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Fantasy Boyfriend -- Romantic Fantasies, Stories & Erotic Adventures For Women by Bart SmithFantasy Boyfriend -- Romantic Fantasies, Stories & Erotic Adventures For Women by Bart Smith

Fantasy Boyfriend

Romantic Fantasies, Stories & Erotic Adventures For Women

by Bart Smith

WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS inside and outside of the bedroom, but just didn’t know love like this (and being made love to) could be this good, this deep, this satisfying! Really, ask yourself, when was the last time you experienced 20 orgasms in a single week or ever? When was the last time your man whispered, ‘I love you,’ or ‘I got you’, in your ears while he held you all night long? Does he make you laugh and smile all day and all night? Do you feel protected in his strong arms? Does he pick you up every now and then and carry you off to the bedroom? Does he go out of his way to do things for you, making your life a little easier so you can spend that extra energy on him? Does he really take care of your needs sexually so it’s really YOU who’s craving him more than he (needs) to crave you? Your fantasy boyfriend really knows how to love you with a single touch of his hand, a brushing kiss upon your lips and deep, long gazes into your loving eyes!

Oh, you also like spending time with him on that remote, paradise island where you both can run naked on the private beach you’re at; making love under the nearest palm tree any hour of the day. That’s what having a fantasy boyfriend is like. Of course, he’s more than fun and frolicking between the sheets. You can talk to him about anything and he’ll listen and even offer up solid solutions on the spot. That makes you love him even more as he kisses the sides of your mouth and lips as you share what’s on your mind over another round of sweet pillow talk. This very special man truly is your ... FANTASY BOYFRIEND!


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Page Count: 250

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250 pages of pure romance, suspense, smiles, orgasms, and exactly how a woman should be cared for, treated and made love to by her man ...

Fantasy Boyfriend stands to be the standard the world will come to know when it comes to how dating between men and women ought to be, should be and should get back to. Is romance dead? Is love dead? Is marriage dead? Not in the mind of the main male character in this novel. In fact, it's what he lives for. He just needs a woman to share it with. He found her, at some random coffee shop, and from there, he took her around the world and made her feel in ways she'd never felt before. He literally changes her life ... for the better!


  • Whether you get your hands on the paperback version of Fantasy Boyfriend, read it online via Kindle or listen to the audio, this is what's in store for you! There's no (romance novel) written like it. So, insightful, dream-like, fantasy-like ... women (after reading it) will say, "Where is this kind of man? I want him in my life (and in my bed) now and forever, Bart!


  • This was my first romance erotica novel. I wrote it in 3 weeks, too. With over 250 pages of loving romancing gestures on part of the guy towards the gal he meets at a random coffee shop, he takes her on story telling adventures, romantic dates, cooks dinner for her, stages their first kiss when the sunsets on the dinner yacht cruise he set up for their first date, among so much more. I don't want to give the story away!

    Oh, what's interesting about this romance novel, is PART 3 where I go into the mind of a woman and share what she's thinking, how she feels and what she experiences having spent so much quality time with this man, at his place, in his bed, on his couch, traveling with him and ... much more!

    Ladies, read this book if you want to know how you should be courted, treated, made love to and ultimately proposed to to marry! Well, if you're into that sort of thing! Guys, read this to learn what you do not know when it comes to what women want from us, dudes! This book nails it! Step by step instructions, if you know what I mean. This is, now, favorite book I've written to date! It was a lot of fun to write!

    Message From The Author

    PART 1:

    Romantic Beginnings

    • “Hello, nice to meet you. Come, sit with me ...”

    • “I’ll call you tonight ...”

    • “Our lovers meet again, same place, same table ...”

    • “Say something romantic! Take me on an adventure ...”

    • “Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?”

    • “It’s my job to sweep you off your feet ...”

    • “Candlelit dinner for two at his house; 1 plate, 1 fork ...”

    • “As morning came, so did kisses, cuddling, breakfast in bed!” • She heads home to get a few things ...

