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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)
Lethal Confidence Coaching with Bart Smith


Contact Bart's office for a prompt reply to see if he has a calendar opening to coach you on this coaching topic.



AFTER you've been informed you will be coaching with Bart, you might be asked to send Bart some preliminary information about yourself and your goals for coaching with Bart so you can start coaching just as soon as possible.

Do You Lack Confidence? Would You Like More? How About A LOT MORE? How About LETHAL Confidence?

Bart Smith, Lethal Confidence Coach


When it comes to confidence, how would you rate yourself? Be honest. High, medium or low self-confidence? Specifically, what do you think might be the cause? No matter, we’ll get to the bottom of it together. Once we tackle the course that’s causing you to have low confidence, we can then move on to tasks, actions and attitudes to help you cultivate LETHAL CONFIDENCE like me. How’s that sound to you?


Specifically, in my one-on-one LETHAL CONFIDENCE coaching program, we’ll go over: 

  • Your current status and feelings of confidence. In your own words, tell me how you’re feeling about the matter.

  • We’ll discuss reasons why you might not be feeling like you have high levels of self-esteem and what can be done about it ... exactly!

  • We’ll conduct a personal audit of your life to find out if there are areas, people, activities, duties, etc., that might be affecting your levels of confidence; good or bad.

  • After such an audit and further discussions, we’ll devise a plan to help build and grow your confidence levels towards that of being LETHALLY CONFIDENT like me.

  • How does all that sound?


    TIME:  Typically, 1-2 hours per coaching session until the coaching plan you purchase is completed and needs to be renewed. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Typically coached via telephone and/or Zoom where we can discuss matters face to face. 

    FEE: Fees are determined mostly based on the number of coaching sessions and time spent coaching. Package prices are available. Let's discuss.