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How To Prepare, Pitch  & Become A TV Guest - Share Your Expertise, Generate Leads, Grow Your Income & Credibility With TV Guest Appearances by Bart Smith

How To Prepare, Pitch

& Become A TV Guest

Share Your Expertise, Generate Leads, Grow Your Income & Credibility With TV Guest Appearances

by Bart Smith

Calling All Experts, Authors, Storytellers & Professionals! Local, national and international TV shows need you to come on to their show as a TV guest to tell your story, help set the record straight, comment on what’s happening in the news and current events, entertain audiences, talk about your new book, and … so much more!

The PROBLEM most potential TV guests have is they don’t know how to get on TV; they don’t get enough exposure to be seen by TV show personnel who are looking for TV guests; they don’t know what to do before/during/after being on a TV show as a TV guest; let alone how to maximize their time on TV shows; how to get more TV show coverage, and … so much more!


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50+ pages of pure FAQ when it comes to getting on a TV (or other type) show as TV guest expert …

This one book is a crash course in almost everything you need to know about how to prepare, pitch, get on TV shows, get asked back, and so much more. Seriously, try finding a book written like this and you won’t find it. This is your first one-stop for learning how to become a guest on practically any TV (or other type) show. Hands down!


  • Take a peek inside this amazing book on how to prepare, pitch and become a TV guest on a TV show. There’s no book like it! See for yourself and then order the paperback to be mailed to you or order the online version, which lets you read and listen to the entire book on any device.






    10 reasons why you should get on TV as a TV guest  to promote your business, what you do, share your story/experience, share your expertise and more?


    What should be your goal(s) for being a TV guest on a TV show?


    What kind of people get asked to be guests on TV shows?


    Is it hard to get on TV as a TV guest? What’s the process?


    What are your chances of getting on a TV show as a TV guest?


    Is TV even relevant anymore in the age of YouTube, social media, smart phones and the Internet?


    How many TV talk shows, news programs, and other TV programs are there where guests are needed on a regular basis?


    How many guests are needed every day to fill show slots?


    What are 10 reasons why people get asked to be a TV guest?

    QUESTION #10

    What are 5 ways you can become a TV guest on a TV show?

    QUESTION #11

    When do TV shows need and start looking for TV guests to be on their shows?

    QUESTION #12

    What can you do to help increase your chances of getting on TV as a TV guest and how long does the process take?

    QUESTION #13

    How much does it typically cost to have someone (or an agency) help you get on a TV show as a TV guest and how many shows do they usually place you on?

    QUESTION #14

    What are 10+1 ways TV people find guests for their shows?

    QUESTION #15

    Why would TV personnel prefer to look through categories on a website, such as TVGuest.com, to find potential TV guests to be on their TV show, instead of just searching for them, asking around or consulting other websites that help reporters and such?

    QUESTION #16

    What do TV personnel look for when they come across a profile of someone potentially perfect to be a TV guest on their TV show?

    QUESTION #17

    When you’re chosen to be a TV guest on a TV show, what questions should you ask prior to appearing on their show?

    QUESTION #18

    What’s the average time  you’ll be on a TV show as a TV guest?

    QUESTION #19

    What kind of notice do TV shows give you if you’re selected to be on their TV show?

    QUESTION #20

    What’s a typical show schedule  when asked to be a TV guest on a TV show?

    QUESTION #21

    Past TV guests: the good, the bad and the ugly!

    QUESTION #22

    What should you do before your TV appearance as a TV guest? How should you prepare?

    QUESTION #23

    What should you do during the TV show as a TV guest?

    QUESTION #24

    What should you do after the TV show you were on as a TV guest?

    QUESTION #25

    How do you get asked back on a TV show as a future TV guest?

    QUESTION #26

    How do you get passed around to other TV shows if your TV guest appearance on one show was successful and well-received by the audience and the host of a show you were on?

    BONUS QUESTION : How does TVRadioGuest.com help you get on TV shows as a TV guest?

