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M.G.T.O.W. -- Men Going Their Own Way: Why So Many Men Want Nothing To Do With Women Any More & Why Women, Companies & Governments Around The World Need To Worry About This! by Bart Smith


Men Going Their Own Way: Why So Many Men Want Nothing To Do With Women Any More & Why Women, Companies & Governments Around The World Need To Worry About This!

by Bart Smith

Bart shares his concerns for his fellow man, women, even companies (who employ men/women) and governments who will not survive without the participation from both men/women in the work force (let alone makin’ babies). This book points out points out what’s happening with this increasing fallout trend among men that sooner or later:

• WOMEN growing older ALONE! It’s happening!

• COMPANIES going OUT of business. It’s happening!

• GOVERNMENTS not able to SUSTAIN themselves!


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150 pages of MGTWO insight, action-items (for women) and how men and women need to work together or else our society is … LOST! 

MGTOW men are leaving the plantation and heading down a path of self-actualization, working on one’s self, pursuing their own interests with unbridled freedom to do all of that, and saying “no,” to societal norms to foot the bill for practically everything related to interacting with a woman, taking the financial hits when divorce comes; are presuming a status of guilty (before proven innocent) of false harassment/sexual accusations; and much more. When women aren’t bringing much to the relationship table, except an entitlement attitude, men are just saying, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather go fishing (or enjoy some other personal activity) … indefinitely. See ya. Don’t wanna be WITH ya!”

Lethal Confidence Where It Comes From & How You Can Get It Too! by Bart Smith


Take a peek inside this eye-opening book on what men are thinking and doing today when it comes to relationships with women.


It would appear to me, and I KNOW I’m not alone on this one, but it seems Feminists, feminism and Western women have created a landscape of confusion, even hostility towards men, and, worse, broad atmospheres of fear that permeate throughout our culture, society and among the hearts and minds of both men and women that make both genders question … does love still exist? What about romance? Is romance dead? Kindness? All gone? courtesy? Down the drain? Gentleness? Chivalry? Out with the trash? What’s left?

Well, this book is for all men and women with the hopes that I can expose (and eradicate) third-wave feminism for what it is … B.S. Check out the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this masterpiece and if any of it piques your curiosity, order the book or read it online right here at BartSmithWorld.com.

Message From The Author

Chapters From “Watch Out Ladies” by Bart Smith

#7. Personal Habits, Traits & Behaviors (That Can Drive Him Away, Ladies)

#8. Having Higher Income/Education 

Requirements Of Men

#9. Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. He’s Good Enough (“Yes, I Will …”)

#10. M.G.T.O.W. (Men Going Their Own Way … Be Worried NOW!)

#11. Porn, Fapping, PMO, Sex Bots & “No More” Sex For You, Ladies!

#12. Feminism B.S. (Anti-Family Agenda, Social Fraud & Cost)

#14. Pop Culture & The Media (Nothing But Lies & More B.S.)

#15. “The Wall” & Sexual/Marriage Market Value (Watch Out!)


What Should Women Do After Reading All This? Well, …

Summary & Words Of Encouragement

M.G.T.O.W. Men Going Their Own Way: Why So Many Men Want Nothing To Do With Women Any More & Why Women, Companies & Governments Around The World Need To Worry About This! by Bart Smith

Now, why am I sharing (and including) chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and the Conclusion/Summary from WATCH OUT LADIES with men inside this MGTOW book? Because as a guy, men don’t need to buy/read what doesn’t apply to them. Men don’t need to buy a book targeted at women for their personal learning/awareness.

What men DO need to read and know from WATCH OUT LADIES is what DOES apply to guys and/or what they’d dig to know about. So, I’m sparing men the purchase of WATCH OUT LADIES, only for them to read specific chapters I wrote in this MGTOW-specific book with the aim of men becoming 100% aware as to what I’m telling the ladies where it concerns their relationship with men.

