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Find The One For Me -- Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice On Finding The One For You by Bart Smith

Find The One For Me

Insights, Wisdom & Real Advice On Finding The One For You

by Bart Smith

Learn more about yourself, about relationships, about the opposite sex, and what it really takes to successfully prepare, meet, get to know, secure and live with the ONE for you. Turn your single life around. Be SINGLE NO MORE! Order your copy today and live these principles to ensure you find love in this crazy world!

This book covers the lifespan of your love life from age 18 to 88. With so much wisdom packed into one book, you will be amazed at how much you grow. For singles and couples, this book makes a great gift!


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300 pages of relationship wisdom …

Whether you’re looking for love online/offline,  Find The One For Me  has everything you need to help you navigate the world of liars, cheats, crazies, sex hungry maniacs, and B.S.’ers, in order to find the sweet, kind and wonderful ones worth spending your time with, interacting with, securing and eventually choosing the right one for you to live with and/or marry.


  • Take a peek inside, what I call, the “bible of relationships” that gives you insight and advice into your relationships from age 18 to 108 and beyond! Then order the paperback or become a member of my website and read + listen to it online!


    With millions of singles looking for love and so many more in relationships they’d rather not be in, where and how does someone go to find the ONE for them?

    Is there some secret formula or guidebook that can help increase the odds of meeting, assessing, and securing the ONE for YOU?

    Find The One For Me was written with seven extremely insightful sections, representing every stage or step in your journey for finding love. You can just imagine the process, right? If not, it goes something like this …

    Find The One For Me is the bible for navigating the jungle of love and hearts. All you have to do is open up the book and you’ll find 100+ topics never covered in other books. 

    I can only hope this huge collection of insights, findings, and words of wisdom can help you find that special someone who’s also looking … for you!

    PART #1:

    PICTURE The One For You ... (5 pgs)

    PART #2:

    PREPARE To Meet The One For You … (26 pgs)

    PART #3:

    LOOKING For The One For You … (60 pgs)

    PART #4:

    HANGING OUT With The One For You … (97 pgs)

    PART #5:

    SECURING The One For You … (77 pgs)

    PART #6:

    LIVING WITH The One For You … (28 pgs)

    PART #7:

    AFTER The One Is No Longer With You … (15 pgs)


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

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  • “GREAT JOB ALL AROUND, BART!!! You never disappoint. The layout of the book is so beautiful! ‘Fantastico!’ You’re a gifted writer, a no B.S. coach/teacher/trainer and with 25 other books in print, FIND THE ONE FOR ME shows your relationship expertise and brilliance throughout. Solid advice, easy to read, understand and apply. Love it!” — Lola, N. Hollywood, CA

    As I got to know Bart and his books, and the work he does for his friends and clients, I discovered one thing that stood out most about Bart … he cares about people, their success and most importantly, he cares that they find the one for them. Bart’s book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, is so well done, so thought out, so rich with real life advice … seriously, I do not need to read another book on dating or relationships to find the one for me. In fact, I’m just going to bring his book with me wherever I go to be used as a conversation piece with my next date. In fact, ladies, of all ages, if you haven’t found the one for you yet, or wondering if the guy you’re dating is (or isn’t) marriage material, then all you need is Bart’s book (FIND THE ONE FOR ME). Get his book and stop wasting time with men who are NOT the ONE for you. Time is not on our side, as women, if you know what I mean. That said, getting the kind of advice from Bart, a man yes, you’re in for the real deal. No B.S. and no fluff inside. It’s funny, I have to hide my copy, because my single friends want to take it home with them when they see it at my house. Bart, way to go!” — Arda, N. Hollywood, CA

    Every guy will say they don’t need help in finding a date or being in a relationship, but that’s B.S., as Bart would be quick to call it himself. So, when I started reading FIND THE ONE FOR ME, boy was I quickly enlightened on so many topics that I never would have thought of. I’m seriously looking for the one for me and can’t wait to put Bart’s advice into action. Thanks, Bart.” — Ken, San Diego, CA

