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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)
YouTube Channel Coaching With Bart Smith


Contact Bart's office for a prompt reply to see if he has a calendar opening to coach you on this coaching topic.



AFTER you've been informed you will be coaching with Bart, you might be asked to send Bart some preliminary information about your current status and goals for coaching with Bart.

YouTube 1-On-1 Coaching, Channel Setup & Consulting

Bart Smith, Your YouTube Coach


So, where are you at with your YouTube channel? Do you have one? Do you need to set one up? Do you have a few videos? Several videos? A few subscribers? A lot? No matter where you're at with your YouTube channel progress thus far, we'll pick up speed immediately from our first YouTube coaching session.


Depending on the stage you're at with your YouTube channel and what still may need to be done to get it in place to start rockin' YouTube like I do, we'll go over:

  • Your YouTube channel goals! Do you have any? You should. I have mine. I'll share and we'll customize a list of goals we want to accomplish with your YouTube channel from the get-go.

  • YouTube channel setup and tour. How well have you setup your YouTube channel  and how well do you know the interface and how to use your YouTube channel? We'll go over that up front as well. I want you versed in how to use your YouTube channel from top to bottom!

  • How many videos do you have on your YouTube channel and what plans do you have to create (more) videos? We'll be creating a list of videos for you to consider creating. Wait util you see this list. You'll be blown away and soooo busy making videos, you'll start seeing your YouTube channel explode with content right before your eyes like never before.

  • Video format, style, tone and content covered. Yeah, what kind of videos ARE you producing? I'd like to see, discuss and advise you on what you could be producing for your YouTube channel and how to produce them. I have a "producer's mind" when we talk about this; not just a YouTube coach's perspective.

  • Video recording equipment and video recording/editing software. What do you have and what are you using to accomplish these tasks? I might need to make some recommendations to help you in this area. No worries. Let's discuss and I'll show you how to use the video recording/editing software.

  • Creating amazing looking thumbnails for your videos using Canva.com like I do. We'll also go into how to upload your videos to your YouTube channel and how to save time doing so by setting up the default upload settings for uploading videos. We'll also cover how to create playlists and sections to help organize your videos on your YouTube channel like I do on mine.

  • We'll discuss subscriber growth, stats and driving traffic to your YouTube channel once it's really ready to rock and be promoted. Let's discuss. 

  • We'll also talk about making money with your YouTube channel. There's more ways to make money with a YouTube channel besides money you make from ads that play on your videos.

  • What else can you think of where your YouTube channel is concerned? No matter, we'll discuss it if it comes up and I've got other lessons to share with you when you hire me to be your personal YouTube channel coach.


    TIME:  Typically, 1-2 hours per coaching session until the coaching plan you purchase is completed and needs to be renewed. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Typically coached via Zoom calls where we can share screens, etc.

    FEE: Fees are determined mostly based on where you are at with your YouTube channel progress thus far. Let's discuss.