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Wake Up Ladies -- TIME IS RUNNING OUT! You're Being Conned, Lied To, Replaced & Left Behind! Your Future Existence: Single (For Years On End), Used, Childless (For The Majority), Broke, Lonely, Ignored & Forgotten! Better Save Your Love Life Now! by Bart Smith

Wake Up Ladies

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! You're Being Conned, Lied To, Replaced & Left Behind! Your Future Existence: Single (For Years On End), Used, Childless (For The Majority), Broke, Lonely, Ignored & Forgotten! Better Save Your "Love Life" Now!

by Bart Smith

Author of six other relationship books, has written a one-of-a-kind relationship book for women in their 20s/30s with an urgent message about their “dating/marriage” future! Specifically, stop wasting time, stop living your life according to lies and wake up!

Men are walking away from dating and marriage in droves. At the rate you’re going, in 5-10 years, many of you will be alone, single and without a good man in sight to love you. Inside Wake Up Ladies you’ll learn ...


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496 pages of dating and relationship wisdom and warnings for women ...

Talk about your meat and potatoes of relationship books. Every young woman, ages 15-35+ should read this book with intense focus. NO ONE is going to tell you (ladies) like it is and with so much knowledge to back it up.


  • Ladies, take a peek inside this insightful book on your love life, sex, marriage, starting a family, and so much more to avoid a lifetime of loneliness! Then order the paperback or the online version and read + listen to it on any device.


  • WAKE UP LADIES goes into 7 key areas of a woman's life and love life that she needs to be aware of:

    Who Is This Book For & Why Did I Write It?

    How To Read This Book

    Message From The Author


    PART 1


    ❏ Where Do We Even Start? The Current Dating Scene!

    ❏ Are Women Happy Today? Are Women Being Mislead?

    ❏ Are Women Oversexualizing Themselves?

    ❏ What Are The Current State Of Affairs In The Dating?

    ❏ Today's Modern Woman

    ❏ Masculine Women + Soy Boys Don’t Help Women

    ❏ Have Men Given Up On Women And Dating Them?

    ❏ The War Against Men & Boys

    ❏ Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

    ❏ Are Women Driving Good Men Away?

    ❏ Did Women Kill Chivalry?

    ❏ Why Do Children, Women & Society Need Men?

    ❏ Men Aren't Off The Hook

    ❏ Have Women Become Their Own Worst Enemy?

    ❏ Do Women Really Know What They Want?

    ❏ 10 Things Women Should Be Afraid Of

    ❏ Erasing Women, Motherhood, Fatherhood & Children

    ❏ Future Predictions That Don't Look So Great

    ❏ Wisdom & Realities For Women To Adhere To

    PART 2


    ❏ Ladies, What You Need To Know About Men, What They're ❏ Saying, What They Think, What They’re Doing & More

    PART 3


    ❏ Confessions, Observations, Truths & Realities About Life, Love & Relationships Among Men & Women


    PART 4


    ❏ C’mon, You Have To Laugh At These!


    PART 5

    ❏ Debunking Definitions & Meanings, Feminism, Money, OnlyFans & Porn, Passport Bros, Brainwashing & Indoctrination, Politics, Terms To Stop Using & So Much More


    PART 6


    ❏ Regrets, Relationship Advice, Having Children, Sex & Self-Assessment


    PART 7


    ❏ Your Timeline, Staying Single & Getting Married


    Just looking over these topics you can imagine how rich this book is for the soul of a woman to digest, process and live out a life that is in her best interest and not those who wish to brainwash her, control her, and ultimately destroy her potential to lead the kind of life she was meant to have.


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book to read in-hand.


  • I'm currently in the process of recording this book. So, please check back from time to time to check on my progress. In the meantime, you can find other relationship audiobooks on my YouTube channel.


  • So, Wake Up Ladies is a brand new book I just wrote and is in the hands of people right now reading it. That said, the following reviews are what I expect people to say about it. Yes, I’m a mind reader. ;-) I do believe though if you read through these testimonials you’ll find many of them make perfect sense about a book like this and the messages herein.

    “This isn’t just a book women should read, it’s a LIFE MANUAL EVERY WOMAN should read! As soon as a woman is old enough to go out on dates, have a boyfriend, get engaged, get married, have children she needs to read this book cover to cover before she sets one foot outside her house. She would be doing both herself and every other man and woman a huge favor. Society, as well as the dating game, just might be savable with Wake Up Ladies.”

    “Every woman should read this book, but they won’t. They’ll stop a few sentences in and lazily reply with some reactionary statement that the author ‘hates women.’ I’d beg to differ. The author knows more about women and what’s in their best interest in the long run than they know what brand of lip liner to put on. Whether their egos won’t let them read past the first page, or they think too highly of themselves, what these women need is a huge ginormous slice of humble pie with no whipped cream on top. Oh, and no cherry. Today’s modern woman is lost, self-absorbed and egocentric to the core; only thinking of herself, without any regard for the feelings or desires of others. God help us all.”

    “I am so sick of the gender wars driving us all further apart and all the fighting, finger-pointing and name calling. What I like about Wake Up Ladies is that it speaks up for men (who are absolutely demonized in today's society) and offers women a plethora of great life and relationship advice (they need to hear) that will stand the test of time. It's up to them to cross over those sections, consider Bart’s advice and act on it. I know the future man in her life will appreciate her living out what's talked about inside this book, no doubt.”

