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Where Is Your REGRETS Book? by Bart Smith

Where Is Your REGRETS Book?

by Bart Smith

If I don’t tell you, I’ll regret it! HAHA … If you don’t write one of these (regret) books, you’re going to regret it! I know, seriously, this is an easy way for anyone to write a book. Do you have knowledge in an industry/niche where people and/or customers/clients have regrets about ____ (fill in the blank)?

This idea came to me when I was writing Find The One For Me. I included a section in the book that was about dating/sex/marriage/relationship regrets. Well, I added many regrets that people shared with me and suddenly I had many more pages. I had acquired 300+ pages and added 20 more pages of regrets!

I decided to pull them out and write another new book about … regrets while I was simultaneously writing the other book. Well, a week later, I had two books. It remember it was November 2016.

What do I mean when I suggest a “regrets” book? It’s a book filled with REGRETS! Regrets people have about ____! Fill in the blank. What is your niche, industry or topic that you’re passionate about writing? Make a list of all the regrets people have in your field and offer tips and solutions to avoid and/or resolve them.

I wrote a relationship book called 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets. It’s filled with regrets from I read about online, a few of my own experiences, and a lifetime of observation of others.

Sure, there are plenty of relationship books out there pontificating good and not so good advice. This book is filled with actual experiences and suggestions on how to make a relationship better who wouldn’t be interested in how to avoid mistakes and live a full life without regrets?

Why regrets? People today are inundated with how-to’s, positive tips and tactics and sometimes even unsolicited advice. What’s not covered or expressed in conversations are specific REGRETS that many people have, but no effective solutions for.

Think about what someone might think when they hear titles that say How To ________ (Improve Your Life/Health/Make Money) or 21 Regrets People Have About ____ (LOSING Money/Consequences About Not Taking Care of Yourself …). Which would you rather pick up?

Remember the old saying, people are motivated more by LOSS than they are by GAIN? We’ll do anything to avoid pain, loss, mistakes and regrets. We’re always worrying about how to improve a situation, but many people hesitate to move out of their comfort zones and they’ll jump through hoops to avoid something they’ll regret down the road. It’s important to really look at your life to understand regrets and avoid them in the future.

What if YOU were given a book about regrets that could give you a different perspective on some facet of your life. So, don’t just write about what people might gain by following your advice.

Turn it around and discuss the opposite! Share what others have learned from their regrets and experiences in your niche/industry/genre. For example, here are some suggested titles to make my point:

10 Regrets People Have Who Didn’t Eat Right, Sleep Right & Exercise

15 Regrets People Have When They Didn’t Take My Investment Advice

21 Regrets People Have Buying Their First Home

50 Investment Regrets People Have About _____

I am certain that you could come up with a few of your own. These types of books can be written quickly! Just make a list of 10, 12, 15, 21, 30, 51 or 101+ regrets people have about ______ (i.e., whatever you want to write about). Once you have your list of regrets, fill them in your solutions and draft a front and back cover for your particular content and your book is essentially done.

Compile a list of regrets people have in your industry, whether they’re people and their experiences in everyday life, shopping (losing money), investing (bad decisions they regret making), (bad) health habits, educational decisions (or bad ones), parenting regrets on raising a child, life decisions (regrets people have that they didn’t do XYZ before they died or something), …. you name it.

Seriously, this is a fast book to write, and a very entertaining one to be interviewed on. Just bring the book to the show/interview and share a few samples. Let listeners call in with their regrets. You could create one big “regret fest!” I’m sure you’d sell a lot of copies if you did that.

Don’t forget to record it. Turn it into an eBook and even an online/offline class. Offer private and group coaching sessions to people who want to discuss their regrets with you in exchange for your time (i.e., coaching/consulting them).