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Where Is Your

Where Is Your "Interview Me” Page On Your Website?

by Bart Smith

What is the purpose of an “interview me” web page?

  • To HELP yourself get interviewed faster with an “Interview Me” page on your website. By having this page ready to go, you can easily reach out to dozens of shows to interview you knowing their host/producer will be pleased to know you’re organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • To HELP those who want to interview you do their job faster/better/easier by you having an “Interview Me” page on your website with all the right sections, content and information they need to prepare for your upcoming interview.

  • The “Interview Me” web page was something I came up with a long time ago to help TV, radio and podcast show hosts who asked to interview me. They could quickly and conveniently gather the information they required to do just that.

    What does an “interview me” web page look like?

    Basically, it’s a web page that provides key information about you and your topic for show interview decision makers to get what they need, print it for their convenience and prepare for the interview. The “Interview Me” page looks something like this:

    When you break it down, here are the main sections of an "interview me" page:

    Where Is Your

    What’s goes on a typical “interview me ” page?

    When you break it down, here are the main sections of an "interview me" page:

  • Interview Topic Title

  • Interview Topic Introduction (1-3 paragraphs)

  • Your Biography (1-3 paragraphs)

  • Interview Questions (10-20)

  • How To Contact You

  • How To Schedule An Interview

  • Sample Interviews

  • Preview This ____ (i.e., book, website, product, service, etc.)

  • Print This Page (Option/Mention/Function/Instructions)

  • Images For Their Use (Should be hi-res)

  • If you can think of other sections related to your particular interview topic, go ahead and add them. Again, these are just the essentials.

    How do you get an “interview me” web page?

    Basically, you build it like any other web page on your website. Again, look at these “Interview Me” page examples on BartSmith.com to get an idea of how they’re designed. Then, ask your webmaster to build this page for you after you’ve accumulated all the necessary information needed that goes on it.