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Can I Write A Book For You REALLY FAST?

Can I Write A Book For You REALLY FAST?

by Bart Smith

When it comes to writing a book, many people don’t know where to start, how to start and the actual aspect of writing a whole book isn’t something they’re even comfortable with or would like to do. No worries, that’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Someone who will write your book for you.

Depending on the book you’d like written, hiring a ghostwriter can be very expensive though. How much? Ghostwriters charge anywhere between $5,000 on up to $150,000. I know, that’s A LOT! But, they know what they’re doing, they’re good at writing, and their job is to create a money-making product (in the form of a book and other spin-off products and money-making ideas) for you that can literally last you a lifetime. Hence why they charge what they do.

What kind of book can I write for you?

Having written 18 self-help, non-fiction books covering a wide variety of genres from business, marketing, networking, motivation, relationships, personal growth and development, a cookbook, etc., for me (i.e., someone who likes using books to generate amazing exposure, free publicity, extra income from book/audio/eBook sales, instant credibility in my field of experience, spin-off products/services (for more income), among other reasons …) I like to help my clients write the following types of books REALLY FAST:

  • HOW-TO Books

  • REGRETS Books

  • MISTAKES Books

  • FAQ Books




  • Typically, with these books, I don’t take 6 months to write one. Instead, I can write these kinds of books in 6 weeks or less. You see, I like to write books today that are under 80 pages, quick reads, filled with valuable learning information for readers to consume, and then some.

    How much does it cost for me to write a book for you?

    Well, that depends on the subject matter covered in the book, how many pages it might turn out to be, how much research is required, how many back-and-forth readings are we doing, … among other factors. Again, depending on the book and depending on how fast I can either do the research for you (or take your research, edit it, and put it in book format/writing), we can discuss the price for such a book on the phone.

    For example, I wrote a self-assessment book for a client and I finished it in a week. I charged her under $1,000 because of the speed at which I got the book done. She was super happy and I got her to the printer pronto! Some books require more time and might be priced above $1,000. It all depends.

    Is it worth it to spend $1,000 +/- to have me write your book? Let me put it to you this way, if you can make an extra $10,000 (in some way, shape or form) because you have a book which can promote you, your services, online/offline courses (based on the book), the audio version for sale, eBook version for sale, bundled products you can create, etc., … wouldn’t you think that would be a wise investment?

    Otherwise, what will you do? Spend $1,000 on ads only to find out that your $1,000 went down the drain after those ads ran out? If you conduct 15-45 (or more) interviews per year based on your book and reach upwards of 100,000+ people, those people and future ones will hear your interviews for the life of that show, so long as they keep your interview in their archives. That’s a long-term investment worth spending money on. Plus, all the video messages you can create from your book? Those videos last a lifetime on most video sharing websites.

    What’s more, the same book, YEARS LATER, can still be making you money, establishing your credibility and so much more!

    How do we get started if you wanted me to write a book for you?

    First, we have a phone conversation about the kind of book you’d like to write after you contact me through my website. Based on our conversation, I can surmise how we get started, if we can, what we need to get started, how much it might cost, how much money you might need to put down as a deposit for me to get started and so forth.

    We’d then stay in communication daily/weekly as I made progress on your book. I’d probably write the book inside a Google document so you can see what I’m writing and see how it’s coming along. Don’t be alarmed if hours go by and you don’t see anything. I’m probably sleeping. HAHA I like to write at night when others are sleeping. PLUS, sometimes, I need time to research topics and ponder thoughts and ideas on what to write about. That’s just how the writing process goes.

    That said, I would treat your book like one of my own. They’d get top notch attention, care and input when it comes to what goes into a book. In fact, I don’t even mind, and would even encourage it, if you wanted to contribute something to your own book. I’d work with you on certain sections and even help you write for those sections. You might start writing something and then I’d swing in at some point and contribute to what you wrote. In the end, you’d see magic come alive on the screen as I take what you wrote and make it even better-sound/reading.

    How does giving (me) credit work? Does my name go in your book?

    It doesn’t have to. I don’t need credit or even for people to know I wrote it. After you read the book I wrote for you, you’ll become so close to the material that you might begin to say to yourself, “Wow, I could have written this. It’s just so well written!” That said, you’re free to give me credit inside an Acknowledgements section. That’d be fine. “Thank you, Bart for all your help in helping me to self-publish my first/next book. I couldn’t have done it without you.” See? That wasn’t that bad. HAHA

    Are you ready to become an author? Want my help?

    Let me know if you’d like my help writing a book for you. We’d set up a phone call, we’d discuss the kind of book you’d like (me) to write for you, I’d share my ideas, thoughts, feedback and pricing, and from there, we’d both decide if this is a good fit for us, and if it’s something that works in your budget financially and mind with my time. So, let me know, alright