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Interview Bart Smith About His Book 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets by Bart Smith

251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets

Both Men & Women Have With Dating, Sex & Marriage & How To Avoid Them

by Bart Smith

Have you ever done (or didn’t do) something in a relationship you were in with someone that you regretted? What were your circumstances? Heartbreak is painful and stress and misery can be hazardous to your mind and your body. 

If you knew what to avoid when starting a new relationship or the pitfalls of getting into a marriage without planning or preparation, wouldn’t you want to know more about these things? 

Regrets can be a good thing, especially when you can see value in learning from your mistakes, but regrets aren’t just about what you did. One can also regret not having done something.

Inside this book, which was actually going to be a part of FIND THE ONE FOR ME, I go into 251+ regrets men and women have in relation to dating, having sex, having kids, and getting married. This book is actually quite “haunting”, in my opinion.

To read 251+ regrets people have in their relationships is a lot. Each one really makes you think and makes you NOT WANT TO REPEAT what the other person went through. Or, for some, it’s confirmation, “Yep, that’s what I went through … check, check, check …”


They say, if you don’t learn from the mistakes of your past (or the experiences of others), you’re doomed to experience them sooner or later and even repeat them. Well, no one wants to regret anything especially in the areas of dating, having sex and/or getting married, right? Those regrets can weigh heavily on the heart, consume your thoughts, rob you of your finances, and zap your energy when you could be pursuing happier moments in your life with someone better suited for you.

No matter what your situation is, where regrets are concerned, you are NOT alone! We ALL regret doing (or not doing) something in our relationship experiences. We’re ALL human after all. The objective here would be NOT TO REPEAT WHAT YOU OR OTHERS HAVE EXPERIENCED. Trust yourself to do what’s right and don’t have any regrets.

Well, my next guest wrote a book called 251+ DATING & RELATIONSHIP REGRETS, in which (inside his book) you will learn in detail what others went through and what they regret about the decisions they did (or didn’t) make that resulted in wasted time, lies, money, heartache, verbal/emotional/physical abuse and more! Are regrets avoidable? To some degree, absolutely. Learning what others went through and how they recovered and moved on is why I wrote this book and why you should read it, learn from it, and apply it! Please help me welcome, Bart Smith.


251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets author, BART SMITH, shares his outlooks on life, experiences, romantic philosophies, deep research and sharp observations in the areas of health, loving, and happy relationships.

His intent? To encourage every man or woman to have high levels of optimism that there REALLY IS SOMEONE out there for EVERYONE! He believes that with the right preparation and open communication, singles using the principles found inside his books will be empowered with new dating and relationship skills.

For more than two decades, Bart continues to hold true to the ideals he shares with others. He’s also witnessed significant improvement in the lives of those he has spent time with whether one-on-one or in a group format.

Much like his boo, Laws Of The Bedroom, Bart’s content is grounded in real life experiences and responses are authentic. He makes you feel that there’s hope for you, shows you that he understands your problems, and takes you to a whole new level in your relationships that you’ll want to experience with the one for you.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : How did this book come about?

Q2 : How did you come up with 251+ dating and relationship regrets?

Q3 : How many people do you think experience regret in their lives or relationships?

Q4 : Are regrets avoidable? Can they be prevented? If so, how?

Q5 : How do you deal with regret when/after you experience it?

Q6 : What would be the top 10 regrets people have when it comes to being in a relationship, having sex and/or getting married?

Q7 : What are some of the regrets that stand out to you that you mention in your book? Can you give us some real tough regrets people have had?

Q8 : What are three of the biggest regrets people should always watch out for?

Q9 : What is your recommendation for people wanting to get into a relationship with someone, or have sex, or get married. What do you want them to do?


For more information about Bart’s book, 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets, and how to purchase the paperback, eBook or audio version, just go to his website, BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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