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The Ultimate
Self-Publishing Manual

Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book For Fun & Profit

by Bart Smith

Want to write a book? If the whole idea of writing a book baffles you, well, be baffled no more. My self-publishing manual walks you through every step of the process from the idea, to writing it, how to write it, how to get your book edited, how to design the front/back/spine covers (with examples), how to lay out the interior pages (with examples), how to set up and submit your book files to the printer (KDP.com), how to record your book, how to convert your book to a Kindle eBook, how to turn your book into an offline/online course, and how to market it. WOW, if that doesn’t take the guesswork out of how to self-publish a book I don’t know what does. Seriously, with this book in your hot little hands? You're set to master the art of self-publishing. If you ever wanted to provide these services to clients to make extra money, THIS is the book you need to use as your study-guide. PERIOD.


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In Print: 280 pages

Size: 8.5" x 11"

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260 pages of pure self-publishing insights, wisdom and beautifully illustrated guidance …

This book not only tells you exactly how I self-publish all my books, but I use a huge number of graphics, images and visual samples to show you how I do what I do. Once you go through my self-publishing manual, you will be so empowered, informed and confident to take on your own book writing responsibilities with confidence and precision! That right there, is worth every penny paid for this one-of-a-kind self-publishing manual.

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Manual  Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book For Fun & Profit  by Bart Smith


  • Whether you get your hands on the printed version of my SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL or the online version (with 30+ video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials), I want to show you what you’re about to learn when it comes to self-publishing inside ONE BOOK! There’s no other self-publishing manual like it! Take a look …


  • When it comes to writing books these days, I like to write my books “REALLY FAST” so I can go to print with them fast, start marketing the contents in the book fast, and start making money with it → FAST! Well, to write a book really fast, here’s what you need to keep in mind, how to start and how to finish … it’s all in my SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL!

    Take a look at the contents for this book. I cover virtually everything you need to know about self-publishing your own book. Also, this book is available online for you to go through as well if you’d prefer to learn this material online.

    PART 1

    Decide WHY You Want To Write A Book

    1.1 – Promote your products/services with ease …

    1.2 – Easily find, attract and impress potential clients …

    1.3 – Get interviewed on TV, radio and podcasts …

    1.4 – Create workshops, classes, seminars and webinars …

    1.5 – Make extra $$$$$ from book, eBook and audio sales …

    1.6 – Help grow your list + income potential …

    1.7 – Other reason(s)???

    1.8 – ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

    PART 2

    What TYPE Of Book Will You Write?

    2.1 – REGRETS Bok

    2.2 – MISTAKES Book

    2.3 – FAQ Book

    2.4 – PITCH/OFFER Book

    2.5 – SELF-ASSESSMENT Book

    2.6 – OTHER Book Ideas

    PART 3

    HOW Will You Write Your Book?

    3.1 – Writing Your Book Is As Easy As “1 2 3”

    3.2 – Use a Microsoft Word Document

    3.3 – Use a Google Document

    3.4 – Use Adobe InDesign

    3.5 – Use Other Software or Means

    3.6 – My Personal Writing Tips For You

    3.7 – Writer’s Block … No More!

    3.8 – Hiring A Ghostwriter (Pros/Cons/Cost)

    PART 4

    EDIT Your Book

    4.1 – Find, Pay & Work With An Editor

    4.2 – Send it via eMail Attachment
    4.3 – Send it via Share A Google Doc

    4.4 – Send it via Mail/Deliver Printed Copy

    PART 5

    Design The INTERIOR Pages

    5.1 – Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer

    5.2 – Laying Out The FRONT Pages

    5.3 – Laying Out The BODY Pages

    5.4 – Laying Out The BACK Pages

    5.5 – Convert Your Interior Files Into A PDF For The Printer

    PART 6


    6.1 – Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer

    6.2 – Quickly Design A Front Cover For Inspiration

    6.3 – Download a Template From KDP.com

    6.4 – Design The FRONT Cover

    6.5 – Design The BACK Cover

    6.6 – Design The SPINE Cover

    6.7 – Convert Your PNG Cover File Into A PDF For The Printer

    PART 7

    Create Your KDP.com (Amazon) Account

    7.1 – Create KDP.com Account, Profile, Royalties & Tax Info

    7.2 – Step 1: Add Title, Author Name, Description, …

    7.2 – Step 2: Enter ISBN# & Upload Interior+Cover Files

    7.2 – Step 3: Choose Territories, Price & Submit Files

    7.5 – Order “Author Copies” For Your Review & Proofing 

    7.6 – Proof Book In Hand, Make Corrections & Resubmit

    7.7 – Order Another “Author Copy” & Decide What To Do

    PART 8

    RECORD Your Book

    8.1 – Decide WHO Will Record Your Book (You or???)

