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Interview Bart Smith About His Book M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way)

M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way)

Why So Many Men Want Nothing To Do With Women Any More & Why Women, Companies & Governments Around The World Need To Worry About  by Bart Smith

Bart shares his concerns for his fellow man, women, even companies (who employ men/women) and governments who will not survive without the participation from both men/women in the work force (let alone makin’ babies).

This book points out points out what’s happening with this increasing fallout trend among men that sooner or later:

•  WOMEN growing older ALONE! It’s happening!

•  COMPANIES going OUT of business. It’s happening!

•  GOVERNMENTS not able to SUSTAIN themselves!


Men who associate with M.G.T.O.W., which stands for Men Going Their Own Way, seem to be leaving the proverbial dating/relationship plantation (with women) and heading down a path of personal self-actualization, working on one’s self, pursuing their own interests with unbridled freedom to do all of that, and saying “no,” to societal norms to foot the bill for practically everything related to interacting with a woman, taking the financial hits when divorce comes; are presuming a status of guilty (before proven innocent) of false harassment/sexual accusations; and much more. When women aren’t bringing much to the relationship table, except an entitlement attitude, men are just saying, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather go fishing (or enjoy some other personal activity) … indefinitely. See ya. Don’t wanna be WITH ya!”


My next guest, Bart Smith, is the author of 27 self-help books, which include topics covering business, networking, motivation, speaking, relationships, personal development, romance erotica and cooking! He's written a fabulous full-color cookbook called Who's Hungry? Wow! 

Oh, he also makes the world's best chocolate chip cookies, which he brings with him into the studio when he's being interviewed (or he'll mail them ahead of his interviews). Folks, please welcome my next guest, Bart Smith.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1:  What does MGTOW stand for and how did it originate? Is it a political or cultural movement or just a group of angry men who hate women? Let's dispel some of the myths and typical misnomers surrounding MGTOW for my audience.

Q2:  Are most men MGTOW to some degree or another? Are you MGTOW? If so, when did you discover you were MGTOW? 

Q3:  Is MGTOW a healthy way to live one's life, as a man? 

Q4:  Is MGTOW a movement like the Men's Rights Movement (MRM) or is it different? If so, what are those differences? Are there websites people can learn more about MGTOW?

Q5:  You had a funny experience when visiting your hometown one night when you were out on a Friday night. The bars were closing, you were outside and you asked men and women on the street if they ever had heard of MGTOW. What was the response like and what did a group of young men (aged 18-22) say about MGTOW?

Q6:  Can women go MGTOW? Is there a W-GTOW movement happening in response and what do women think about men who go MGTOW? Why do some women respond negatively to the MGTOW movement? 

Q7:  In your book, in the MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR section, you tell why you wrote this book. Why did you write this book? 

Q8:  You go into some really great personal self-care tips for men who do want to go MGTOW to some degree, whether that's 1% or 100%. Give us some of those tips. 

Q9:  How about young men? What messages are they receiving from K-12 school teachers, the media, academia, politicians, etc. and how are those messages and treatment negatively affecting our young men? Is there a war on boys and men? Are young men going MGTOW? 

Q10:  What effect is MGTOW having on men's and women's dating lives? Should women be concerned about MGTOW? Is this a global movement? If men aren't dating women, these women will go (potentially) a lifetime without love, romance or being with a man. What do you have to say about that? I know that's a lot to respond too, but you're the expert on the subject! ;-) 

Q11:  You also include excerpts from one of your other books, Watch Out Ladies, in your MGTOW book. Why did you do that and let's go over some of those excerpts briefly! I think my audience would like to know what you said and why. I'm going to read the chapter titles and we'll talk about a few of the topics that jump out:

INTRODUCTION: Why Warn Women To “WATCH OUT?” Here’s why:

1. SEX : Too Soon & Too Much & Without A Ring

2. SEX : With Multiple Men For Too Many Years

3. SEX : Pregnant, Unmarried & With The Wrong Guy (Not Good!)

4. Postponing Marriage / Motherhood Into Your 30s/40s (Not The Best Idea! Here’s Why!)

5. Too Career Focused & For Too Long (Pros & Cons)

6. Dating An Abuser & Not Leaving Him ... NOW!

7. Personal Habits, Traits & Behaviors (That Can Drive Him Away)

8. Having Higher Income / Education Requirements Of Men

9. Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. He’s Good Enough (“Yes, I Will ...”)

10. M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way – Be Worried NOW!)

11. Porn, Fapping, PMO, Sex Bots & “No More” Sex For You, Ladies!

12. Feminism B.S. (Anti-Family Agenda, Social Fraud & Cost To Society)

13. Artificial Baby Making & Freezing Your Eggs (Pros/Cons/Cost)

14. Pop Culture & The Media (Nothing But Lies & More B.S.)

15. “The Wall” & Sexual/Marriage Market Value (Watch Out!)

CONCLUSION / SUMMARY / MY ADVICE : What Should Women Do After Reading All This? Well, ...

Q12:  You talk about feminism and how, third wave feminism to be specific, is part of the root cause for why men are going MGTOW. Can you talk about that and what is third wave feminism compared to first or second wave feminism? Why is modern feminism so bad compared to traditional (good) feminism?

Q13:  You mention how companies, governments and women need to be afraid of MGTOW and its growing popularity on and offline. Why? What have they got to lose and describe what each of them have to lose respectively. Is the world coming to an end because men are leaving the proverbial marriage plantation, so to speak?

Q14:  What's the ultimate message here, what should men and women do about this MGTOW phenomena? Is there hope for humanity? Please, Bart, tell us there's hope! ;-)


Bart’s book, M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way), can be purchased on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle eBook format. For the audio version, go to his website, BartSmith.com, where you can listen to the entire audiobook for FREE!


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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