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Interview Bart Smith About His World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bart's "World Famous"

Chocolate Chip Cookies


BartsCookies.com is a website where Bart Smith promotes his world famous chocolate chip cookies that he's been baking since 1988! This is going to be a very delicious interview. If you’re within the USA, ask Bart for some cookies so he can bake/ship them to you before the interview occurs. This way, you can enjoy his cookies while you interview him. Inquire about all the possibilities!


Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies, right? Well, my next guest, Bart Smith, is not only the author of 27 books, which include topics covering business, motivation, lethal confidence, dating and relationships, cooking, networking, speaking, weight-loss and fitness, personal development, romance and erotica … wow, he also says he makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies ... EVER! Boasting some 300+ testimonials on his website, BartsCookies.com, where each cookie review reads like a love story about their experience with eating his cookies, please help me welcome, Bart Smith, to the show!


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : When did you start baking cookies and is it your mom’s recipe or your grandma’s?

Q2 : How did you perfect your chocolate chip cookie recipe over the years since you’ve been baking for almost 30 years? 

Q3 : There are other chocolate chip cookie bakers out there who say their cookies are the best, how do you respond to that and what do you think of those BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE you see online? Tell me what you read in the comments of EVERY ONE of those recipes.

Q4 : What flavors do you bake and do you bake any other cookies?

Q5 : What makes your cookies so unique?

Q6 : Some people, if not most, who try your cookies say they’re ORGASMIC? What do they mean? How can that be? WHERE ARE MY COOKIES? ;-)

Q7 : You have 300+ testimonials on your website? Why not 1,000? Really though, you have so many. No cookie company has that many POSTED on their website. Tell me what some of the reviews say about your cookies?

Q8 : Of those 300+ testimonials, you had 200+ product reviewers review your cookies. What’s that about and what did they say when they reviewed your cookies?

Q9 : Have any celebrities had your cookies? You mailed some to Gene Simmons of KISS, right? Tell us that story.

Q10 : What’s next for Bart’s cookies? When can the masses enjoy them?

Q11 : Can you see yourself on SharkTank® pitching the investors? What would you say to them!


You can learn more about Bart’s cookies go to BartsCookies.com. To contact Bart about speaking, training, his books, special appearances, coaching and more, go to BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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