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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)


Would you like Bart Smith to be your personal coach? Then, choose from the coaching topics below, learn Bart's coaching format, then reach out to him to get started!


• Book Writing coaching ...

YouTube Channel coaching ...

• Media / Publicity coaching ...

 Rich Coach coaching ...

 Lethal Confidence coaching ...

 Personal B.S. (Life) coaching ...

 Relationship coaching ...

 Fantasy Boyfriend coaching ...


Coaching sessions take place via the following formats:

• Zoomtelephone or in-person ...

• 1-3 hours per coaching session ...

• Single or multiple sessions ...

Customized coaching is also available. Let’s discuss!

Knowing what's available when it comes to coaching with Bart, now scroll down the page to learn more about the type(s) of coaching you'd be interested in and learn how to start coaching with Bart as soon as possible.

Popular & Exciting Coaching Topics with Bart Smith, Personal Coach
Get Help Writing A Book "Really Fast" Like Bart & Let Bart Be Your Book Coach

Bart Smith (Book Writing Coach)

Want to write a book? Don't know where to start? Need an idea for a book? Is your book partly started? How about the table of contents? Need help with that? Book writing structure and flow? How about just getting started?

Having written 27 books and helped others with their books, I think we can whip up everything needed to write your book "really fast" like I write mine and get you published faster than you could ever imagine.

YouTube 1-On-1 Coaching, Channel Setup & Consulting

Bart Smith (Your YouTube Coach)

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you maximizing its use to help you generate exposure, leads and sales for what you do? With my help, we just might put you on that course faster than you could ever do on your own.

Even without looking at your channel, I already have ideas (for you) to rock your channel like I do mine! Take a look at my YouTube channel and imagine the potential you'll have with yours if you let me coach you. 

Enhance Your Coaching Business With Bart Smith's "Rich Coach" Coaching For Coaches

Bart Smith (The Coaches' Coach)

Are you a coach (or aspire to become one) who needs help establishing your fees, creating coaching packages, coming up with multiple streams of income or marketing ideas to find/enroll clients? Are you working with clients one-on-one properly? Are you using my coaching client forms to run a successful coaching business?

Well, no matter how you answer those questions, my coaching you in these areas (and more) are like no other.

Get Ready To Rock The Media With Your Media, Publicity & Interview Preparedness With My Media Coaching

Bart Smith (Your Publicity Coach)

Getting interviewed and taking advantage of free publicity is the best way to get your name out there for FREE and get people introduced to what you do and how you can help them. Free publicity can also help you generate more leads, more clients, more sales, more exposure and much more.

The question is, are you ready to take advantage of all this free media publicity? Maybe not. Well, not to worry. I can help you get ready just like I am so you too can make the most of all the free publicity that awaits you.

Do You Lack Confidence? Would You Like More? How About A LOT MORE? How About Lethal Confidence?

Bart Smith (Lethal Confidence Coach)

Are you seeking to improve your confidence so you can get more out of life? Who wouldn't! Where do you think you would be in life if you could have LETHAL CONFIDENCE like Me?

Confidence is literally the fuel that drives every decision in life. "Should I or shouldn't I? I don't know. Maybe. I'm afraid. What if ... " STOP! WHAT kind of indecisiveness and negative self-talk is that? No, you need my LETHAL CONFIDENCE coaching if you find yourself talking like that more than not.

Eradicate Personal B.S. From Your Life With Bart's Laser Sharp Personal B.S. Coaching

Bart Smith (Personal B.S.-Busting Coach)

So, what kind of B.S. are you putting up with in your life that's causing you to not enjoy life so much? Could it be personal B.S., family B.S., work B.S., health B.S.??? I mean, there are a lot of forms of B.S. folks experience that make them sad, hurt, depressed, fatigued, feel inadequate, not enough ... you name it!

The trick is to isolate the B.S., implement solutions to eradicate such B.S. from your life so you can live your life B.S.-FREE ... like Me! A B.S.-FREE life brings about more fun, happiness, satisfaction and respect than any other type of existence.

Relationship Coaching with Bart Smith

Bart Smith (Relationship Coach)

How's your love life? Where are you on your journey to finding the one for you? Would you like to talk to someone about the state of your relationship status? 

Having written seven books on relationships, for the benefit of both men and women, there's a great chance I have a lot to say to help you improve your situation, outlook, confidence and chance at finding love in this crazy whack world. 

Open to singles and couples of all ages.

Fantasy Boyfriend Coaching with Bart Smith

Bart Smith (Relationship Coach)

Ladies, this form of coaching is very specific to you. For those women who would like to talk to a man about dating, relationships, and (ehem) more, this form of coaching is for you. Guys will find it insightful from the perspective of how best to love the lady in their life.

Based on my book, Fantasy Boyfriend, men and women can find this type of coaching and conversational dialogue extremely insightful, entertaining, comforting, relaxing and informative all at the same time. 

Both men and women have told me the after our talk(s) they felt more relaxed, smiling and just feeling better about themselves and that special someone in their life (if they have one). If this sounds like something you'd like to experience, well, then Fantasy Boyfriend coaching might be for you.