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Interview Bart Smith About His Book Lethal Confidence

Lethal Confidence

Where It Comes From & How You Can Get It Too!

by Bart Smith

CONFIDENCE, or a lack thereof, seems to be weighing on the hearts and minds of a lot of people today.

It seems like more and more people are going through life with little to no confidence in the way they live their life, make decisions throughout their life, in addition to how they pursue their own degree of happiness and follow their passions in general.

In essence, people really aren’t living out their best lives. Like driving on fumes, so many people today are just EXISTING, and not truly → LIVING!

With all the books out there today written about confidence, why do so many people still suffer from a lack of confidence? Well, not to worry, my next guess, and author of LETHAL CONFIDENCE, will go into all that and so much more!


WANT MORE CONFIDENCE? FORGET about UNSTOPPABLE confidence or UNSHAKABLE confidence or any other TYPE of confidence SOLD to you today. For me, there’s only one TYPE of CONFIDENCE that gets me through 40 years, through the hard times and helps me be my best! For me, all I’ve ever known and have (IN ABUNDANCE) is → LETHAL CONFIDENCE! Want some? My next guest, Bart Smith, has PLENTY to share. Inside LETHAL CONFIDENCE, he’s going to tell us exactly WHAT Is confidence, WHERE it comes from and WHAT Is → LETHAL CONFIDENCE?

Confidence is a serious topic not to take lightly under any circumstance. It’s Bart’s firm belief that if you’re going to write a book about confidence, you should have it (in abundance and for a very long time), you should know where it comes from, exactly how to get it and how to share it with others. Or, would you rather read a book about someone who never really had confidence until a few months ago when they discovered their “personal power” and along with scientific studies, they now feel credentialed to share their take on confidence, where it comes from and how to get it? Uh, no thanks, right? 

Inside LETHAL CONFIDENCE Bart Smith, the author, is going to respect your time and your intelligence and he’s going to get right to the heart of the matter where confidence is concerned. This entire book is dedicated to confidence, learning where it comes from, how to get it, why most people don’t have it, what’s it like to have Lethal CONFIDENCE, Bart’s personal list of 222+ butt-kicking affirmations that run through his brain 24/7/365, as well as 45+ real-life scenarios where people experience low self-confidence and what I would SAY or DO about it if I were in their shoes.


Bart Smith, is the author of LETHAL CONFIDENCE: Where It Comes From & How You Can Get It Too!!! Having authored and self-published 27 total books so far, and possessing a strong mindset for going after what he wants, Bart saw how others could benefit from what he calls LETHAL CONFIDENCE, something he says he has in abundance. Well, help me welcome my next guest and let’s find out more about this “LETHAL CONFIDENCE” and how you can get it too!


Below is a list of suggested questions. Read through them all first, then, depending on how much time we have to discuss them ALL, pick and choose which questions you’d like to ask along with some of your own. It’s your show so let’s make it ROCK!!!!

Q1: What inspired you to write LETHAL CONFIDENCE and you said you read 50+ books on confidence. You were amazed to find so many of them had so many negative reviews. What did you find in those other confidence books? Did they all just say the same thing, more or less?

Q2:  What is confidence, where does it come from and what is LETHAL CONFIDENCE?

Q3:  Why aren’t some people confident and can someone learn to be confident, let alone, LETHALLY CONFIDENT?

Q4:  Have you ever had no or low self-confidence? If not, why? Where did you get the material to write LETHAL CONFIDENCE?

Q5:  What is the CONFIDENCE WHEEL and how does that work to help build LETHAL CONFIDENCE?

Q6:  What is the TREE OF CONFIDENCE and why should parents, in particular, really learn about the TREE OF CONFIDENCE where their children are concerned?

Q7:  Explain the PITCHER ANALOGY and how it relates to building confidence.

Q8:  Confidence also means CLARITY, explain this please.

Q9:  Confidence also comes from HARD WORK. Talk to me about this.

Q10:  What are some characteristics or traits of someone with LETHAL CONFIDENCE?

Q11:  You talk about (10 types of) FRIENDS and (35 types of) ENEMIES of someone with LETHAL CONFIDENCE? Tell me all about this. Enemies, really, what kind and why are they ENEMIES? 35?

Q12:  If you want to change and want to become LETHALLY CONFIDENT how and where do you start?

Q13:  Talk to me about your PRO/CON-STAY/GO chart helping you to make more confident DECISIONS.

Q14:  In the book, you talk about WOO WOO, HOT AIR B.S. phrases and quasi-confidence building strategies that waste time as well as PHRASES YOU DESPISE HEARING over and over again that have NOTHING to do with building confidence. Can you share some of these phrases and why they don't help you build confidence?

Q15:  Tell me about how LETHAL CONFIDENCE helps you overcome OBSTACLES and NAYSAYERS?

Q16:  Why did you include your TOP 7 WAYS TO OVERCOME B.S. IN YOUR LIFE to help build LETHAL CONFIDENCE and what are they?

Q17:  You talk about cleaning up your life with the WHEEL OF LIFE, how do you do that and how does that help build confidence?

Q18:  You've got 222+ Lethal Confidence “Affirmations” in the book and running Through your Brain every day. What are some examples?

Q19:  You talk about the power of ASKING (and you shall receive) and how that helps build confidence?

Q20:  You talk about being DIFFERENT and being YOURSELF to build LETHAL CONFIDENCE. Most people are afraid to be themselves or be different. Talk to me about this.

Q21:  When you say COMPARE YOURSELF TO NO ONE for greater LETHAL CONFIDENCE, what do you mean?

Q22:  How does learning to CONTROL YOUR RAGE AND ANGER help to achieve (greater) Lethal Confidence?

Q23:  How does ACTION, RESEARCH AND APPLICATION help to increase your confidence?

Q24:  In the book, you have 45+ REAL LIFE EXAMPLES where you share what you would say or do in situations where people lack confidence, experience, knowledge; give me some examples of this and why did you put this section in the book? Most other authors and books on confidence don’t offer advice, how come?

Q25:  What's I.R.P.A. and tell me about your 1-Day Action plan to increase your confidence so you become LETHALLY CONFIDENT!

Q26:  How does your 1/3 RULE FOR LIFE, LIVING IT AND SURVIVING IT help increase one’s confidence?

Q27:  If you want to change and want to BECOME LETHALLY CONFIDENT how and where do you start?

Q28:  Tell me about your INSTAGRAM LIVE and YOUTUBE LIVE “LETHAL CONFIDENCE” shows? It’s like WHAT WOULD BART SAY OR DO in how you help people with their life problems, lack of confidence and making decisions, right?

Q29:  Are you available for LETHAL CONFIDENCE COACHING if someone wants your advice on how to gain more confidence? And, how can people get a hold of the book, eBook and audiobook?


LETHAL CONFIDENCE is available in paperback, eBook and audiobook format. For more information about Lethal Confidence, go to Bart's website: BartSmith.com or LethalConfidence.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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