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Interview Bart Smith About His Website ReallyCheapNames.com

Bart's Website:


This is Bart's website, ReallyCheapNames.com, where he sells domain names, which you can then use to build a website.


There’s a lot to learn about domain names that you might not be aware of. Sure, you might know how to register them, but do you know all the different aspects to managing your domain names so you don’t lose them? Well, look no further than my next guest. He owns his own domain name registration company called ReallyCheapNames.com, and he's going to teach us the most important aspects for searching, registering, transferring and working with domain names.


My next guest is the author of 27 books, which include topics covering business, motivation, relationships, domain names, cooking, networking, speaking, weight-loss and fitness, personal development, romance/erotica … wow, and he has domain names that represent some kind of website online for each of those topics. He's been registering domain names for more than 20 years, and over that time, he's learned a few things that will help you when it comes to registering any domain name. Please help me welcome, Bart Smith.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : What is a domain name? Is it the same as a website?

Q2 : Where do you register domain names?

Q3 : How do you buy a domain name? Walk me through those steps as if this was my first domain name?

Q4 : How do you go about choosing a great domain? Suppose the domain you want to register is gone, what do you do then? Come up with a new name? What are some great domain name idea to register while we’re on the subject?

Q5 : What is private registration versus public registration? Q6: What is WHOIS.com and how do you check to see who owns a domain name and what other information can you find out using WHOIS.com?

Q7 : Why is it important to check and maintain the administrative contact information on your domain names?

Q8 : Why is it important to put all your domains on auto-renew when they come up for renewal?

Q9 : What does it mean to forward a domain name?

Q10 : What are nameservers and when do you change them?

Q11 : Should you ever register your domain name at the company you host your website with, such as BlueHost.com or HostGator.com?

Q12 : What's CloudFlare.com and what do you like about them?

Q13 : What are your thoughts about WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix and GroovePages.com?

Q14 : What about website hosting and what website builders do you recommend?

Q15 : What are some safety precautions everyone should take if they own a domain name?

Q16 : If you have domains registered at different domain name registration companies is it wise to bring them all under one company and how do you go about doing that?

Q17 : How do you sell a domain name, how do you determine its optimal selling price, how do you find the buyer and how do you collect the money?

Q18 : What is a backorder service and when would you want to use that to purchase a domain that's up for expiration soon?

Q19 : Have we left anything out? Anything else come to mind that my listeners should know about when it comes to domain names?


You can register your domain names like Bart does at his domain name registration website called, ReallyCheapNames.com. To contact Bart for coaching and to learn more about his books, eBooks, audiobooks and videos, go to BartSmith.com and be a part of his world.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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