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Interview Bart Smith About His Book Find The One For Me

Find The One For Me

Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice
For Finding The One For You

by Bart Smith

Here’s one of my favorite relationship books on dating/relationships, which I wrote, called Find The One For Me: Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice For Finding The One For You . Inspired by the millions singles out there (and growing) who are still alone, growing older, not marrying, not even dating, and certainly not finding the ONE for them and living a life fulfilled with fun that comes with being in love with someone and them loving you right back.

After writing Laws Of The Bedroom: What Women Want From Men Inside & Outside Of The Bedroom , I realized I needed to write a book that would not just be for men (to improve their relations with the women they fall in love with), but a book for the masses. A book that would help men and women FIND that special someone to love.

I love the title, Find The One For Me . It just doesn’t get any clearer than that. Isn’t that what we all want? Someone we can call our own? Someone who makes us feel good, and in so many ways; just as we dedicate our lives to doing the same in their direction every minute of the day? (Love that song!) Well, at least when we’re around them, right? Life’s hard and a tad lonesome without someone after awhile, right?

Find The One For Me -- Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice For Finding The One For You by Bart Smith

Sure, we know how to go it alone, be on our own, hang in there, stand strong while single, on up until the moment comes and the ONE for you walks right into your life unexpectedly. Yikes, what do you do then?

What’s more, I’ve had a lot of conversations with men and women over my lifetime about relationships and finding the ONE for them. What have I been hearing? Well, for some (which I also believe to be for many whom I’ve never met), it’s a SAD report to give. They’re having a hard time.

Maybe they don’t show it, but in small ways, I pick up on it. Hence, again, why this book was written. I hope it helps whoever reads it, who’s on that journey to find someone, to help accelerate the process a little faster (and safer) than it would be without a book like … Find The One For Me.


Folks, with millions of singles looking for love and so many more in relationships they’d rather not be in, where and how does someone go to find the ONE for them? Dating today has become almost nonexistent, or at least a state of confusion, frustration and for some disappointment after disappointment.

Well, my next guest wrote a book called Find The One For Me: Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice On Finding The One For You. He proclaims you can still find the ONE for you out there in this crazy world. In fact, his book touts he has the secret formula that can help increase the odds of meeting, assessing, and securing the ONE for YOU? Sounds interesting, who wouldn’t want that? 

Find The One For Me was written with seven extremely insightful sections, which we will be getting into, that represent practically every stage or step in your journey for finding love.

Whether you’re looking for love online/offline, Find The One For Me has everything you need to help you navigate the world of liars, cheats, crazies, sex hungry maniacs, and B.S.’ers, in order to find the sweet, kind and wonderful ones worth spending your time with, interacting with, securing and eventually choosing the right one for you to live with and/or marry.

Find The One For Me also proclaims to be the bible for navigating the jungle of love and hearts. All you have to do is open up the book and you’ll find 100+ topics never covered in other books. The author only hopes his huge collection of insights, findings, and words of wisdom can help you find that special someone who’s also looking … for you!

Wow, what an introduction, what do you say we talk to the author of this very insightful book on dating and relationships. Please help me welcome, Bart Smith, author of Find The One For Me.


Find The One For Me and Laws Of The Bedroom ™ author, Bart Smith, shares his outlooks on life, experiences, romantic philosophies, deep research and sharp observations in the areas of healthy, loving and happy relationships.

His intent? To encourage every man and woman to have high levels of optimism that there REALLY IS SOMEONE out there for EVERYONE! He believes that with the right preparation and open communication, singles using the principles found inside find the one for Me will be empowered with new dating skills and the art of finding the ONE for them to love and be loved.

For almost three decades, Bart continues to hold true to these ideals. He’s also the author of 6 other relationship books, such as  Laws Of The Bedroom , Watch Out Ladies, 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets, Fantasy Boyfriend, Wake Up Ladies and Where Are You? & Where Art Thou? Please help me welcome 


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : What inspired you to write a dating book like Find The One For Me (FTOFM)?Does the “ONE” or “Soul Mate” really exist? How do you know if you’ve found the ONE?

Q2 : You wrote a book called Laws Of The Bedroom: What Women Want From Men Inside & Outside Of The Bedroom , tell us about that book and how are the two books different?

Q3 : How is FTOFM laid out? Can you run through the Table Of Contents to let people know how the book is structured?

Part #1: PICTURE The One For You

Part #2:  PREPARE To Meet The One For You

Part #3:   LOOKING For The One For You

Part #4:  HANGING OUT With The One For You

Part #5:  SECURING The One For You

Part #6:  LIVING WITH The One For You

Part #7:   AFTER The One For You Is No Longer With You

Q4 : You pack a lot great dating/relationship advice inside FTOFM, can you give us some examples of what people will learn when they read the book? What are some of the topics people will learn?

Q5 : How does FTOFM help men and women in the dating world find the ONE for them?

Q6 : What makes this book more like a guide than just some book on how to date someone?

Q7 : What will people take away after reading (or listening to) FTOFM?

Q8 : You talk about how FTOFM will start a dating revolution, how so?

Q9 : Tell us about the dating website that goes along with the book? What is the domain?

Q10 : How is your dating website different from all the other dating websites out there?

Q11 : Where can people purchase FTOFM?

Q12 : Does the book come in audio and eBook format?

Q13 : Did you record the book yourself so people hear your voice while listening to the audio book?

Q14 : How does someone get a hold of you if they want relationship advice or personal coaching?


The print, eBook/online and audio version of  Find The One For Me , can all be purchased at his website, BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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