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Where Are You? & Where Art Thou? Where are you, personally , when it comes to finding the love of your life and where do you find them? by Bart Smith

Where Are You?
& Where Art Thou?

Where are you, personally , when it comes to finding the love of your life and where do you find them?

by Bart Smith

TODAY MORE THAN EVER, so many men and women have either tried their hand at love and lost (once, twice or several times) or have never even had the chance at finding love, experiencing romance or deep intimacy, finding someone of true quality or anyone seriously interested in something longer than a 1-night, 2-week or 3-month stand. So, they either give up (looking for love/romance) until they get over what they've experienced and feel they can jump back into the dating game again or conclude to themselves in their silence of quiet desperation ... "I'm just destined to die alone!"


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308 pages of relationship wisdom …

If you're like the millions of singles out there today looking for love and don't know how to improve your odds at finding love, well, this book is for you. Not only will it help protect your heart, mind, body and your bank account, while looking for love, it'll give you great insights into relationships and how to attract one so you find love faster than you ever could before ...


Take a peek inside this book and see just what's in store for you when you get this book in hand or listen to the audio version of the book.


Author of five relationship books, Bart Smith is afraid for both men and women who long to find love and romance in this crazy, wack world.TODAY MORE THAN EVER, so many men and women have either tried their hand at love and lost(once, twice or several times) or have never even had the chance at finding love, experiencing romance or deep intimacy, finding someone of true quality or anyone seriously interested in something longer than a 1-night, 2-week or 3-month stand. So, they either give up (looking for love/romance) until they get over what they've experienced and feel they can jump back into the dating game again or conclude to themselves in their silence of quiet desperation ..."I'm just destined to die alone!"

If you are one of themillions of singles out there who have suffered from loneliness, repeated rejection, unwanted sexual advancements or a lack of warm, romantic sexual intimacy,along with an isolated heart when it comes to finding real romantic love in this world, then this book is for you. I wrote it with the aim of helping those like you who may have gone on dozens of dates (or no dates) and you're still single looking for love. This book was written to give you a vast array of relationship insight and wisdom needed to (not only) find love, but also real knowledge on how to protect your heart, your body, your mind, your bank account and your future while on your journey to finding THE ONE for you!



A Look Inward, Back
Some & Always Forward

PART 1.1

Where Are You In Your Search For Love?

(On track? Discouraged? Found love?
Still on the hunt? Feeling hopeless? Started
looking again? Where are you at???)


What’s Been Your Experience?

(Okay? Good? Bad? Great? Not so
great? Horrible? Non-existent?)


The Student & The Teacher

(Which one are you? Actually, we’re
both! A good thing!)


We All Have The Potential To Find
Love, To Love & Be Loved

(Let’s go over why, how and give
ourselves some hope!)


PART 1.2



10+ Reasons That Might Be Keeping

You Single & You Didn’t Know It!

(How to change that for the better!)


Get To Know “All About You” Before You

Go Out “Looking For The One” For You!

(Take my in-depth self-assessment survey!)


PART 1.3



Personal, Self-Care & Self-Love
Always Comes First!

(Here’s why and how!)


Evaluate, Cultivate & Enhance
The 8 ‘Ly’s About You

(Mentally, Psychologically, Intellectually,
Emotionally, Physically, Financially, Spiritually
and even Geographically? Let’s discuss…)


Internal & External Improvements

(Let’s see where and what we could improve upon …)


STOP! Doing These Things

(You’ll greatly improve the act
of finding/keeping love in your life!)


SEX! What You Need To Know &
Keep Close To Your Heart

(When it comes to sex, yes, you’re going
to want to hear this!) 10+ Rules About Money You
Should Know & Live By (Before entering
a relationship with the love of your life!)


Many People Don’t Know What
They Want In A Relationship

or What They’re Missing Out On, Because
They've Never Had Experienced Certain
Things or Been Told What’s Possible!

(Let me explain so you can have these experiences too!)


What Should You Bring To The Relationship Table?

(Specifically, here’s what and why you should come equipped …)


PART 1.4


Bart’s Relationship & Personal B.S. Books
and Cookbook & Why You Should Read
Them, Listen To The Audio Books,
Watch His Videos & Cooking Lessons &
Live By Everything He Tells You! (Relationships,
avoiding PERSONAL B.S. and Bart’s Cookbook!)

Self-Help & Relationship Books by Bart Smith

PART 1.5




The Love Of Your
Life, That Is?

PART 2.1




Single & Ready To Mingle? Yes? No? Scared? Let’s Go!

(Before you head out, there’s a lot we need to discuss, such as …)


WHO Should You Go After? QUALITIES Of “The One”

& What They Should Be Able To Bring To The Table!

 (Remember, it takes two to tango! So, here’s what the

love of your life should bring to the relationship table!)


What Do Men Want In A Woman / Girlfriend / Wife?

What Do Women Want In A Man / Boyfriend / Husband?

(Aspire to meet these characteristics and improve your odds!)


Dating In/Out Of Your Race/Culture/Community

(I’ll share my thoughts on the matter having had my own experiences and from what I’ve read/heard from others!)


The “ATTRACTION FACTOR” Are Looks Everything? Uh, NO!

(Here’s what really attracts men and women to each other!)


7 Ways To VET The Future Love Of Your Life

(To protect your time, your heart, your money and your body!)

PART 2.2




Warnings, Safeguards & Precautions

(Trust no one, suspect everyone! Here’s why and how!)


50+ Modern Dating Terms & Definitions

(Would be nice to learn the lingo before you head out!)


Dating Lies, Myths, Half-Truths & Truths Be Told!

