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Use Articles You’ve Written To …  Write Your Next Book!!!!

Use Articles You’ve Written To Write Your Next Book!!!!

by Bart Smith

Don’t know how to write your first (or next) book?

Can you write an article? How about writing a number of articles or take your current collection of articles and bundling them up into a book?

That’s what I did to write one of my books, My TV & Radio Interview Tactics & Checklist. (See front/back book covers below.)I took about 4-5 articles I had written here on MTC, bundled them in the order I wanted them to go and BAM! I had a new book on my hands in one week.

Here are some of those articles on this website so you can see just how long they were, which helped a lot to fill up a book.

  • Are You Getting Interviewed? Yes, Great! No, Why Not? Are Your Interviews Effective?

  • Where Is Your … “Interview Me” Page?

  • Do You Have Sample Interviews Of You On Video?

  • Here Are 10 Ways You Can Personally Improve Your Interview Skills

  • Interview Checklist

  • Why write a book based on your articles?

    These are some of my reasons:

  • Get a book out of you FAST by recycling your article content.

  • While articles just sit on your website, turn them into a book, and let that book take you places (i.e., interviews, speaking, etc.)

  • Turn those articles into a class based not on the articles, but content in a BOOK. Makes a difference.

  • Most books produce articles via excerpts. I just reversed it! I took articles and made a book out of them.

  • Do you have articles on your website/blog that you could turn into a book? How many do you have? The minimum page count to print a book is only 24 pages. Not that you need 24 pages worth of articles, but you’ll need at least 10 pages (of articles). The front part of your book might consist of about 10 pages and the back pages, the same.

    So, get busy and get your book done using articles you either have or can write. Once you have your articles, all you need is to design a front/back cover and add in the front/back pages of your book and you’re set!

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