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Interview Bart Smith About His Romance / Erotica Novel Fantasy Boyfriend

Fantasy Boyfriend

Romantic Fantasies, Stories & Erotic Adventures For Women (Romance Erotica)

by Bart Smith

WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS inside and outside of the bedroom, but just didn’t know love like this (and being made love to) could be this good, this deep, this satisfying! Really, ask yourself, ladies, when was the last time you experienced 20 orgasms in a single week or ever? When was the last time your man whispered, ‘I love you,’ or ‘I got you’, in your ears nightly while he held you all night long? Does he make you laugh and smile all day and all night? Do you feel protected in his strong arms? Does he pick you up every now and then and carry you off to the bedroom from time to time? Does he go out of his way to do things for you, making your life a little easier so you can spend that extra energy on him? Your fantasy boyfriend really knows how to love you with a single touch of his hand, a brushing kiss upon your lips and deep, long gazes into your eyes!

Oh, you also like spending time with him on that remote, paradise island where you both can run naked on the private beach you’re at; making love under the nearest palm tree any hour of the day. That’s what having a fantasy boyfriend is like. 

Fantasy Boyfriend by Bart Smith (Back Cover)

Of course, he’s more than fun and frolicking between the sheets. You can talk to him about anything and he’ll listen and even offer up solid solutions on the spot. That makes you love him even more as he kisses the sides of your mouth and lips as you share what’s on your mind over another round of sweet pillow talk. This very special man truly is your ... FANTASY BOYFRIEND!


Folks, there's trouble in the house of love out there when it comes to dating. Is romance dead? Is dating dead? Do people just want to hook up or are they still looking for the one for them to live a romantic life paired up in love and future happy matrimony? Well, it all starts with hope that love and romance still exists. My next guest wrote a book called Fantasy Boyfriend, for women, specifically, to learn how love and romance does still exists and exactly how they should be treated.


My next guest, Bart Smith, is the author of 27 books, seven of which are books about relationships. He's also written a fabulous full-color cookbook called Who's Hungry? He makes the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies, and now he's written his first romance erotica novel called  Fantasy Boyfriend. Ladies, this one was written just for you, he says, although men can learn a lot from it on how to please a woman (inside and outside) of the bedroom, oh, yes indeed! Folks, please help me welcome my next guest, Bart Smith.


Suggested interview questions:

Q1 : You've written 20+ books all in the non-fiction, self-help genre , what motivated you to write a romance novel, let alone, romance erotica and what is that genre specifically, "romance erotica ?" It sounds like SEX! Is it?

Q2 : What makes your romance (erotica) novel different from other romance (erotica) novels today?

Q3 : Most romance novels are written by women and not men. Why do you think that is and what do you think you contribute to writing romance (erotica) that gives you an advantage being that you're a male writing for this genre?

Q4 : Say something romantic! Give us a few examples in the book that stand out as being really romantic which you think women would love to know about that's in the book?

Q5 : Say something sexy! Give our listeners a few examples of some of the hot scenes in the book. In fact, there's no intercourse in the book, I found out, why is that and why does the male character spend most, if not all, of his time and energy giving her multiple orgasms and in so many different positions, might I add? 

Q6 : You say in the book, in the Introduction specifically, that you wrote the book in relation to today's dismal dating climate and the dilemmas men and women face today. Is romance really dead? Is love dead? Is dating dead? Are people only hooking up or are they home alone waiting and wondering when will they find and fall in love and meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Q7 : Why did you (think it was important to) teach about relationships, dating, sex and romance through writing romantic (erotica) fiction and story-telling? 

Q8 : In the book, the male character spends a lot of time pleasuring the female character, almost 90% of the time. Tell us about that and why does he take care of her sexual needs before his? Should men do that in their own relationships with women when they first meet and get to know each other? Oh, tell me about the "orgasm gap" too!

Q9 : The male also does all the cooking for the two of them. Tell us about some of the dishes he cooks for her. You actually have a cookbook, called Who's Hungry?, where you make those exact dishes? Tells us about your cookbook and how his cooking for her turns her on!

Q10 : In the book, the female character has never met a man like this. Her past dating life is really painful, depressing and just looks like there's no hope of her finding love and she'll die alone. Do a lot of women feel like that today? Tell us about her character and why she finds him so fascinating and should all women look for a man like this? What makes him stand out?

Q11 : What's interesting is that you have a section in the book called PART 3: MENTAL REALIZATIONS SHE GOES THROUGH (in his absence) mentally, physically, psychologically, sexually, etc. What is she learning about herself and him when she spends time away from him? Why does she feel tortured without him when she doesn't get to have sex with him? You say she goes through painful sexual withdrawals! What's that about? In fact, tell us about the TABLE OF CONTENTS, quickly, then let's dive into PART 3. Why was this important to put this in the book?

Q12 : How does the story end? (A JOKE! DON'T ANSWER THAT!)

Q13 : What do you want the reader (both female and male) to come away with after reading (or listening) to your romance erotica novel, Fantasy Boyfriend?

Q14 : How can readers get a hold of you and do you offer coaching services or personal one-on-one time with your readers if they would like to meet you and hang out with you? How does that work and what's actually involved when you spend time with a reader, whether it's male or female? For example, do you have a service for women where you give them the "fantasy boyfriend" experience? For guys do you coach them with their personal situation if they'd like your help? Walk me through that with each, because I know you like helping people and there are so many men and women who would love to talk to you about their personal situation. You offer so much to each of them.


Bart’s romance novel, Fantasy Boyfriend, can be purchased on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle eBook format. For the audio version, go to his website: FantasyBoyfriend.com to listen to FREE samples before you purchase the audio.

Bart also offers relationship coaching if you're interested. If you'd like to talk with Bart about your situation, you can reach out to him at his website, FantasyBoyfriend.com.


To request an interview with Bart Smith, contact Bart online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST to set up an interview.

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