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by Bart Smith

Similar to a book filled with regrets, how about mistakes? I was at a networking event with a friend of mine when we decided to co-write a book on the mistakes people make when networking. Why? I had already written two books on networking and when we attended this particular event, we both noticed people making all kinds of errors so we started taking notes to make our point and then wrote a book that others might benefit from. Books that inform — sell! Make no mistake!

So, we left the event, put our thoughts together in a Google doc that we shared, and within 30 days the book was written, published, in print and on bookshelves everywhere. I designed the covers in a few hours (I’m fast). I ‘m proud of this book. The mistakes we noted in the book included some of our own lessons that we learned the hard way. The title? 51+ Real Networking Mistakes To Avoid When Networking! We talked about mistakes people make before, during and after a networking event. Every time we go networking, now, we take copies of our book and we always sell out. I call that success!

The book also gave us a great topic to speak on to any willing group wanting to hear what we learned from our experiences and mistakes we made. What industry do you work in? What mistakes do people make where you work? Make a list of them and write a book about them. Once your book is finished, use it to support and promote presentations, seminars, workshops, etc. You’re certain to make a few book sales (and maybe pick up a few clients) when you speak. Again, like the regrets book, people today are inundated with what to do, how-to, positive tips and tactics and more. What’s not covered are MISTAKES people make. Keep the old saying in mind, which is, people are motivated more by LOSS than they are GAIN.

Mistakes can lead to embarrassment, loss of time/money, loss of reputation, loss of jobs/prospects/opportunities, you name it. We’ll do anything to avoid pain, loss, regret, and MISTAKES. It’s just human nature. Why not write a book that will help yourself as well as others whether it’s business or personal?

Again, don’t write about how people can improve their lives with positive suggestion. Instead, document the mistakes people make to help them improve their situations.

Walk it backwards. What are the mistakes people make that they should avoid? You just might have the expertise, passion, niche, genre, industry that they are looking for. Here are a few suggested titles to make my point:

  • 10 Mistakes Teens Make When _______

  • 15 Mistakes Women Make When _______

  • 15 Mistakes Men Make When _______

  • 10 Real Estate Investment Mistakes People Make

  • 21 Mistakes People Make When _______

  • You get the idea. Simply start making your list of book title ideas about mistakes that you could write about. “Mistakes” books are fast and easy to write, too. Come up with 10, 12, 15, 21, 30, 51 or 101+ mistakes people make in your chosen field of expertise, niche, genre, etc. Once you have the list of mistakes, a few tips per mistake, generate the front and back sections for your book and your book is practically ready to go to press. You just need an exciting front cover and a back cover design and you’re on your way to the finish line. If you aren’t a graphic artist, sketch how you see your covers and allow us to assist you.

    QUICK TIP: If you do plan to write a “mistakes” book, buy the domain name for it. This way you can give out that domain name and potential customers can go right to your book. You can even forward (or redirect) the domain to your book listing on Amazon. That’s cool too.