    “All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Oh, and I wish I had this book 10 years ago. When I sat down with Bart to review the book before it came out, I had no idea the depth and material he would go into and cover. Literally, from start to finish, Bart spans your whole love life, from the time you start looking for love as an adult, to when you find it, spend time with that person, up until the day when the one you were with is no longer with you for whatever reason. He goes into life at that stage of the game. It’s incredible. I’m learning so much and applying it to my own life to help find the ONE for me. Thanks Bart, for writing a book no one else had the courage, knowledge, time, energy or wherewithal to write. Only you could have written a book like this and you did it so perfectly.” — Marlene G., Orlando, FL

    I’m so impressed with Bart, and all of his books, especially LAWS OF THE BEDROOM, and then he comes out with FIND THE ONE FOR ME. If I would have had this book 30 years ago, I would have saved myself from kissing a lot of toads with zero hope of them ever gaining prince status. I bought it instantly, read it cover to cover in a week, listened to his sensuous voice reading the audio and bought three more books for my daughters who are deserving and searching of good men. I won’t worry because they have access to the best relationship coach in the palm of their hands sharing the wisdom of life and finding the one for them. I’m a retired teacher of 30 years. No one I know can share this wisdom, not just knowledge, quite like Bart does. P.S. Bart, I have so many single women my age interested in your book. I’m sending them to your website pronto!“ — Nita, Grand Island, NE and mother of 3 daughters in their 20’s!

    “What I know of Bart is that he pours every ounce and effort into the books he’s written. I look at all of his books, which I have, and I’m just astounded by his breadth of knowledge, his care for humanity and people’s happiness, in general. Where relationships are concerned, he’s sick of the B.S. (see his book B.S. The Book) they go through and hence I can see why he puts so much time and energy into his one book, FIND THE ONE FOR ME. I know my son and daughter are getting copies. Having found the one for me, I want them to have every chance at finding the one for them too. Thank you, Bart. You are an inspiration to us all.” — Phil, Solana Beach, CA

    I know Bart and look to him when I need sound advice on how to deal with a relationship issue. He’s caring, spot-on, and knows what he’s talking about. I love all his books, and this one, FIND THE ONE FOR ME, tells it like it is and so much more. If you get the chance to work with him, ladies, he’s like the big brother you never had who looked out for you in every way. Anyone single, looking to leave a relationship, wondering if they should get out to find the one for them, needs to read Bart’s book. Turn to it without hesitation. It has the answers you seek.” — Jacque, Torrance, CA


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

    I remember having the inspiration to write Find The One For Me because I wanted a book to address the needs of both men and women who were single (or in a relationship) and who wanted to learn more about how to find (or be with) the one for them. I already had Laws Of The Bedroom (for guys) and Watch Out Ladies (for gals), and thought I need something for both.

    So, in September of 2006 I got the idea to write this book. I just didn’t start until 2016, can you believe it? What’s good about that period of time is that in 10 years I had learned a great deal more about relationships and what to put in the book.

    What’s funny is my original plan was to write the book based on questions that you might ask yourself. Well, that didn’t work out so well. So, while on a plane to Idaho, of all places, it hit me and the current table of contents sprung out of me like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat. 

    It flowed so well too: picture (the one for you), prepare (to be with the one), look (for the one), hang out (with the one), secure (the one to be yours exclusively), live with (the one), and then what to do after (the one for you) is gone, whether it be by death, divorce, separation, etc.

    So, off I went writing for this book. It literally took me about 3 months to write it. I tried to put everything I could into it, because when you’re looking for the one for you, you had best be prepared into today’s crazy world of people with baggage, emotional issues, mental issues, secrets, etc. I strongly feel, with a book like Find The One For Me, a couple could sit down, go through certain sections and help them assure they’re the one for each other.

    I hope you find this book as informative and insightful as I think it is. I don’t write books to help people “find” people, no. I write books to make people wiser, more in tune with who they are (or want to become, i.e., a better person), and to help people find common ground. “Hey, I agree with what Bart says about these (xyz) points. Do you? You do? Wow, we’ve got a lot in common I can see already.” A book like Find The One For Me helps people identify things in common. Helps people see eye to eye. No guessing games. No more playing by NO RULES. These are the rules and guidelines for a healthy relationship.