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Break Through Personal B.S. To Achieve Less Stress & Greater Life Fulfillment


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Break Through Personal B.S. To Achieve Less Stress & Greater Life Fulfillment

Presented by Bart Smith


Here’s the talk that will set your audience FREE of B.S. in their life like I am! This talk is about LIFE and the PERSONAL B.S. we all encounter and how (yours truly) breaks through it all to a healthier, lethally confident, stress-free me, which can also be YOU TOO after reading or listening to this presentation! It's all based off Bart's book, B.S. The Book: Your How To Guide On Breaking Through "Personal B.S." 


Here's what your audience will learn during this presentation on this topic:

  • Why and how did I write B.S. The Book, what sections of life do I cover, so you know the main areas to watch out for when it comes to people and life dropping their B.S. on you causing you stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, broken hearts, ... you name it!

  • Let's first dive into some tips on avoiding HEALTH B.S. For example, I redesigned the Food Pyramid. Allow to share with you what I eat and drink to help me avoid certain health problems.

  • Then, we'll dive into a great number of SELF-HELP B.S. I love this section, as I go into so many B.S.-busting attitudes and philosophies that help me avoid B.S. in my daily life, especially where PEOPLE are concerned. For example, "F' the rest, you're the best," and "I'm not paid to be your therapist," and "Trust no one, suspect everyone," and my "F.M. program" to help get others out of your life and mind, and so much more. 

  • Another great section I wrote about inside B.S. The Book, is on FAITH B.S. Not that having faith (in anything is B.S.). Rather, it's B.S. if you have faith in NOTHING. That said, you'll love some of the life wisdom points I make in the areas of faith and more.

  • Then, we dive into a few of my favorite RELATIONSHIP B.S. tips and advice on how to deal with friends, family, relatives, co-workers and even strangers. You're gonna love the advice I give in this section.

  • ... and so much more! This is going to be a jam-packed / info-packed talk for sure!


    TIME: 45 Minutes. Can be longer if you want or shorter too. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Can be presented online via Zoom/webinar or live, in-person. Let's discuss.

    FEE: No fee for this talk if online via Zoom/webinar. Traveling to your location, and making this presentation in-person may incur fees. Let's discuss.


    Contact Bart's office to see if he has a calendar opening to speak to your group on this topic (and possibly others). Your inquiry will surely receive a prompt reply. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST.