … you name it! If any of this rings true with you, or you have other photographic needs, contact me. Let’s talk about pictures!

Carmen Y. Williams (CarmenNotary.com)

“Who knew Bart is also an amazing photographer! I needed a website, business cards and some other marketing materials, for which I didn't even have any recent photographs of myself. When Bart said, 'No problem, I'll take your pictures,' I didn't know he was such a pro at taking pictures as well. We took actions shots of me notarizing documents for my notary business, a few headshots, some full body shots and some other photos to help depict what I do when I notarize documents. Talk about your one-stop shop! Bart, you're the best! Everyone loves the photos you took of me." — Carmen Y. Williams, CarmenNotary.com


Are you a speaker? Do you speak and give presentations? How’s that going? Are there certain aspects to your coaching or consulting profession you'd like to turn into a presentation or training topic? If you're like me, you like to use speaking, training and presenting as a means to generate leads for your business, earn extra income from selling products/services to audience members, etc. Well, check out some of my speaker services I have to offer if you think you'd like my help in the area of speaking, presenting and training. For example, I may be able to help you with:

Speaker Handouts

Depending on the presentation I give, I love to give out fill-in-the-blank handouts that prompt audiences to follow along point by point in my speech. Not only do they absorb your content better, YOU get a quasi-cheat sheet to follow along throughout your presentation. “Okay, #7 … let’s talk about …” It’s that easy. Plus, your audience gets to go home with awesome notes when they filled in the blanks on your handout. They’re relatively easy to generate per topic. I’ll show you how when we work together on this.

Speaker Slides

Do you need PowerPoint slides for your presentation? What are you speaking about? Perhaps I can help. Have you used PowerPoint before? Do you know how to use it? I can show you how.

Presentation Delivery Style/Evaluation

How well do you think you present your material? Do you think you’re an effective speaker? Do you think you have stage presence? Do you think you rock and/or persuade audiences well enough? Do you sell well from the stage? All these things and more, we can discuss when we train to ensure you become a confident and successful speaker!

Presentation Outlines

What are you speaking on or need to speak on that you need help organizing your speaking points into an outline you can easily follow so your presentation is a total success? Talk to me.

Sample Speaking Video Recordings

Do you need samples of you speaking so you can showcase your speaker services to companies and speaker bureaus? Contact me.

Speaker Video Recording

Do you need to video record your speech? Depending on what size of venue you’re speaking in, maybe I can help.

Speaker Handouts

Need a speaker website? How about a fill-in-the-blank (speech topic) handout to give to your audience? I can help.

“I’ve spoken professionally for the past 2+ decades and at colleges across the USA. When Bart accompanied me to a speech I gave in Kansas a few years back, little did I know he was more prepared for my speech than I was. He asked if I had handouts, books to sell in the back of the room, a name+eMail sheet to collect the names of people in my audience who wanted to join my list, and … was I going to film it? I was more worried about my speech and winning the favor of those I was talking in front of to be booked to speak at their colleges. Bart helped me with so many aspects of my presentation and then to my surprise, whipped out his video camera and started filming every speech I gave that week! I still use those videos today to secure new speaking gigs. Every time I find a video of myself on YouTube speaking at that past event, I think of Bart. That video wouldn’t have been possible if Bart didn’t film it. Bart, you cease to surprise me as to what you’re capable of doing to help people!” — Hasani Pettiford, Relationship Expert, TV Personality


To me, getting interviewed about what you do, or a book you wrote, is one of the best ways to promote yourself. I love doing interviews because, in most cases, it means FREE PUBLICITY for you. With interviews, you get the chance to share what you do, oftentimes at no cost to you, and in front of thousands (even millions) of people. You’re interviewed by someone who typically respects you or is at least curious as to what you think, what your opinion is and wants to acknowledge you for who you are and what you do. 

Get interviewed enough and before you know it, you’ll be asked to be interviewed on bigger and bigger podcast shows, radio shows and TV shows. The challenge for most people is that they’ve never been interviewed before, don’t know how to prepare for an interview and need coaching on the activity of coaching, let alone how to go about securing interviews. Well, that’s where I come in … again!

Interview Training & Rehearsals

Have you ever been interviewed before? Are you ready? There’s an art and essential prep to getting (and being) interviewed. We can train together so you will be confident when getting interviewed. The rehearsals we'll conduct will get you ready like never before.

Interview Questions Creation

Do you have a hard time coming up with questions to be asked when it comes to a potential interview? In record time, you and I can brainstorm on what questions to ask you. When we're done, you'll feel so confident to get interviewed because you know the questions ahead of time.

Interview Acquisition

Need help finding interviews? What to say to them? It’s actually not that difficult. I can spend time with you showing you how I do it, what I say, how I get them to say, “YES, I’D LOVE TO INTERVIEW YOU!” and then, bam! You’re getting interviews off the hook!

“Interview Me” Questions Page

If you plan on promoting your book, and you plan to do so with interviews, you’ll need a list of 10-15 questions about you and your book. You’ll need a web page on your website that showcases those questions and other information about you so people can interview you with ease!

Interview Preparation/Readiness

Are you prepared to be interviewed? Are you about to go on a big podcast, radio or TV show to be interviewed? Are you ready? Is your website ready? Sales channels ready? Let’s do an audit of all that and more before you get interviewed.

“Take it from me, having interviewed more than 18,000 celebrities, politicians, business owners and others, I can give you the stamp of approval that Bart is an excellent media and publicity interview coach. I’ve heard Bart get interviewed on podcasts and radio, and let me tell you, he’s a natural at it. If you could learn to interview like Bart, wow, you’d be ready to be interviewed on some of the biggest radio/TV stations in the country. In doing so, you'd also expose your brand, book or what you do to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. That's powerful. Bart has the ability to train you for that level." — Gayl Murphy, “The Celebritizer” (InterviewTactics.com)


These services mainly focus on preparing you for the media, getting your website ready to get media attention, getting you the exposure you need to those who work in TV and who might invite you onto their show as a guest, being the expert you are, in your chosen field. Whether you're an author, expert, storyteller or professional, TV and radio shows need guests like you. I know for myself, getting on television and on a regular basis will help me reach higher numbers of prospects and help me with branding. Do you think the same way? Then, let’s talk to see how I can help you reach your Media/TV goals.

Website Media/Press Room

Does your website have a media room or press room? These sections help get you interviews. I can help by building you a press room!

Interview Training & Rehearsals

It goes without saying again, have you ever been interviewed before? Are you ready? There’s an art and essential prep to getting (and being) interviewed. If there’s one marketing activity you could spend most of your time doing, it’s getting in front of the media so they can expose you to thousands, if no millions, of potential prospects for what you have to offer.

TV/Radio Guest Publicity / Listing

Do you want to be on TV? Are you ready? How do you get on a TV show? Hire an expensive publicist? OR, purchase a directory listing on my website, TVGuest.com. Once you do, you’ll be in front of potentially thousands of TV (and other) producers, directors, hosts and those in charge of booking experts like you for their show(s).

"I've worked in TV and directed professional video commercials for 10+ years and when I told Bart I was going to be on TV in Las Vegas, NV in a few weeks, he asked me if I was ready. I knew I needed a landing page, which he built for me, but what else did I need? Well, we collaborated on turning my TV appearances into something more than I thought it could be. Bart's got a knack for TV guest appearances and TV publicity coaching that I never knew he had." — Mellissa Tong, Award-Winning Director/Producer & On Camera "Storytelling" Video Coach, DuckPunk.net