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Are you using Coaching Client Forms in your coaching business?

Are you using Bart's Coaching Client Forms in your coaching business with your Clients?

by Bart Smith

Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Decatur, GA'
  • I knew I needed coaching forms and agreements when I started my coaching business. The problem was, there were no forms available for standard coaching needs and did I really want to spend the time creating them? Drafting contracts and agreements can be a very daunting task for anyone who isn’t familiar with drafting contracts. So, I looked online and that’s when I found Bart’s coaching forms. I couldn’t find anyone who had as many contracts for sale, in a bundle and with such detail as Bart’s bundle of forms. I’m so glad I bought them. Customizing them was a cinch, and actually a lot of fun.” — Ann Dillard, KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Decatur, GA

  • Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs a set of customized coaching/client agreement/assessment forms to help run a successful coaching business.

    Because many coaches, and those who aspire to be coaches, don’t have these forms or know how or what to create them, I have taken the time to create (and share) the forms that I use in my businesses.

    Are you a coach? Have you ever thought of instituting a series of coaching client forms, agreements, logs and other documents that could really help organize and bolster your coaching business, especially in the eyes of your clients?

    Peruse the following list of coaching forms. I created this sequence of forms to help you manage every move your coaching business makes.

    1. Welcome Letter

    2. Coaching Client Agreement

    3. Client Intake Form

    4. Client Self-Assessment Form

    5. Free Coaching Gift Certificates

    6. Free Coaching Session Agreement

    7. Coaching Session Preparation Form

    8. Coaching Session Summary Forms

    9. Client Call Record (For The Coach)

    10. The Wheel Of Life Form

    11. Goals & Action Questions

    12. Coaching Period Summary Forms

    13. Client Feedback/Testimonial Form

    14. Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

    You can learn more about these forms and how to purchase the 14-form bundle here at MTC by clicking on the button below:

    Angela H., Waxhaw, NC
  • Talk about time-saving, Bart’s coaching client forms are exactly what I needed to add that extra touch of organization and professionalism to my current coaching business. I looked online and found Bart’s forms to be the most detailed and extremely affordable. For the amount of time, work and know-how Bart must have put into creating these forms (line-by-line, word-by-word), compared to the time I saved drafting them from scratch myself? Wow, thank you, Bart. Fine work and I appreciate what you’ve done for me and my coaching business greatly.” — Angela H., Waxhaw, NC