    BONUS TVG TRAINING REPORT: 10 Ways To Improve Your Interview Skills Right Now For TV, Radio, Podcast Shows & Other Interviews


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

    Then, come back to this very web page to purchase the paperback, eBook or listen to the audiobook version for free on Bart's YouTube channel!


    The audio version of this book is over-the-top educational and can totally prepare you for any TV guest interview, large or small. Check out these audio samples below. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the audio book version for FREE on my YouTube Channel. Just subscribe (for FREE) and start listening!


    “When Bart asked me to read his new book, HOW TO PREPARE, PITCH & BECOME A TV GUEST, I had no idea what I was in store for. I’d been working in the TV industry for big named companies for going on 20 years. As I read every page, I said to myself, ‘Bart, how do you know all this?’ Seriously, he said everything I’d tell a potential client, but with more detail and tips that even I would never think of or even suggest. For example, having a TV guest conduct a website + sales/selling system + merchant account audit to be sure they were prepared to handle any potential bandwidth limitations or a spike in sales activity from a single TV exposure so their website or merchant account company didn’t shut down their account for false flag activity! WHO would know to tell them that? My friends in the business wouldn’t. As I kept reading, Bart covered what most TV industry professionals might know, but with one big difference, they don’t know the first thing about how to write a book, let alone write one as FAST as Bart wrote this book … in ONE WEEK! So, all I can say is, ‘Congratulations, Bart! Great job, and thank you, for writing what we all want to tell potential TV guests, but you did it so succinctly inside this book.’ What a primer for anyone wanting to be on TV and how to best prepare for a successful TV guest appearance. If you plan on being a TV guest or you’ve been one already, keep this book by your side and review it often. There are tons of great ideas in it for you to help improve your TV guest performance, hands down!” 

    Jamie Barton

    TV Client Relations & Industry Analyst, Burbank, CA

    Having been on TV before as a TV guest, had my own guest appearance on reality shows, and given tons of interviews over the years, as an author, I still learned a lot from Bart’s book, HOW TO PREPARE, PITCH & BECOME A TV GUEST. He confirmed what I know works and doesn’t work and he opened my eyes to areas that I never would have thought before. I know Bart and his work and training in many areas of business and marketing is beyond anyone I know. Anyone who reads this book is definitely in store for some serious TV guest appearance training.” 

    Hasani Pettiford

    Author/TV Reality Show Contributor, Atlanta, GA

    I’ve known Bart for more than 20 years. I remember when he came up with the idea for TVGuest.com back in 2004 . While he kept that marketing card in his back pocket, I watched him help and train so many people over the years with their books, websites, marketing and so much more. Bart cares and gives his all no matter who they are. Now that Bart has finished writing his books, I can see why now is the time to bring TVGuest.com and TVRadioGuest.com to life and to help everyone get heard, seen and become a guest on TV to help accomplish their goals. I know he’ll pour every ounce of energy he can into helping his clients and TVGuest.com members achieve success. Having been on TV talk/news shows before, I can tell you Bart’s book on how to become a TV guest is spot on and should be required reading for anyone wanting to become a TV guest on any TV show!” 

    Gayl Murphy

    Hollywood Correspondent, Hollywood, CA

    It’s very interesting how I decided to write this book. Normally, you have chapters or sections, but in this case, I thought it best to list about 25+ of the most frequently asked questions you might have, forgot to ask, don’t know to ask that relate to your becoming a TV guest on a TV show.

    I cover how to prepare to be a TV guest, what TV shows look for in the perfect TV guest, ways to maximize your time on TV as a TV guest and so much more.

    In my own way, experience, thoughts and marketing wisdom, here are those questions and how I have answered them. Read through them all. When you do, I known you’ll absolutely be that much more prepared and informed on specifically how to market yourself as a TV guest and attract TV shows to invite you to tell your story, share your expertise and more. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

    So, check it out and I hope this book helps you just as much as it’s helped me – become a TV guest on TV shows!