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Payment Processing Video Tutorials

Whether you do business online or offline, you'll need to know the myriad of ways you can accept payment form your clients and customers. Well, here are a number of video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials below that can help each you how to do just that.


Video Tutorials


Do you have VENMO? It's a free phone app that lets you pay friends and family using money you have in Venmo or in your bank account via debit card.

Venmo works like the CASH app and is just an alternative payment method to have available to you when you need to send/receive money to/from people.

I have VENMO and Cash app for when people want to pay me with either.


Video Tutorials


Do you have the CASH app? Millions of people do and you should too.

It links to your bank account and allows you to send/receive money to/from people instantly and deposit those monies right into your bank account instantly (for a 1% fee) or within a few days for no charge. My clients use it to pay me and I use it to send money to my Mom.

Really, I do! Let me show you how to get it installed on your phone, add your bank account and then send/request money from people.


Video Tutorials


If you have a PayPal account (or need to get one) this tutorial will walk you through all the basics and a few essentials.

Once you know how to use your PayPal account, you'll be able to send people payment links, add a pay button to your website so people can buy from you and much more.

PayPal Here

"Credit Card Reader"

Video Tutorials


Do you need to collect credit card payments when you're out in the field, such as at an event, seminar or a networking party?

With PayPal's credit card reader and point of sale mobile app, you can accept credit card payments for product, event attendance, and for services you render.

Here's how to do all of that and more!

Payment Link

Video Tutorials


Does someone owe you money? How about a client? For years, I've created and send people what I call "payment links" to help them pay me.

Simply, it's a link connected to my shopping cart (or other payment option) that lets people pay you on their own time so you don't have to bug them to pay you.

Here, I'll show you what I mean, and when I do, you'll be sending payment links to people who owe you money too.

Payment Link Video Tutorials by Bart SmithVideo Tutorials by Bart Smith

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