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Hope On The Outside -- Ensure You Have Every Chance To Succeed On The Outside With What You Learn Inside This Book! by Bart Smith

Hope On The Outside

Ensure You Have Every Chance To Succeed On The Outside With What You Learn Inside This Book!

by Bart Smith

This book aims to reduce the recidivism rates for millions of men and women when it comes to their being released only to wind up back in jail. What’s in it is amazing! I go into topics not covered by other books on the subject let alone provided to such individuals in rehabilitation programs.

This book is written for those who are being released from prison, from halfway houses or from home confinement with the aim to ease their transition back into the community — so they will not go straight from prison to freedom and then back to prison again.

This book really stands to have a positive impact, not just on those it aims to help, but their friends and families too. Everyone close to them can help them succeed with the help of this book.


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So much wisdom, guidance and direction in one book for those who really need "hope" on the outside (of jail, correction facilities, half-way houses, etc.) ...

Hope On The Outside is a collection of thoughtfully chosen attitudes, perspectives and outlooks to help anyone on their way out of prison or while in halfway houses and gives both men and women that extra special edge at a new life with real HOPE ON THE OUTSIDE.


  • Take a peek inside this amazing, thoughtful and caring book! Inside Inside Hope On The Outside , you will find over 100 very specific and very helpful tips, ideas, tactics, strategies on life, mental approaches to topics men and women grapple with on the inside to help them prepare for when they're on their way out. See for yourself and then order the paperback or read it online via Kindle. You can also listen to it on any device!


  • Inside this one-of-a-kind book, the men and women who need it most are about to get a huge dosage of positive, motivational and healthy instruction and life guidance no other training program could ever give them. Inside this book, there are these sections covering these subjects in bite-sized, memorable, and actionable steps to achieve their greatest amount of HOPE ON THE OUTSIDE!

    STEP #1
    Forgive Yourself

    STEP #2
    Make This Vow Now

    STEP #3
    Write This Particular Letter

    STEP #4
    Get Spiritual/Religious!

    STEP #5
    Vow You’ll Stay Away From Trouble

    STEP #6
    Start Taking Classes!

    STEP #7
    Get Clean If You Have To

    STEP #8
    Work Out, Exercise & Get In Shape!

    STEP #9
    Self-Esteem & Confidence

    STEP #10
    Can’t Find A Job? Start A Business!

    STEP #11
    Mentor Someone Older/Younger

    STEP #12
    Pick Up These Skills & Knowledge

    STEP #13
    Income, Getting Paid & More

    STEP #14
    Money & How You Make It!

    STEP #15
    Family Is Important

    STEP #16
    Get Rich Quick Schemes & Their B.S.

    STEP #17
    Relationships With Others

    STEP #18
    Get Help From These Organizations

    STEP #19
    Start Reading These Self-Help Books

    STEP #20
    Keep A Journal Of Thoughts/Ideas

    STEP #21
    Plan Your Life (Like A Business)

    STEP #22
    Learn To Be Patient

    STEP #23
    Unemployment In Your Area?

    STEP #24
    Create Your Own Goals On “The Inside”

    STEP #25
    Book Reading Goals On “The Inside”

    STEP #26
    Attire You Wear On “The Outside”

    STEP #27
    Banking / Financial

    STEP #28
    Starting Your Own Business

    STEP #29
    Computers / Software

    STEP #30

    STEP #31
    Legalities, The Law, Etc.

    STEP #32
    Etiquette / Manners

    STEP #33
    Health: How’s Your Health?

    STEP #34
    Real Estate Investing

    STEP #35

    STEP #36

    STEP #37
    Your Personal Taxes

    STEP #38

    STEP #39
    You Have Value, Too!

    STEP #40

    STEP #41
    Learn An Instrument

    STEP #42
    Business Ideas

    STEP #43
    You Don’t Have To Tell Anyone

    STEP #44
    Your Language / Tone You Use

    STEP #45
    Be Your Own Best Friend, First

    STEP #46
    Find A Positive / Special Cause

    STEP #47
    Read American Literature Classics

    STEP #48
    News Outlets I Trust & Like

    STEP #49
    Still Got Time To Serve?

    STEP #50
    Act, Write, Direct, Produce ...

    STEP #51
    Give Yourself Daily Homework

    STEP #52
    You Have To Want To Change!

    STEP #53
    How Can You Reduce Time Inside?

    STEP #54
    Honestly? No One Really Cares!

    STEP #55
    Drugs = No More, Ever Again!

    STEP #56
    Network On “The Outside”

    STEP #57
    Anti-Social Personality?

    STEP #58
    Life On The Outside

    STEP #59
    Think Before You Speak

    STEP #61
    Helping Others Helps Erase The Past

    STEP #62
    Get Creative

    STEP #63
    Pick Out A Charity & Help Them

    STEP #64
    Write To Others Inside & Outside

    STEP #65
    Improvement Is Up To You 99.9%

    STEP #66
    Get Healthy!

    STEP #67
    Prepare To Find Love & To Love

    STEP #68
    Employment & High-Paying Jobs

    STEP #69
    Get A Computer (What To Buy!)

    STEP #70
    Race, Ethnicity, Color Etc.

    STEP #71
    Don’t Pick Fights With Anyone

    STEP #72
    15 Minutes Of Fame Aren’t Worth It!

    STEP #73
    Get Tech Savvy

    STEP #74
    Get Financial Savvy

    STEP #75
    Make A List

    STEP #76
    Stay Busy / Don’t Slow Down

    STEP #77
    You’ve Only Got One Shot To Make This Work!

