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251+ Dating &  Relationship Regrets Both Men & Women Have With Dating, Sex & Marriage & How To Avoid Them by Bart Smith

251+ Dating &

Relationship Regrets

Both Men & Women Have With Dating, Sex & Marriage & How To Avoid Them

by Bart Smith

You’ll love this book for what it can do for you, which is, help you avoid 251+ dating, sex, marriage and relationship regrets others have had . Why reinvent the wheel? Why go through what others have experienced, especially if it turned out bad? Don’t you want to live your life with the one you’re with and avoid as much heartache, trouble, strife, regret, or unexpected/undesired consequences from the decisions you (or the two of you) make? I would! That’s why I wrote it!


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50+ pages of dating, sex, marriage and relationship regrets …

Is regret avoidable? To some degree, absolutely. Learning what others went through and how they recovered and moved on is why I wrote this book and why you should read it cover to cover, learn from it, and apply it to your own life and the one you love. I know for me, having written the book and learning about other people’s experiences has made me more sharper and wiser when it comes to being in a relationship. I know you will too when you take in the regrets others have had too.


Take a peek inside this insightful book on dating, sex, marriage and relationship regrets people have had and how to avoid them! Yikes! Then order the paperback or the online version and read + listen to it on any device.


"Sample Regrets"

REGRET #16: “Not taking better care of myself, and letting myself go.  I’m now 50+ pounds overweight, my eating habits are terrible, and I still drink and smoke. I lost the one person I wanted to love. Now, they’re gone.”

REGRET #17: “I regret not taking a closer look at those things that turn people off.  Over the years, I wondered why I was still single or why any relationship I entered, I always drove men away and fast. They would never call me after a few dates. What is it about me, or what I say, or how I say it, that I can fix, work on or stop doing that ANNOYS men away from me? Will someone tell me? I’ll listen now. I think I’ll ask 10 friends who will be honest and tell me what I need to work on. ‘What about me do you find annoying?’”

REGRET #18: “Not acting on those RED FLAGS I would see DAILY, and then running for my life away from that person!”

REGRET #19: “Not doing all I could to make the best first impression.  Every first date (or introduction I ever had), I didn’t look my best, or put the most (care) into how I came across. I’m going to change that and start paying closer attention to how I dress, smell (wear deodorant/cologne) and what I say.”

REGRET #21: “I regret entering into a relationship (or worse, getting married), because I was lonely.  My loneliness, and desperation to be with someone, blinded me from seeing the abuser I’m now dating/married to. I’d be better off single again, working on my internal issues, and re-entering the dating field full of confidence and optimism.”

REGRET #22: “My regrets all relate to inaction and not acting on my impulses.  Regrets can stay with you forever. Mine do, at least. As I look back, yeah, I’d rather have tried and got shot down than to live with the haunting nightmare in my head that I never tried. For the rest of my life, I’ll never know if she and I could be together. It kills me.”

REGRET #121: “I regret having lots of sex, loving it, but not getting the LOVE I really wanted to go along with all that sex . Don’t get me wrong, sex is great, but anybody can have sex. It’s LOVE that’s the mystery and keeps you warm at night when the sex is over. That’s what I want more than anything else now with someone: love, to be loved, and to love … Oh, and yes, sex, too. But, I’ll take more ‘L’ with all that ‘S’ now, and in that order.”

REGRET #160“I regret not seeing the signs leading up to our wedding day, and then the night of our wedding night seeing her get drunk  and throw tantrums at everyone saying things like, ‘Well, maybe I don’t want to marry you.’ Yeah, I should have read those signs that she had issues and I should have called it (the wedding) off. Sure, I would have been completely embarrassed, but I would be free of her mental illness the next morning and every morning thereafter. We wound up divorcing two years later. She gave me trouble during the whole proceedings. I should have listened to my gut.”

… and there are another 245+ OTHER HAUNTING REGRETS in the book you HAVE TO READ! Preview the book below to see how this book is just filled with regrets. So many that you will certainly know better and to watch out so you don’t experience them too!


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audiobook version. 

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    “I thought I had regrets! Reading through some of  the regrets you shared are heart breaking, to say the least. If I can’t relate to some of them I know friends who have.   Pain and regret is something no one wants to experience, especially in the love department of life. Thank you, Bart, for pulling together this realistic collection of people’s experiences.” — Sue D., Springfield, IL

    “My word, I knew people had regrets in life and in their relationships, heck, I have a few myself. I never saw so many though up so close.  Having read through your book, Bart, I do not want to experience what these people have gone through . Your book is a real eye-opener to watch out!” — Steve C., Irvine, CA


    This book is probably one of my favorites, for a lot of reasons. For starters, this book was only going to be a section inside Find The One For Me. Interestingly, that section kept getting longer and longer. How so? I kept finding more regrets people had. Since I didn’t want to add 20 more page to an already 280+ page book, I thought, “Hey, put these regrets in a new book! Yeah! Great idea! NO! Bad idea. Why? I have to work on ANOTHER BOOK!” Actually, it didn’t take long to pull together. The book actually took a week to write and layout for the printer. The cover was very cool to make. I like how it turned out. Don’t you?

    Overall, this book stands out from all the rest as one book everyone in the world should read. Whether you’re single or in a relationship. Everyone can benefit from the regrets people have had so they don’t repeat them too. This book simply makes you wisen up or else suffer the consequences. You know what I mean?

    Anyhow, preview the book above and just read some of the regrets people have had. First, I know your heart will go out for them, like mine did as I dropped them in the book. Second, your own heart should stop in its tracks and cement in your brain the following statement: “I will not do _____ and experience what he/she went through. I will avoid experiencing (x) regret.” Yep, that should do it alright.

    Keeping a copy of this book around and rereading it from time to time will help remind you (as it does myself) what we should be watching out for so we don’t regret anything by mistake.