    "Hold strong gentlemen. What’s currently going on today with the modern women, as in, her making all these demanding and insane standards is not sustainable. Something is going to give way and their whole shtick is going to come crumbling down. Probably thanks to this book, Wake Up Ladies."

    “A lot of women won’t like this, but no woman gives good dating advice, not to men or to women. To women it’s always, “You're a queen! You deserve better.” To men, it’s just, “Be yourself and overcome your childhood trauma.” Ladies, if you’re serious about dating and relationships, ONLY take advice from MEN. Why? Men will be straight up honest with you and admit men ARE part of the problem, but not the whole problem. Women will tell you it's all men’s fault or men are useless and women can do no wrong. Yeah, sure, always believe the woman, right? Not any more.“

    “What I like about Wake Up Ladies is that it taught me more about myself and it helped improve my chances on finding a man, and it also kind of let me know what other women are doing to further hinder my chances of finding a good man because there are certain types of women out there who are driving men away for good and I want a good man in my life. So when I say, ‘where are all the good men,’ I can say a lot of bad women drove them away.”

    “Ladies take notes, as the advice you're about to read inside Wake Up Ladies will save your love life. Don't play the role of the man claiming you're strong and independent. You may have those qualities, just don't advertise them. They’re repulsive to men.”

    “I’m just glad I lived during the best of times (70s/80s/90s) during my school and young adult years (20s/30s). Good luck to this younger generation. You are going to need all the help you can get. Ladies, read Bart's book, be scared, but grateful you got this message now and not when you’re 40, single, no kids and a cat.”

    "Bart, you're going to be hated for sure. You make too much sense. If this book doesn't motivate women to get their act straight, it'll be the catalyst that motivates every last man to never interact with a modern woman ever again. Leaving every single woman who's got an attitude behind will leave them lonely and feeling abandoned for life. They made their bed, and now they have to lie in it … alone.“

    “This book is going to wake up half the women in this world and piss off the other half. When that happens, half of the women will seek love while the others wallow in their deranged and bitter loneliness and hate for the truth. If the truth hurts, well, so be it.”

    “Protect this guy at all costs! Great job, Bart. You’re telling it like it is and with so much depth. Wake Up Ladies will help so many women help improve their love lives and the lives of men they enter into relationships with. Thank you for writing Wake Up Ladies. No doubt, women today need to wake up or be left behind, which is what’s happening now.”

    “Women today say men are ‘insecure’ as to why men are leaving the dating world and women behind. Men are NOT insecure. They’re waking up to what’s real and saying, ‘Nah, I’ll pass.’"

    This book's message is about preparing WOMEN for their best “relationship” future! LADIES, don't go into the future blindly. Go into it confidently armed with an abundance of knowledge and a real plan on how to land that MAN of your dreams sooner rather than later, IF, that’s a desire of yours, which for most women it is. While much of what’s mentioned inside Wake Up Ladies is directed at mainly single women in their 20s and 30s, the lessons, words and messages can also benefit men as well. Even parents and older men and women can find many reasons to share this book with those in their life who it might help. Then, please, do!

    MEN, in particular, are waking up and walking away from the dating game in droves and never entering relationships with women. Why so? Mainly due to how they’ve been treated by women today and by society at large. Men don’t feel needed. “I don’t need a man, I’m strong and independent,” says the modern day woman. Men are told they’re the enemy. “Men are toxic and should be avoided. Go away creep.” Among other negative and even psychologically detrimental statements made to men to make them feel like trying their hand at the dating and marriage game with women is not even worth the squeeze (any more).

    Where does this leave WOMEN? Alone, on their own, for years and years on end, and maybe even used just for sex. Is that what women want? I don’t think so (for the majority of women out there) and deep down, they don’t want to be alone either. So, someone must come forward with the right kind of message and overall game plan for these types of women to grasp, see the light and ultimately wake up to what’s real or else? Face a lifetime of loneliness, remaining single, used, broke, abandoned, childless, and on their own, if not erased, invisible and forgotten. Never before has their been more single men and women looking for love only to wind up going nowhere fast. Ladies, specifically, time to WAKE UP to what’s really going on, how you’re coming across to men and how you can change the entire narrative on dating and relationships for the better between men and women → FOREVER! 

    This book was not designed to be read cover to cover, per se. No, instead, treat this book like an Almanac or an Encyclopedia of sorts. As in, feel free to jump around to different sections that interest you. Read a little bit, learn a little bit, then jump around some more. Sure, you could read the book cover to cover, and in that case, YES, do start with PART 1: LADIES, BE SCARED. I think that section really sets the tone for the whole book and it introduces a lot of topics that I go deeper into throughout the book. So, even if you do jump around, yes, be sure to read PART 1 first. After you've gotten the gist of what this book covers, curiosity might set in and make you want to read the whole book from start to finish. There's so much valuable information here for women (and men). After coming across any number of real-life gems, insightful nuggets, thoughtful philosophies, real-to-life truisms, thoughts to ponder and male/female psychological eye-openers, why not read the whole book so you don’t miss a word! On that note, let’s begin, shall we?