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Interview Bart Smith About His Book 3 Simple Networking Tactics

3 Simple Networking Tactics

Anyone Can Master To Become Successful At Networking

by Bart Smith

Wow, talk about a quick-read when it comes to mastering the TOP 3 NETWORKING TACTICS I believe will turn anyone into a networking pro overnight!

This networking book (and audio) is perfect for those who want the secret sauce I use when it comes to networking with others and doing it right, being effective and with the aim of growing your network of people quickly!

This book also makes for a great gift idea to hand out to those attending your networking event if you conduct them. I know I like to give them out as door prizes or as gifts when I meet new people at my networking events.


We’ve all been networking and for many of us, we don’t always feel comfortable meeting new people, talking about ourselves, navigating a room, right? How many can relate to that? You seem to tighten up or get stiff and just don’t know what to say or do. Well, my next guest has 3 simple networking tactics that he says if we just master these 3 things, anyone can master the art of networking and really work a room like never before! How many of you would like to do that? Ladies and gentlemen, will you help me welcome my guest, Bart Smith.


Bart Smith is the author of 27 books that cover topics such as business, coaching, relationships, personal development, motivation, confidence, recidivism, romance/erotica, cooking and yes, NETWORKING! In fact, he's written 3 books on networking. 

Bart also makes the world's best chocolate chip cookies, which he takes with him whenever he goes networking. He says they help him really stand out, which I believe him!  His love and personal style and approach to networking lead him to write books on networking to help others, including this one that we’re going to talk about,  3 Simple Networking Tactics .


Suggested interview questions:

Q1: Bart, why do you think people struggle, get nervous or find networking a challenge?

Q2:  What do you mean when you say networking must become a marketing priority!

Q3:  You say it’s more in what you ask than what you say. What do you mean by that? Why so? What are the benefits to asking more questions than, say, talking about yourself and what you do?

Q4:  Follow-up; why is it so important? Why don’t people do it? Why should you follow-up and how? What are some tips?

Q5:  Tell me about your other networking books, My Networking Tactics and 51+ Networking Mistakes, and why did you write this book, 3 Simple Networking Tactics?

Q6:  You mention your own networking company called TimeToNetwork.com, tell me about that? Do you run networking events?

Q7:  How can people get a hold of you, especially if they want to network with you and attend one of your networking events or workshops?


You can learn more about Bart’s book,  3 Simple Networking Tactics , by going to his website:  BartSmith.com


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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