(I really want to bust through a lot of this with you!)


Getting Out There & Finding “The One!”

(Here’s where, when and how to do just that!)


Dating Rules, Ideas, Scenarios, Sample Scripts/Questions,

Flirting Techniques & Sample Conversations To Have

(This is HOT! Take it all in and implement it with surgical precision!)


Safe Dating Tips For Both Men & Women

(You can never be too careful in today’s dating age!)


101+ Deal Breakers, Non-Negotiables, Bendables & Flexibles

(Forget red flags, maybe get outta there even if it’s ORANGE!”)


PART 2.3



How's It Going So Far?

(Find anyone yet? Yes, no, maybe?)


Why Things Do/Don't Work Out &
How To Handle Breaking Up

(My thoughts about why couples stay together and don’t, and how both of you should handle breaking up if it comes to that.)


Why Things “Don’t” Work Out

& How To Deal With Break Ups


If They Break Up With You


What Did You Learn While You

Were In That Past Relationship?


What If Things “ARE” Working Out?


Is Breaking Up Inevitable?


Is Staying Together On The Table?


Are You Both Prepared To Take

The Next Big Relationship Step?


3-Point “Are We Ready?” Test


21 Habits Of Happy Couples


What Have You Learned & What Should You Improve Upon?

(Well, let’s take a look! There’s bound to be some lessons so far!)


PART 2.4




Did You Find The One For You? Yes? No? Not Yet?

(Here's what to do and how to go about it at this stage!)


Are You Still Looking For “The One” For You?

(Here's how to stay positive and accelerate the process!)



#  #  # 

Can you just see, from previewing the table of contents, just how rich this book is when it comes to true relationship wisdom, insights, what-to-do's, what-not-to-do's and so much more? Seriously, read this book (or listen to the audio) live this advice and watch your love life take a turn for the better in all directions to attract THE ONE right into your life with almost no effort at all. Just be your best self, put yourself out there, filter and vet those who come into your life and choose the one that best serves your "life and love" needs! 



I am recording this book in audio format as you read this so you can listen to it as you work, wait, play, drive, ride, etc. Check out this audio sample excerpt below. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the entire audiobook for FREE on my  YouTube Channel. Just subscribe (for FREE) and start listening!


This book a must-read for every woman who ever dreams of falling in love with a good man, the right man, a loving man, one day. While nothing’s guaranteed in life and in dating and relationships, the woman who reads this book and adheres to every bit of advice Bart’s packed in between these covers, wow, she will not only save herself potential pain, heartache and struggle that runs rampant throughout today’s dating scene, but she’ll also grow personally, learn more about what she wants for herself, where love is concerned, and amazingly so much more. I just wish I had this book when I started high school and when I was in college! I’m in my late 20’s now and I would have avoided so much of what I have just described (i.e., pain, heartache, struggle). Ladies, you have nothing to lose by reading this book and everything to gain. You owe to your heart and your future love life.” – April F. (Las Vegas, NV) 

“I’ve been on the dating scene for 10+ years; never been married; want to find a woman who is my queen who I can love and cherish forever. Problem is? I’ve never dated. I’ve never had good luck with women. I don’t know where to start and I didn’t know how to even act on a date if I got the chance. Because I’ve never had these opportunities, I don’t know anything about having a relationship with a woman. Bart’s book opened my mind and my eyes to how it all goes down and how I need to be myself, so long as I’m patient, kind, understanding, have a romantic desire to give to the right woman I meet. Bart even gave me conversation tips and questions to ask, a script almost. I love that. Now, I’m not nervous and I see there’s hope in my future for finding love too.” – Sean C. (Irvine, CA)



Great title, eh? Where Are You? & Where Art Thou? When I came up with it, here’s what I was thinking: FOR STARTERS, “Bart, you already have five great relationship books, why do you need to write another one and how will it be different?” Well, while ALL my books are great on their own, absolutely, what I really needed was ONE book that could bring ALL my books together and highlight where we are (currently) in the world of dating and how we can find “the one” true love of our life. Then, the book title hit me! I then opened my graphic design program (Affinity Designer) and had a ball designing the front cover. Once the cover was designed, I started accumulating my notes and I started writing.

“WHERE ARE YOU?” on your journey of finding someone to fall in love with and really love throughout a long-term, romantic experience for life? Sure, perhaps, you’ve had your fair share of false starts, short-term romances, etc. Most everyone has. The trouble is, so many today are facing too many false starts that never turn into anything long term except for regrets. What stage are you at in finding the one for you? Are you single, divorced, never married, widowed? No matter what stage you’re at, this book has so much to offer you.

“WHERE ART THOU?” Where is that person? Where is he/she hiding? Why haven’t you bumped into them yet or been introduced? Why have you encountered so many who haven’t been able to live up to what you want in a long-term, loving relationship? Is our world becoming devoid of quality people? I hope not. In fact, we’ve still go time to turn this sad state around.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS BOOK IS YOUR BEST CHANCE at finding “the one” love of your life. Why and how? Because, this one book helps (1) properly prepare you to meet that special someone so that once you meet him/her you keep them (or quickly deflect/reject them). Then, once in their presence you can (2) quickly sum them up and inform them on what you’re looking for with almost surgical precision so you don’t waste time, energy, money, personal sacrifice, etc. Finding the one for you, yes, is a numbers game, kinda. So much in life is; no getting around that. The trick is to (1) not get hurt (too much) in the process or (2) waste your time prospecting for the love of your life, but (3) to know exactly what you want, (4) attract the right people into your life to choose from and (5) know how to take someone from that first, “hello,” to “I do” or whatever form of relationship you both choose to develop. Right?