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"Absolutely, I'D LOVE TO STAR IN YOUR NEXT COMMERCIAL," or well, at least be part of it, right? Take your pick:

  • AUDITION ME for a part in your commercial ...

  • - OR - 

  • CONSULT WITH ME regarding your commercial ...

  • How about BOTH? No matter which you choose, I'm sure I can help you with your next advertising and/or commercial creation needs.

    Unsure where to start? Not sure what to say? I've got ya covered. In almost seconds, well maybe minutes, after hearing what you want to sell, promote or tell your audience, I'll come up with just the right language, tone and wording that will leave a lasting impact on the minds of your intended audience.

    The goal? For them to take some kind of memorable ACTION! Right? Exactly! If this sounds of interest to you, then reach out to my office to start the conversation rolling on what you need and how I can help.