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Interview Bart Smith About His Coaching Client Forms

Coaching Client Forms, Logs & Agreement Contracts

by Bart Smith 

Every coach (i.e., life, personal and/or business coach) needs their own set of customized coaching/client agreement/assessment forms to help run a successful coaching business.

Because many coaches, and those who aspire to be coaches, don’t have such forms or know how to create them, I have taken the time to create (and share) the same ones I use with you.

Each coaching form can be opened with Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice® and edited to your liking. These forms come straight out of my book, Rich Coach Broke Coach, ready for you to customize with your company name, contact information, etc.


Every coaching agreement, form, log, contract and certificate has its own very unique and distinct purpose.  Depending on the nature of your coaching business, you might use one or more specific forms and have no need for certain forms. Let’s go over each form to see if it might be relevant to your coaching business.

1. Welcome Letter

2. Coaching Client Agreement

3. Client Intake Form

4. Client Self-Assessment Form

5. Free Coaching Gift Certificates

6. Free Coaching Session Agreement

7. Coaching Session Preparation Form

8. Coaching Session Summary Forms

9. Client Call Record (For The Coach)

10. The Wheel Of Life Form

11. Goals & Action Questions

12. Coaching Period Summary Forms

13. Client Feedback/Testimonial Form

14. Coaching / Speaking Hour Log (Excel)

What forms do you feel you need? What forms do you think you wish you were using right now.  Don’t wait another minute. Get Bart’s coaching forms, agreements, logs and certificates and start running a more efficient coaching business. Each form is customizable with your own business name and contact information. You can even customize the wording on each form.


Bart Smith, is the author of  Rich Coach Broke Coach  and  150+ Mistakes Coaches Make . With those two books on coaching, he also created 14 coaching forms, agreements, coaching contracts and logs every coach should be using with their coaching business. Bart saw weaknesses in four key areas where coaches really suffer: business practice, marketing and self-promotion, finding and enrolling clients and making money. As a result,  Rich Coach Broke Coach  was born along with his coaching forms.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : Why should coaches use your forms, agreements, coaching logs and other contracts in their coaching practice?

Q2 : What happens to coaches who DON’T use any forms or contacts at all?

Q3 : What are the types of forms, agreements, contracts, logs and other documents coaches should be using according to your suggestions?

Q4 : Can coaches create these forms themselves? Is it hard or easy to do? What’s involved?

Q5 : If a coach doesn’t want to create these forms themselves, can they get them through you?

Q6 : What do they have to do to get your forms and can they buy them individually or in a bundle?

Q7 : What do coaches do with your forms once they get them?

Q8 : How do coaches go about getting your forms? What website do they go to and what are the procedures?

Q9 : Are you available to help coaches customize the forms you’ve created?

Q10 : Are you available for coaching one-on-one or mentoring?


Bart’s coaching forms and agreements, as well as his coaching books (both Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make ) can all be found at his website BartSmith.com and  CoachingClientForms.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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