    PART 2:

    Erotic Adventures (Real & Fantasy) All Day, All Night & All Week Long

    • “Knock, knock!” She returns to his place for a few more days and nights of more loving, care, conversation, getting to know him and orgasm after orgasm after orgasm!

    • Couch Kisses, Topless Lovers & Growing Appetites

    • Dinner Is Served, One Bowl & One Set Of Chopsticks

    • Movie Night With So Much To Cum & All For Her

    • Her First, Slow, Hard, Screaming Orgasm By His Hand

    • Vitamin E Lotion Full Body & Butt Massage For Her

    • Quick Quesadilla Snack In Bed

    • Night-time Cumming Session For Her

    • Breakfast In Bed, Again

    • Double Decker Orgasm For Her Lying On Top Of Him

    • Hotel Getaway Checklist

    • Ocean-Side Jacuzzi Castle Suite Getaway

    • Wet, Oral Orgasm Satisfaction Right Between Her Legs

    • Candlelit Shower For Two + Wet Pipe Action For Him

    • Chocolate Chip Cookies Bakin' Love Session

    • Kitchen Counter Island Orgasm For Her

    • Off To The Beach, Walkabout, Dine, Sunset Kisses

    • Private Caribbean Island Getaway Adventure

    • On All Fours / Doggy-Style Cumming For Her

    • Belgian Waffle Breakfast BJ

    • Sexy Goodbye Shower Together

    PART 3:

    Random Mental, Emotional, Physical & Psychological Realizations Our Lady Has When Dating Her Fantasy Boyfriend!6.1 – Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer

    There are over 100 different realizations our lady lover has experienced having spent so much time with her fantasy boyfriend by now. They’re all worth reading as they give tremendous insight into the heart and mindset of our female character before/after she met him, as she spends time with him, how she’s now experiencing intense sexual withdrawals not seeing him, the coming cycle of friendship peaks and valleys, how she interacts with her friends and family now, comparisons to other men she’s dated, how she thought she would be alone for the rest of her life and so much more. How has he changed her life for the better? Read this section to find out exactly how! Perhaps when you meet your fantasy boyfriend, you’ll experience the exact same things or similar. Learn, be prepared and model your own romantic pursuits as our lady friend has and for these very reasons. These insights should serve to be extremely helpful to you, to say the least.

    PART 4:

    Our Love Story Continues

    Having spent some time away (on and off) from her Fantasy Boyfriend, she decides to stay over a few nights again for some more fun lovin’ good times with her honey. Well, here’s how that plays out and what happens next with her fantasy boyfriend!

    Summary & Words Of Encouragement


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

    🕮 Part 3 – Random Realizations Our Lady Has
    “I’m smiling a lot more (now that I’m seeing my fantasy boyfriend) and it’s obvious to people.

    ... and many more!!!

    Then, come back to this very web page to purchase the paperback, eBook or listen to the audiobook version for free on Bart's YouTube channel!



    I also recorded this book in audio format so you can listen to it as you lay in bed or on the couch or if you're traveling somewhere on a plane, a train or a boat, etc. You can listen to the entire 10+ hour audiobook for FREE on my YouTube Channel. Just SUBSCRIBE (for FREE) and start listening! I hope you really enjoy this audiobook. I know I did, writing it and recording it.


  • “Bart, this is a real page-turner! I couldn't stop reading it! Also, I have grown daughters who need to read this book. The guys they've been dating have not even come close to the kind of guy you write about inside Fantasy Boyfriend. I'm going to be sure they know about your book. What's more, my husband and I just love how the gentleman in your book takes care of his gal in bed with all the orgasms. My hubby and I have made notes and are ready to duplicate what you wrote about in our own bedroom. Thank you, Bart!” – Danielle P., Atlanta, GA

    “I know Bart and his ability to tell stories and he went beyond what I would ever expect him to write about inside this first romance erotica novel, Fantasy Boyfriend. I'm married and have three adult children. I'd love for my sons and daughter to read this book, Bart. They tell me the horrors of dating today. They're all approaching their late 20s and in their early 30s and I'm worried they won't find someone. At least there's hope (for the world) now that your romance novel is written. The world can regain the idea and notion of what love and romance really should be like between a man and a woman and see just how women should fall in love with a man and how he courts her. Wow, by the way, is this based on true facts and experience or written from imagination? Great work, no matter!” – Noushin, Los Angeles, CA

