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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)
Rich Coach Coaching with Bart Smith


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AFTER you've been informed you will be coaching with Bart, you might be asked to send Bart some preliminary information about yourself and your goals for coaching with Bart so you can start coaching just as soon as possible.

"Rich Coach" Coaching with Bart Smith

(Author of Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach)

Bart Smith, The Coaches' Coach


So, where are you at with your coaching business? Have you launched it yet? Have you secured a few clients yet? Are you a seasoned coach and just want to polish up your coaching game so you can operate your coaching business with a more organized approach? How about marketing and making money with your coaching business? How's that going?

Inside my book, Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach, I talk about coaches needing to hire their own coaches. Sure, you could go it alone, but just think how much more valuable you'd become to all your paying clients when you yourself work on you and hire your own coach to help you improve your coaching talents, knowledge and your overall coaching business? You'd be surprised at how you become a better coach when you yourself are coached. It's just a fact. If you've never hired your own coach, you should try it. Oh, yeah, hire me! Then see how well your coaching (and coaching business) improves.

What's more, I've coached coaches who didn't have the knowledge, resources and perspectives I have on issues that relate to either personal, business or even tech issues that they struggled with when advising their own clients. Hence, after these coaches shared with me what their clients were going through, which they didn't really have answers for, they'd ask me how I'd advise such a client. I then offered my response(s) and guess what? Those coaches turned right around, called up their clients, share my response(s) with them and then guess what? Those coaches turned themselves into instant heroes in their clients' eyes that day forward.


Depend on the stage you're at with your coaching business, we'll dive right into everything my "Rich Coach" books and coaching client forms can offer you to help you. When you hire me to be your coach, we'll go over in detail:

  • What is your (best) coaching niche? We certainly don't want you wasting time trying to help the wrong people or too many, right? There are riches in niches, as they say. Let's discuss this and nail down your niche if we need to. We'll also find out where your target market clients congregate once we establish your coaching niche so you can go after them with all your about to learn from coaching from me.

  • Roadblocks coaches experience on their way to becoming "rich coaches!" We'll go over this quickly so you have an understanding as to what this is all about. We might also go over a few coaching profit killers so you know what these are too; as well as the importance of having a plan to run your coaching business most effectively.

  • 150+ mistakes coaches make! Depending on how fast we move through this session, we'll cover upwards of 150+ mistakes coaches make in their coaching business. What mistakes we don't cover, that can just be homework for you to cover on your own time. As for me, I was blown away at all the mistake coaches make, writing this book. You will enjoy learning all about these coaching mistakes too and avoiding them as well.

  • Creating your coaching packages and setting your fees. What are you selling? How are you selling your coaching services? How much are you charging? Are you charging enough and are you charging your clients appropriately? How are you collecting payment? How are you setting up recurring billing for automatic monthly payments from your clients? Let's discuss all this on a coaching call together.

  • Working with clients and enrolling them. We'll also go over objections and how to overcome them when you hear them. We'll also go over what to say and how to best tell prospects what you do (as a coach), who you help and how you can help those who can best use your services. We'll also discuss the importance of selling the destination versus selling (just) coaching with you and emotional excavation when enrolling clients.

  • Coaching client forms! We'll go over any and all of the coaching client forms you should be using to help organize your coaching business and help your clients make (and track) their progress throughout your coaching sessions with them. These customizable forms are invaluable and all 14 of them are made available to you when you coach with me.

  • Coaching resources you might like to know about so you can run your coaching business more efficiently. I'll share and we'll customize what you might need.

  • Marketing and website development for coaches. This is a rich, no pun, section when we coach. We'll go over your marketing mindset, what needs to be in place to best market yourself as a "rich coach" and what types of website(s) you should have and what should be said on them. We'll talk about video on your website, selling your packages from your website and more. The great thing about coaching with me in this department is that I'm one of the best website designers on the planet and can evaluate your current website (if you have one) and what should be added (or taken away) to help it become a selling machine for your coaching services. How's all that sound? Awesome, right?

  • Your "Rich Coach" goals. Yep, I have goals for you to obtain on your way to becoming a "rich coach." This session wraps up our coaching together quite well and sets you up for absolute success as a coach in your field/niche.

  • What else can you think of where your coaching business is concerned? No matter, we'll discuss it if it comes up and I'm sure I've got other lessons to share with you when you hire me to be your personal "Rich Coach" coach.


    TIME:  Typically, 1-2 hours per coaching session until the coaching plan you purchase is completed and needs to be renewed. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Typically coached via Zoom calls where we can share screens, etc.

    FEE: Fees are determined mostly based on where you are at with your coaching business thus far and how long you'd like to coach with me. Let's discuss.