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Interview Bart Smith About His Book Laws Of The Bedroom

Laws Of The Bedroom

What Women Want From Men Inside & Outside Of The Bedroom

by Bart Smith

No other book in the history of mankind has ever been written quite like Laws Of The Bedroom™ … Laws Of The Bedroom is THE MAN(UAL) for MEN, teaching them how to please a woman inside and outside of the bedroom in ways her body craves to be touched by a man, how to treat her, care for her, look out for her …

It also shares with men what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER MAKING LOVE to a woman and in the PROPER ORDER (of events and positions) to send her into a total physical, nerve-twitching, leg-jerking, lip-biting, fist-clenching, multi-orgasmic, tongue-wagging state of mind, body and soul! (i.e., A place/experience no man has ever taken your honey before — until you came across this book.)


Laws Of The Bedroom is a one of a kind book that stands alone in the genre of sex and intimacy in relationships. The author who wrote it says other books just don’t compare and that they can’t compete. Other books talk statistics, facts, and surveys, maybe even provide tidbits of information or just barely scratch the surface. With other books, you might get the idea that those the authors of those works “talk about something” they’ve never experienced, but only “researched.” 

Laws Of The Bedroom is the real deal. You won’t be bored with facts and stats and surveys alike … Nope, you’re going to get the “real deal” … Real, hands-on “how-to’s” you can use the same day you get the book or listen to the audio. Guaranteed! Folks, help me welcome my guest, Bart Smith.


Laws Of The Bedroom author, Bart Smith, shares his outlooks on life, personal philosophies, human observation and personal experiences in the area of relationships and what women really want from men. His intent? To help and encourage every man to give his very best to the woman he loves by giving her what she longs for, dreams of, and hopes for in the man she falls in love with, and to share with women what they might be missing out on when it comes to how they should be treated … according to … the LAWS! For more than two decades, Bart still holds true to these ideals. (“I’ve not seen one book like the LAWS, or even touched the content I touch inside it.”) He’s also observed improvements in the lives of many men and women who he has coached one on one, in groups and chats, on the phone, and other settings. LAWS OF THE BEDROOM is grounded in Bart’s personal convictions on how a woman should be treated and what makes her smile inside and out when the LAWS are applied. How can anything be wrong with that?


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : Feel free to ask any of these suggested questions, and/or make up your own.

Bart, where did you get the idea for LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™?

Q2 : What is THE #1 PROBLEM with SEX TODAY?

Q3 : What is THE #1 SOLUTION to SATISFYING A WOMAN – Forever!

Q4 : What are THREE SPECIFIC REASONS why the Problem Exists in the First Place and WHAT specifically MEN can DO about it?

Q5 : Why can’t TV, magazines, teachers, parents, traditional Sex-perts and Friends be relied upon any more for advice when it comes to sex and pleasing a woman?

Q6 : What makes you qualified to speak on relationship issues (such as sex, none other), let alone set “laws” for bedroom etiquette and behavior between two other people?

Q7 : What are the THREE LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™ every man must know to bring out the best in a woman’s total sexuality?

Q8 : What are at least TEN (OUT OF YOUR 20+) EROGENOUS ZONES possessed by a woman that crave to be touched by her man on a regular basis? And, can a man actually FIND ALL TEN?

Q9 : Can you tell us why Male Sexual Enhancers (i.e., Pills, Drugs & Surgery) are potentially a waste of time and money and even dangerous?

Q10 : Tell us the Do’s and Don’ts and more LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™ men need to know about when making love to a woman!

Q11 : What can men expect to gain by following the LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™?

Q12 : And, what can women expect to gain when men follow the LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™?

Q13 : BONUS QUESTION #1: Bart, what’s your Personal Checklist for the Perfect Getaway-Weekend!

Q14 : BONUS QUESTION #2: Bart, you mention diet and exercise and you have a Personal Diet & Workout Plan practically guaranteed to help any man lose the gut, trim the waist, tighten the abs, arms, body and booty without any gimmicks, potions, pills, surgery or other Diet B.S. Can you tell us about that? (We’d all like to get on it!)

Q15 : BONUS QUESTION #3: What are the TOP 10 QUALITIES women look for in their men?

Q16 : Do you have anything else to say about LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™, making love and pleasing women — like they’ve never been pleased before and yet deserve to be every minute of the day?

Q17 : What do you hope to change/gain/influence by taking LAWS OF THE BEDROOM™ public?


You can learn more about Bart’s book, LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, by going to his website: BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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