    STEP #78
    Positive Dreams Of The Future

    STEP #79
    Die-Hard Dedication, You Have!

    STEP #80
    Don’t Waste Your Money

    STEP #81
    Turn Your Pain Into Profit $$$$

    STEP #82
    Improve Your Writing Skills

    STEP #83
    Volunteer In Where You’re At

    STEP #84
    How You Carry Yourself

    STEP #85
    It’s Okay To Fail To Success

    STEP #86
    Don’t Listen To Other People Who

    STEP #87
    Work On A Sense Of Humor

    STEP #88
    Moms & Dads

    STEP #89
    Team Up

    STEP #90
    Show Your Future Employer This...

    STEP #91
    Vision Board Time

    STEP #92
    Write 3-5 Things You’re Grateful For

    STEP #93
    Help Others In Your Shoes

    STEP #94
    Hope For The Future

    Can you just imagine the mindset and preparedness any man or woman might have after reading this book? How about listening to it, read by the author himself, as they lay there contemplating their plans once they get out of where they're serving their time? Exactly! Success is a mindset and without the right information going into mindset, anyone can be left wondering what they're going to do and be saddled with NO HOPE! Well, HOPE ON THE OUTSIDE plans to turn those fears and questions into action and hope so these men and women do have their best chance to succeed with HOPE ON THE OUTSIDE!


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

    Then, come back to this very web page to purchase the paperback, eBook or listen to the audiobook version for free on Bart's YouTube channel!


  • I also recorded this book in audio format so you can listen to it as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. Check out this audio sample below. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the entire audiobook for FREE on my YouTube Channel. Just subscribe (for FREE) and start listening!


  • "Having worked with people who are on the inside and those in halfway houses and on the outside who were released recently from prison, I have to say that Bart's book is the best book on the market today to help these people. Yes, there are great programs and people who care. But, nobody sums it up better than Bart's book, Hope on The Outside. He covers so many topics and with laser precision as to what to do about everything related to so many topics. An amazing job, Bart. Bart's book is extremely motivating to the reader, to say the least." -- Kim A., Non-Profit Document Preparer, Pasadena, CA

    I have to say having spent time in jail for some crimes I did commit, and I have since paid my dues, Bart's book is perfect for anyone in my shoes who might need guidance, wisdom, and direction as to how to deal with spending time in jail and getting out. Psychologically, mentally or emotionally, Bart covers so many topics inside Hope On The Outside and he gets right to the point. There's no wishy-washy airy fairy talk here. He strikes a chord with exactly what needs to be said to give people like me 'hope on the outside.'" -- Ki'Anna, Hair Dresser, Carson City, NV

    "Having spent six months in a GA state facility about 10 years ago, and not knowing what my plans were once I got out, even though it's been many years and I have made a success of my life, I wish I would have had Bart's book when I was on the inside. I would been 10 times farther down my road of success than I am today. Bart, this is a beautiful book and needs to be in the hands of every man and woman Inside and even those on the outside who were just released. Being inside any type of correctional facility doesn't really prepare you for surviving and succeeding on the outside. You're just taken away from society so you don't do any more harm to the public. This book is a must-read for every man and woman on the inside to help give them real hope on the outside. Again great book, Bart." -- Alicia N., Professional Chef, Riverside, CA

    "I remember Bart telling me about this book and I thought to myself, he's never been to prison. Then, I thought, Bart knows a lot about what it takes to not only stay out of jail, but also to be a model citizen. That's why he wrote and I commend him for it." -- Connie Q., Business Woman, Placentia, CA


  • I wrote this book to help curb recidivism rates among men and women coming out of today’s facilities, which are supposedly intended to help rehabilitate them for a better life on the outside. Here’s my contribution to this matter.

    What motivated me to write this book? I think it was all the Lockup (and similar) TV programs I used to watch (back in the early 2000's) that depicted rehabilitation programs and training programs that, to me, were just so insufficient for truly preparing men and women for when the time came for them to be released into the public outside. For example, "You know you're going to have to get a job, right?" one trainer said. One of the inmates then replied, "There are no jobs where I live." The trainer had NO RESPONSE! 

    At that time, I was a very successful web designer working from home. NONE of my web clients would ever know (or care) if I had 100 felonies or a record. They just loved my work and paid me. Where's that kind of training? You know, technology? Software? Working from home? Services you can provide where clients don't care if you have a record unlike your average company out there who do discriminate against those with a record. You get my drift. I thought to do something about it. 

    The title itself, by the way, hit me strong during this book-planning stage. I mean, these people have little HOPE on the outside, I thought, when they get there because they don't have the kind of mental, emotional, intellectual and skillset training or support they really need to succeed. So, I love that title, Hope On The Outside . It is what everyone coming out of these facilities needs. HOPE, among other things, for sure.

    Being a trainer, author, researcher, life philosopher, motivational speaker, and someone who's extremely proficient with several different software programs and someone who's maintained a living outside of a job for more than 30 years (haven't had a W2 since 92) it made sense for me to put together a book like this to give "hope" to those men and women who, in my opinion, weren't getting it.

    Essentially, I put together a collection of positive and life-affirming attitudes, philosophies, mental approaches and more to some of the most pressing issues facing these men and women while they wait to be released. I tried to cover topics and areas that no other rehabilitation program or book would or could even think to cover or perhaps they didn't covered very well. I do believe that my book gives men and women on the way out, and their families as well, true HOPE ON THE OUTSIDE.