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ISN'T IT TIME ... YOU Lose Weight & Get In Shape!!! With My Personal Weight Loss Tips & A.A.B.B. Fitness Routine To Help You Trim Down, Get Fit & Stay Healthy by Bart Smith


Lose Weight & Get In Shape TOO!!!

With My Personal Weight Loss Tips & A.A.B.B. Fitness Routine To Help You Trim Down, Get Fit & Stay Healthy

by Bart Smith

I'M PROBABLY A LOT LIKE YOU! I love my sweets and I love to eat! The problem is, too many sweets and too many plates and/or not the right kind of foods or beverages and not enough exercise can lead any of us to NOT LOOKING OUR BEST! Well, not to worry, I created this health/fitness guide for you and for me! Check out what’s inside and get excited to lose weight, improve your health, get fit and scream more energy!


Pages: 56

Full Color Interior

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Mailed to you.  $14.95+ S/H

40+ pages of my personal weight-loss and fitness tips …

Within this very helpful,  full color, 8.5″ x 11″ page weight-loss/fitness guide, I share with you my personal weight-loss and fitness tips for getting in shape, getting healthy and gaining more energy like you've never had before! Take it from me, I've got enough energy and tried/true ways on staying fit that even at my age (50+) people think I'm 10 years younger! 


  • Take a peek inside my weight-loss / fitness book! If you like what you see, then order the paperback to be mailed to you! 


  • Just check out these fit chapters and the content within them! I bet you start losing weight and getting fit just holding this book in your hands!



    • Healthy Bodies Work Right, Think Right & Live Longer

    • What Are The Benefits Of Eating Right For Life?

    • Let Food Be Our Medicine

    • Ways To Eat Right For Life & Live Life Full Throttle!

    • Create Your Own “Food Pyramid” (I did!)

    • Grocery Shopping & Avoiding B.S.

    • Drink More Water, Water, Water


    • Diet & Weight Loss “Commercial B.S.”

    • NEW Diet Products/Programs Come Out Every Day!

    • My Philosophy On “Weight Loss”

    • Are There Secrets To Weight Loss?

    • What Causes Weight Gain?

    • How Can You Lose Weight Safely & Naturally?

    • What About Weight Maintenance?

    • Extreme Approaches To Weight Loss!

    • When It Comes To Losing Weight & Feeling Great

    • My Formula For Losing Weight

    • How Can You Tell If You’re Losing Weight?

    • Forget Pills & Juice For Real Energy

    • Bart’s “Protein Shake” Recipe


    What’s for BREAKFAST?

    What’s for LUNCH & DINNER?

    What about SNACKS, SNACKING & SWEET TREATS? “Well, ...”


    My personal and super brainless workout formula to get you in shape and why I do it too! You love my A.A.B.B. workout program for so many reasons!



    Set SPECIFIC GOALS For Yourself Like I Have/Did!


  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book!

    Then, come back to this very web page to purchase the paperback, eBook or listen to the audiobook version for free on Bart's YouTube channel!

    "I love Bart's weight-loss / fitness manual. Not only is it beautiful to go through (full-color on the inside), but the tips and ideas he gives to lose weight, maintain your weight, get fit, get tone even are simple and easy to follow. Brainless, as he calls it. I can see myself getting back down to the weight I once was at, thanks to this one book!” – Marie H., Las Vegas, NV

    “I've known Bart for years and have even ordered his world famous chocolate chip cookies. As for me, I have struggled with my weight and knowing Bart also came up with a way to keep the pounds off while I eat his world famous chocolate chip cookies? I'm in heaven! Can't wait to see those pounds come right off. Thanks, Bart.” – Janice S., Los Angeles, CA

    “Bart, you are my inspiration! I wanted to lose weight, but just didn't know how to go about it. What Bart did was put into one manual everything you probably ever needed to know when it comes to weight loss and getting in shape physically. I mean, he doesn't go into the science of losing weight (boring) or what supplements to take (different for everyone). No, he goes into the basics. He makes losing weight simple if you just apply yourself.” – John L., Fort Wayne, IN

