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Where Is Your … eBook?

Where Is Your … eBook?

by Bart Smith

I’ll keep this report brief, because there really is no beating around the bush. Where is your eBook? If you don’t have one, why not? If you do have one, great! Where’s your second, third and fourth eBook?

Seriously, if you have a book or an audio book, why not convert it into an eBook that you can sell online for extra money? If you have articles, you can convert them to an eBook as well. eBooks also don't have to be as long as paperback books. eBooks can also include full-color images. It's all up to you how your eBook is laid out.

When it comes to eBooks, you have a few options as to how you’ll deliver your content to your intended audiences:

Where Is Your … eBook?

KINDLE: This is a no-brainer if your document is ready to be converted into Kindle format and submitted to the Kindle eBook store on Amazon.com. Once you create your KDP.com account, and format your eBook for Kindle, upload it along with a front cover, slap a price tag on it and start promoting it for sale. You’ll make 70% on all sales if it’s priced between $.99 and $9.99 and approximately 30% if it’s priced over that. So, if your content is valued at more than $10 and you want to deliver it in digital format, consider hosting your content on your website and then keeping ALL of the profits!

SMASHWORDS: This website (Smashwords.com) allows you to upload your eBook (via a Word document) and pays you 60% of your list price from major eBook retailers and up to 80% of list price at the Smashwords store. It’s a great idea to get your eBook in several different places and not just one.

MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE: That’s what I like to do sometimes. I’ve converted all my books before into web pages that were protected behind a membership wall. I like this method for a number of reasons — I KNOW WHO MY CUSTOMERS ARE who buys (access to) my eBook. The money is in your list, remember? So, if someone comes to my website, buys my eBook, I know who they are. With Kindle and Smashwords, you DON’T. That’s a drag. I can also bundle the eBook and the audio in one price for sale and deliver both from MY WEBSITE! That helps me to drive traffic to my website for my benefit. I also keep all the profits and all the control of my published work and can make changes to my books instantly. No need to get approved by some tech staff member at one of the eBook websites.

PDF DOWNLOAD: Maybe your content can be simply converted to a PDF document and then delivered to the customer after he/she purchases it. Your PDF could be attached to an autoresponder that delivers a link to a download page. Once purchased, the customer clicks on that link, is taken to that download page and BAM! They got your PDF eBook on their computer and they’re already reading it.

ALL OF THE ABOVE (OR COMBINATION): Why not institute all of the above options and profit in all ways across the board?


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