    8.2 – Recording EQUIPMENT You Need To Record Your Book

    8.3 – Recording SOFTWARE You Need To Record Your Book

    8.4 – Start Recording Your Book With My Tips & Training

    PART 9

    Convert Your Book Into An EBOOK

    9.1 – Convert Your Manuscript To KINDLE eBook Format

    PART 10

    Turn Your Book Into A COURSE

    10.1 – Convert Your Book Into An ONLINE Course

    10.2 – Convert Your Book Into An OFFLINE Course


    • 30+ Ways To Making Money With Your Book

    • Target Sales/Marketing (Who & Where Are Book Buyers?)

    • Create An Author Platform To Market Your Book

    • Sales & Selling Ideas For You & Your Books

    • Online Book Marketing Tactics

    • Offline Book Marketing Tactics

    • What Next? What Else Should You Be Doing / Can Do?



  • To pique your curiosity about this book, check out these hand-picked excerpts that come right out of the book. If you like what you read, then you'll definitely love the book!



  • If you'd like to see my self-publishing knowledge and training in action, just go to my YouTube channel where I have 20 videos that walk you through much of the book and the self-publishing process of writing and publishing your own book. Take a look at what you'll learn in just a couple of my videos …


  • "Learning from Bart Smith is like learning from a self-publishing training on steroids! No, really! He's fast, he's sharp, he's creative and he helped me with my networking book. I won't trust anyone else when it comes to this topic." – Janice S., Author/Coach, Los Angeles, CA

    When Bart told me he wrote HOW TO PREPARE, PITCH & BECOME A TV GUEST in one week I was blown away. I’ve worked in the TV industry for over two decades and I couldn’t write a book that fast, let alone anyone else I know in the industry! Bart, I’m so glad you’re telling us your how-to self-publishing secrets finally!!!” – Jamie B., TV Client Relations & Industry Analyst, Burbank, CA

    I’ve worked with Bart to help me with my book and let me tell you, he knows what he’s doing with his eyes closed. He’s like the book whisperer. He designed my beautiful cover, laid out my book on the inside, helped me with my website, he’s in the process of helping me learn how to record my book … where would I be without this all-in-one book writing/designing mentor. There’s no one like you, Bart.” – Noushin F., Author/Pyschoneurologist, Los Angeles, CA

    "I was trying for 3 years to publish my first book, then I met Bart, and his self-publishing knowledge helped me publish it within 30 days. I've published 3 more with his help. Bart, you rock!" – Merlin H., Las Vegas, NV

    "Bart's cover design work and page layouts are unmatched. He helped me write 3 books. One of those books, I wrote in 3 days with his Google doc book template." – Chef Lele, Las Vegas, NV

    "Bart's Google Doc book template helped me write my Get Speaking Gigs Now book in a single weekend! Literally, I wrote a book in 2 days with Bart's help!"” – Malene G., Author & Real Estate Investor

    “I self-published my first book eons ago and when I did I thought I did it right. My book was filled with great content, absolutely, but it wasn’t designed as well as it could have been because I was new at the whole process. Now, when I write books and having known Bart for 15+ years, I don’t hesitate … I go straight to him for self-publishing advice. His knowledge of how books should be self-published are second to none.” – Gabriala B., Author, Online Business Owner

    Bart, years ago, helped me with my book, Interview Tactics. He helped me title it, give it a subtitle and when I didn’t have a cover for it, he created one in minutes! I’ve used his cover design to date and that’s going on almost 20 years! Inside my book, I had about 20 photographs with different politicians and celebrities who I’ve interviewed over the years. Bart magically inserted those images making my book stand out like no other. He also helped me put a workbook in the back of my book. What can I say, Bart’s the bomb when it comes to books, designing them, laying them out, and so much more. Thanks, Bart. Your design work and book titling ideas are through the roof!” – Gayl M., Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood, CA

    "I love the fact that I'm now a published author. Bart made the process fun, educational and inspirational. Without Bart, it would still just be a dream of mine." – Pearl Bowen, Pearlisms.com

    Besides baking the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, I guess I found something else I’m really good at and love to do and that’s writing books … and a lot of them! Writing them, designing covers for them, laying the interior pages out in ways no other designer ever thought to, recording them, marketing them, coming up with the table of contents and ideas for my next round of books … and helping others do the same!

    Listen, I won’t beat around the bush, if you want to learn how this whole self-publishing process works, save your money and either buy this book for just $24.95 + S/H or purchase the online version.

    When I say, “Save your money …” what I mean by that is don’t waste it on some $1,900 weekend boot camp to learn how to get inspired to write your book. Waste o’ time! You’re going to need those monies for book printing costs, hiring a cover desire, laying the book out, book marketing materials, book advertising, etc.

    My SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL has everything you need and so much more that even a some 2-day workshop taught by someone other than me could ever cover. So, check out my SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL and I hope this book helps you reach your self-publishing goals faster than ever before!