When men know what I’m telling the ladies and women know that men know what parts I’m sharing out of that book, women just might be a little more informed as to how to “interact with men,” acting in more kinder ways and hopefully deciding to pick a man (once and for all) and start dating/marrying like we’re supposed to, but we’re not with marriage on the decline, having babies and starting a family following that downward trend.


I am currently recording this book in audio format so you can listen to it as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. Check out the samples below when available. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the audiobook for FREE on my YouTube Channel. Just subscribe (for FREE) and start listening!


“As a mom, this scares me. I have a son and a daughter. When I grew up, I would fear for the girls, and today, I still do but in a different way. I fear more for my son who will grow up in a world where men want nothing to do with women? When I divorced their father, I had my reasons, for sure, but what women are doing to men is not kind. What’s more, our boys are going to suffer and our daughters too when they reach the age of dating/marrying and there will be fewer men interested in those activities. What is the world coming to? Thanks, Bart, fro writing this book. I learned a lot and will be sharing it with my son and daughter!” — J.H., Redondo Beach, CA

“I’ll be 30 years old soon and I have no interest in women today. I mean, they’re not bad to talk to or converse with at the bars and places I hang out at, but to date one or marry one of them? No way. Too many issues, drama, baggage (the older they/women get). Sorry. I’ll enjoy my freedom and pursue my passions and do what I want without someone nagging at me to always do what they want, spend who knows how much money on them, and what do I get in return?” — A.S., Boise, ID

“I can relate to this book and what Bart is trying to convey to both men and women when it comes to how men are being treated today. I’m in my 50’s, single, never married, and don’t think I ever will be. Not in the climate today of how the courts can destroy a man’s career, income and relations to his children. Yes, I do have friends who are happily married, but would you like to know (maybe not) that the majority of my male friends (over 50%) have had major issues with breakups when it came to the women they dated or married? That’s why I’m gun shy and just enjoying the bachelor life. I take trips to other countries to meet women I talk to online. They’re much more kinder, warm-hearted, and know how to treat a man. I like that.” ~ Gene T., Thousand Oaks, CA

I’ve been wanting to write a book to show my support for the MGTOW movement for years, and yet, I didn’t know when I’d write it or what I’d write about. I mean, there’s already so much information online talking about MGTOW, do we need another book on MGTOW?

Go watch 100+ out of the 1,000’s of YouTube videos, read for months on end in the comment sections of real men (and women) voicing their relationship life realities; go on Quora.com or Reddit.com; visit websites dedicated to spreading the word about MGTOW and you’d get hit hard that there is a huge and growing underground movement (as I’m calling it) of men deciding to go their own way, leave the plantation as they say, and not have anything to do with women on a romantic/long-term relationship level. This includes marriage and having kids and even working with (or even mentoring) women.

ALL are off limits and many men are choosing not to follow in the footsteps of our fathers and grandfathers (i.e., find a good woman, settle down, and start a family). While many men might yearn for that, today’s hostile climate (against men) are driving them to say, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather go fishing (or enjoy some other personal activity) … indefinitely. See ya. Don’t wanna be WITH ya!”

The funny thing was, at least once a week for the past 3-5 years, on average, I’d ask someone if they knew what MGTOW meant or if they’d ever heard of it before. Would you believe? 99% of people I’d ask knew NOTHING about it or never heard about it. “MGTOW? What’s that mean? Never heard of it.” I did run into some young men outside a bar in Naperville, IL, after closing time. They were college age and were excited to exclaim they had gone MGTOW. Wow, I just thought to myself, “You guys have a whole life ahead of you and you’re not going to be sharing any of it with a woman by your side, even for just a little while? Has society gone so wrong/downhill/bad that we aren’t interested in finding love/romance anymore?”

It is my hope that I can help spread the messages inside WATCH OUT LADIES and for men to learn of this book (MGTOW) and share it with the women in their circle of influence. Because, in order to fix the awful dating/relationship environment we’re in, we (men) need to help women see the writing on THEIR WALL, which isn’t good. Yes, it is in OUR hands, gentlemen. Why? Because if you want something done and done right, you have to do it yourself.