    I've been asking Bart to write a romance novel for a long time. I knew he could do it. I just didn't know he could REALLY do it! Oh my, I'm single and I want everything this man does inside Fantasy Boyfriend to do to me. I'm in my 50's, I take care of myself, successful, but tired of being single. I want a man in my life. Now, I know the exact kind of man I want. The kind of man Bart wrote about inside Fantasy Boyfriend. Bart, every man needs to read this book. They'll learn what women really do want inside and outside of the bedroom. Where do I meet my fantasy boyfriend? Can you help me? Maybe give me an experience? Love this book!” – Marlene, Orlando, FL

    “I'm in my mid 30's and I've had my share of very bad dates, men I've dated (who were horrible boyfriends) and even married once (and that didn't work out; he was abusive, emotionally); and so for the longest time, I thought Prince Charming didn't exist in today's world of dating. I mean, what's up with guys today? They don't look after the women they date/marry (sometimes) beyond whatever's required to get some time in the sack, if you know what I mean. Bart, your book helps paint the picture as to how a woman should be approached in public, talked to, treated, courted, taken out on a real date, kissed for the very first time, then (ultimately) made love to, and cared for and so much more. Going forward, I pledge to my self, I'll either find a man that's like the one in your book or I'll just remain single forever. I'm not kidding. You've raised the bar with how a woman should be treated by the man she (falls in love) with. I'm sharing your book with my girlfriends and giving them that same advice. Guys, you'd better shape up, read Bart's book, and start treating women with more care, romantic and loving gestures (beyond just sex) or else you can looking forward to taking care of your needs (by yourself) for the rest of your life.” – Alicia N., Riverside, CA

    “Oh my, I'm in my 40's and I've been married and dated several men in my lifetime. NO MAN has EVER done to me or treated me or talked to me in the way the gentleman does inside Fantasy Boyfriend. I would also say the men I've dated and married were very good to me, yes. BUT NOT AT THIS LEVEL! Bart, how did you know how to write like this? I mean, you go into so much detail as to how a man should romance a woman and sweep her right off her feet. How AND WHEN he should kiss her and how he makes her orgasm with only his hand and multiple times! I'd love to experience that. I've had great sex before, but not at this level of personal, focused treatment. You've set the standard for me on how I want my next boyfriend to take care of my needs. I'm going to give this book to him and make him read it. I can't wait!” – Sherry R., San Diego, CA


  • I might have said it earlier, but this is my first romance novel. I had been asked by (female) friends for a couple years to write one and I'd always thought about writing one. Just either didn't have the time or know where to start, to be honest. 

    Then, during some free time in January 2021, I just sat down and starting writing it after coming up with the title, Fantasy Boyfriend. Writing (250 pages) non-stop for three weeks straight, I finished it in record time. I have to say, it was an amazing writing experience! Writing romance fiction was so much fun!

    I love how the male character finds interest in the female character, takes his time with her, gets to know her, romances her, takes her out on a real date, plans their first kiss, they get closer having spent time on the phone talking for hours on end and over at his place ... Well, hey, I don't want to give the whole story away! You'll just have to read it to find out, right?

    BUT, as I say in the book, the self-help writer in me couldn't help but to infuse a number of lessons throughout the book as they might relate to today's dismal dating climate. Having written six other (non-fiction) relationship books, and with so many lonely single hearts out there (male and female), I just thought to express some ideas and messages across as they related to romance, love, falling in love, making love and so much more in a book like this. Sometimes, you can get a message across better with a story than you can with just telling things like it is. At least, I think so. What do you think?

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy reading Fantasy Boyfriend just as much as I enjoyed writing it! Let me know what you think after reading it in either paperback form, online via Kindle or listening to the audio version online!