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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these NINE (9) BOOKS I wrote give you the wisdom and insight you need to find love, protect your heart, have great sex, maintain love and achieve happiness and complete bliss between you and the one you fall in love with; DESPITE what society, social media, Hollywood and cultural peer pressures say that downplay and discourage true love, intimate sex, love and romance.

Where Are You? & Where Art Thou? by Bart Smith

Still single? Alone? Longing for love? Get this book and watch THE ONE find YOU!

Find The One For Me Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice On Finding The One For You  by Bart Smith

All the advice you need, whether you’re single, in a relationship or married.

Laws Of The Bedroom What Women Want From Men Inside & Outside Of The Bedroom  by Bart Smith

Guys, your gal WANTS you to KNOW and DO what’s inside this book. Really, get it and live it!

 Fantasy Boyfriend Romantic Fantasies, Stories & Erotic Adventures For Women by Bart Smith

Ladies, read this romance novel, dream and help men become your fantasy boyfriend!

WAKED UP LADIES: Time Is Running Out! You're Being Erased, Replaced & Left Behind by Bart Smith

Ladies, your time is running out to find a quality man for so many reasons!

251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets Both Men & Women Have With Dating, Sex & Marriage & How To Avoid Them by Bart Smith

Both men and women can benefit from this book. Please, don't repeat these mistakes!

Watch Out Ladies 15 Things Every Woman Should Be Concerned With & Watch Out For To Protect Her Heart, Her Body, Find Love & Avoid A Lifetime Of Loneliness by Bart Smith

Ladies, protect your heart and your body and find love all at the same time! Read this book!

 Feminism B.S. (The Good, The Bad & The Ultra-Ugly!) + “TOXIC FEMININITY” – FEMINISM Is About CONTROL (Not Choice) & Destroys Romance, Love-lives, … It For What It Is: “Toxic” For All Humanity by Bart Smith

Learn how radical Feminism has ruined relationships between men and women!

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way Men Going Their Own Way: Why So Many Men Want Nothing To Do With Women Any More & Why Women, Companies & Governments Around The World Need To Worry About This! by Bart Smith

Ladies, here's why men are leaving the dating and relationship plantation!


“Bart, which book should you read first?”

251+ DATING & RELATIONSHIP REGRETS — Whether you’re single or in a relationship, read this one first. It’s a quick read and will safeguard you in so many ways when it comes to what not to do or look out for in any potential relationship or maybe the one you’re in. This book makes you sharper, wiser and in about 80 pages!

FIND THE ONE FOR ME — This is a great book if you’re looking to find someone to be with or you have questions whether or not you should be with (or marry) someone. I got into all kinds of information that might help you make a decision one way or another. I was actually in this book the other day and reminded again how much knowledge is in this one book. Be sure to check it out. Great for both men and women.

WATCH OUT LADIES — Ladies (and gentlemen), please read this book if you’re having problems finding love in your world or you’ve had a lot of problems with past relationships. This is a very insightful book for ladies, but I highly recommend men read it too.

WAKE UP LADIES  — Ladies, in case you're living in a bubble of selfies and other narcissistic behaviors (i.e., having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance) then you'd better wake up and smell the coffee. All the good men are disappearing leaving you with no one but your girlfriends and your camera/phone. Time is running out. Find out why and what you can do about it to SAVE YOUR LOVE LIFE NOW!

LAWS OF THE BEDROOM — Guys, read this and your lady will love you forever. Ladies, read this and learn what your man is capable of when it comes to loving you inside and outside of the bedroom.

FANTASY BOYFRIEND — Ladies, read this romance erotica novel to find out exactly how your man should court you, treat you, take care of you, make love to you, even propose to you and so much more! Guys, read this book too. It'll give you the exact insight you need on how to approach a lady, how to talk to her, how to make her really come to like you, spend time with you, how to 'get it on' if you know what I mean (and how) and so much more! Literally, if every women on earth wants this kind of man in their life (to be their boyfriend, soon husband), guys, wouldn't be wise of you to learn what's in this book and what I wrote? You bet! Written by a guy, for the ladies and the men to learn, laugh and live better lives in the love and romance department. Personally, I wouldn't live my life any other way for my gal. 

FEMINISM B.S. — While first and second wave feminism was great for women in attaining fundamental rights, feminism’s third wave is working fast against their best interests when it comes to their love-lives, dating, marriage, starting families, raising children, and their overall happiness.

M.G.T.O.W. — Ladies, guys have had enough of how society is treating them, how some women are treating them and they’re leaving the dating/relationship/marriage/family plantation. They want nothing to do with women. Find out how you can bring them back into your life. It won’t be easy, but is anything ever easy?