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Interview Bart Smith About His Book 150 Mistakes Coaches Make

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make

STOP Wasting Your Time, Losing Money & Maximize Your True Potential As A Personal / Business Coach

by Bart Smith

What do they say about mistakes? They happen, right? Well, for coaches, we can’t let too many mistakes happen or else we’ll be out of business before we could say, “Whoops, I won’t do that again.”

Why be concerned about making mistakes? Isn’t failure feedback? Sure it is, but for coaches, minimizing the amount of times we fail or make mistakes will help keep us on track with our own goals as coaches, keep clients and prospects flowing in, keep clients moving towards their own goals with our help, and above all, keep our coaching businesses operating at optimal capacity.

Now, if you don’t watch out for them, well, you know what can happen: CONSEQUENCES = OUCH!


So, the following common mistakes happen to all coaches at one time or another. As coaches, we must constantly be on the lookout for some of these mistakes and do our best to try to avoid them.

PART 1: Business Mistakes

PART 2: Coaching/Client Mistakes

PART 3: Communication Mistakes

PART 4: Education & Training Mistakes

PART 5: Marketing Mistakes

PART 6: Mindset Mistakes

PART 7: Money-Making Mistakes

PART 8: Personal Mistakes

PART 9: Social Media Mistakes

PART 10: Website Related Mistakes

Whether you are a seasoned coach or new to coaching, my hope is that you will learn something new (or be reminded about something to watch out for) from this book to help you be even more successful in your coaching business pursuits!


Bart Smith, is the author of  Rich Coach Broke Coach , a 250+ page (workbook size) business, marketing and money-making manual for coaches. Having authored 27 books so far, having worked with coaches over the past 20 years, Bart saw hundreds of mistakes coaches were making, and so as a result, he wrote 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : What inspired you to write a book like 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make?

Q2 : Where did you get the material or learn about these mistakes coaches make?

Q3 : How much money, time, progress, respect, etc. are lost due to coaches making these mistakes?

Q4 : Why do you think coaches make so many mistakes? 150+ is a lot of mistakes!

Q5 : This book was actually a chapter inside Rich Coach Broke Coach , why did you take it out of that book and make it its own book?

Q6 : What are some of the mistakes coaches make and can you provide some examples?

Q7 : How can coaches avoid making these mistakes?

Q8 : How can people get a copy of the book?

Q9 : Is the book available in audio and eBook format?

Q10 : What’s your other book on coaching, Rich Coach Broke Coach, about?

Q11 : Where can coaches find that book?

Q12 : Are you available for coaching?


The print, eBook and audio version of Bart’s book, 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make, at his website, BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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