    “I've had trouble losing weight for years. I'm easily 60-70 pounds over my ideal weight and I'm a woman, so that's not good. I don't have muscle like men do to lose weight so easily. What Bart's been able to do is show me how to lose the weight gradually and get tone at the same time and he makes it so easy! Plus, his meals are out of this world. I've had them before. Folks, Bart's weight-loss/fitness book is the BOMB! Get it and obey! You will see results!" –  Alicia N., Dallas, Georgia

    “I've known Bart since high school and can vouch for all of his extraordinary athletic accomplishments, and to think he's still active today, pushing himself really makes ME want to push myself. I've been doing alright with my weight, but Bart just gives me that warm, yet firm kick in the pants to take what I was doing to the next level. I know he eats well, as I've had his salad and healthy Asian dishes. Overall, thanks Bart, for putting this book together. I'm looking forward to losing those last few pounds because of you.” – Paula T., Springfield, IL


    HEY, I’M REALLY GLAD YOU'RE CHECKING OUT THIS WEIGHT-LOSS/FITNESS BOOK! I know, if you go through it page per page, cover to cover, you’re going to pick up some great tips, ideas and instruction on how to lose weight, improve your health, get fit, feel great and have more energy than you know what to do with!

    Today, so many people carry a few extra pounds on them or their really overweight or just not feeling and looking their absolute best! With age goes our youthful looks, but does that have to be the case? What is the secret to looking younger? Drugs? No. Surgery? No. Eating right? Yes. Exercise? YES! In fact, I learned that when you exercise, you releases a half dozen hormones that help reverse aging. Go figure! Sign me up for that program!

    What’s more, eating less, eating right and not eating the bad stuff can also make you look younger! Hence, why I put this health and fitness guide together. Sure, there are other websites, blogs, videos, gurus, etc. out there, but is what they’re saying/doing helping? Maybe, maybe not. I know for me? What you’re about to read, learn AND PUT INTO ACTION (RIGHT?) is tailored for me.

    For example, I’ve been eating my world famous salad for 15+ years. It’s my go-to meal for when I know I’ve been bad and have to trim down and get slim again. It never fails me. For 3-4 days straight, I’ll eat just my salad and a light breakfast. In fact, I’m on my own personal 30-DAY SALAD-EATING CHALLENGE!

    All this month (today’s the 10th of July), I’m going to eat my salad 5-6 days a week, with 1-2 days off. So far, the results have been awesome! Of course, this also means NO ICE CREAM, NO CHOCOLATE CHIPS, NO SUGARY JUICES, etc. We don’t want to ruin all our good eating habits with bad snacking habits, right? Exactly! IF I do indulge in a sweet, it’s a very small sampling. Everything in moderation.

    I also know, my A.A.B.B. workout routine is what I turn to when I want to slim down. Wait ‘til you see how brainless it is. Because? I’m older now, and like most people, I’M LAZY TOO! I don’t want to have to think or work too hard to get in shape. Granted, I don’t mind working out hard, but please make it easy and fast to get in and out (of working out). I’ve got things to do.

    When I work out, I don’t work out in shorts and a t-shirt; no, I like wearing sweat pants and long-sleeve sweatshirts. Reason is, I like to make sure I sweat a lot. I’m reminded of my old wrestling days when you had to meet a certain weight in order to wrestle in a certain weight class. Well, if you could let go of water weight or go to the bathroom the lower your weight when you weighted in. So, that stuck with me and that is something (i.e., water) we all retain a lot as we get older or if we don’t work out heavily. As we sweat, out go a any number of toxins as well. What’s more, as you work out more often, as you lose the water around your body from sweating, you’ll see your skin tighten up because there’s no longer that water puffing you out.

    BUT HEY, ENOUGH ABOUT ME! Let’s get to you! Again, while I wrote this guide for me (to follow), I also wrote it for you too! I like having healthy principles and rules for eating, working out and living life as healthy as I can. So, here’s what we need to think about to motivate us to get healthy, get in shape and ROCK!!!