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Interview Bart Smith About His Book Wake Up Ladies

Wake Up Ladies

Time Is Running Out! You're Being Erased, Replaced & Left Behind! Save Your Love Life NOW!

by Bart Smith

This book's message is about preparing WOMEN for their best “relationship” future! LADIES, don't go into the future blindly. Go into it confidently armed with an abundance of knowledge and a real plan on how to land that MAN of your dreams sooner rather than later, IF, that’s a desire of yours, which for most women it is. While much of what’s mentioned inside Wake Up Ladies is directed at mainly single women in their 20s and 30s, the lessons, words and messages can also benefit men as well. 

Even parents and older men and women can find many reasons to share this book with those in their life who it might help. Then, please, do!


MEN, in particular, are waking up and walking away from the dating game in droves and never entering relationships with women. Why so? Mainly due to how they’ve been treated by women today and by society at large.

Men don’t feel needed. “I don’t need a man, I’m strong and independent,” says the modern day woman. Men are told they’re the enemy. “Men are toxic and should be avoided. Go away creep.” Among other negative and even psychologically detrimental statements made to men to make them feel like trying their hand at the dating and marriage game with women is not even worth the squeeze (any more).

Where does this leave WOMEN? Alone, on their own, for years and years on end, and maybe even used just for sex. Is that what women want? I don’t think so (for the majority of women out there) and deep down, they don’t want to be alone either. So, someone must come forward with the right kind of message and overall game plan for these types of women to grasp, see the light and ultimately wake up to what’s real or else?

Face a lifetime of loneliness, remaining single, used, broke, abandoned, childless, and on their own, if not erased, invisible and forgotten. Never before has their been more single men and women looking for love only to wind up going nowhere fast. Ladies, specifically, time to WAKE UP to what’s really going on, how you’re coming across to men and how you can change the entire narrative on dating and relationships for the better between men and women → FOREVER!


Author of six other relationship books, 27 total books, Bart Smith, has written an amazing, one-of-a-kind dating and relationship book for women in their 20s and 30s with an urgent message for them about their “dating/marriage” future!

Specifically, stop wasting time, stop living your life according to lies and wake up! Men are walking away from dating and marriage in droves. At the rate you’re going, in 5-10 years, many of you will be alone, single and without a good man in sight to love you. Please welcome, Bart Smith.


Q1 : WHAT inspired you to write this book? This book is HUGE at 486 pages total. Yikes! The cover too, explain to me each of the different elements you mentioned, such as: Time is running out, women are being lied to, replaced, erased, left behind. How their future relationship existence includes being single for years on end, used, childless (for many), broke, lonely, ignored and forgotten. WHOA! Really?

Q2 : WHERE did you get your research from? How did you go about collecting all this data?

Q3 : Let’s go over the contents of this book. You cover so much. Let’s first start with the Table Of Contents. How did you go about deciding what to write about in this book and in the order you did?

Q4 : Why are there problems today in dating and relationships? Is there a gender war going on between men and women? 

Q5 : What, specifically, can MEN do to help fix the problems we’re seeing today with women's ill behavior towards men and wanting to be in a relationship?

Q6 : Are men to blame for any of the problems happening with women’s behavior and the problems associated with dating and relationships today?

Q7 : What can women do, specifically, to change these trends for the better? Are they really doomed to a lifetime of loneliness or is there hope for them?


You can learn more about Bart’s relationship book, WAKE UP LADIES, and his other relationship books by going to his website, BartSmith.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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You can listen to past interviews to get an idea on what topic you’d like to interview Bart on first, second, and third! Yes, you’ll want to book Bart for several interviews depending on your show format, how much content you need, interest in different topics, etc.

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